Carnal art: Alexander Esguerra’s Love & Paint event at The Box NYC

Last week, Alexander Esguerra, New York based artist and the creator of Love & Paint presented his 7th exhibition entitled “Vernal Equinox” at The Box in New York City.

The event culminated with a live, specially curated performance art piece, mimicking the creation of some of Alexander’s iconic couple’s paintings.

Two more shows are planned for 2012, to be held in the Hamptons, New York and London, England.



Love & Paint, a conceptual art form, uses couples in the act of making love as the paintbrush on a canvas.

It was created out of a desire to capture an intimate moment of intense love with one’s partner having the end result be completely anonymous.



It represents a cultural examination and celebration of the “Literal Expressionism” that exists within everyone. Bringing together couples from all over the world to New York and Los Angeles; the exhibit transforms their manifestation of affection, seduction, or pleasure into art. The exhibit sets out to break down the taboo that is sex, by showing it for what it is – an act of beauty and love.
Regardless of race, gender, culture, or sexual identity, sex is the great equalizer – the common source of birth, pleasure and union. While each sexual encounter is truly inimitable, the experience itself is inherently universal. All equal when it comes to the act of love. These expressions of passion and adoration can only exist in one singular moment, never to be exactly replicated or fully relived.

Love & Paint has exhibited 7 shows from NYC to Los Angeles.

Van Gogh Vodka Presents Alexander Esguerra’s Love & Paint at The Box NYC from Love & Paint on Vimeo.