Casey Anthony soon to be free; who pays for all the lawyers?

CNN reports that convicted liar Casey Anthony will be released from jail July 13.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Casey Anthony this morning for lying to police, giving her four years in jail and then credit for the time she’s already served since 2008.

Anthony is to be released from the Orange County Jail July 13.

The sentence also includes four, $1,000 fines for each of the four counts of lying to police.

Anthony wore makeup and her hair down in court today.

Perry said that Casey’s guilty verdicts represented “four separate and distinct lies” that led police on an expensive, taxpayer funded months-long search for her daughter Caylee.

Just as the jury spoke loud and clear about finding Casey not guilty of the most serious charges against her, including the murder of her child, Perry said, “the jury spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts, four, five, six and seven.”

Perry was briefed about the state’s interest in collecting investigative costs from Anthony related to the search for Caylee Marie in 2008.

A hearing on that issue was set for Aug. 25.


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