Cartoon Creator of ‘For Better or Worse’ has stopped her characters’ aging

In a recent article in USA Today, Lynn Johnston, who has been working on her comic For Better or Worse for 28 years, has now decided not to age her characters.

The reason? A slight hand tremor has slowed her drawing down, making it take much longer than usual, the article states. The Patterson family has grown up in real time, and according to the article, Johnston is introducing what she calls a ‘hybrid’ format.

“She is reintroducing the cartoons that started it all while wrapping up the few dangling plot twists. Some of the old story lines will be expanded with new material, and the present-day characters may face some new situations, but they won’t change physically,” the USA Today article states.

Her comic appears regularly in over 2,000 newspapers across North America, according to the article.

She states that she would rather do this than retire completely, or allow someone to takeover, since she is still living. She is hoping that her readers enjoy her new format.

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