Car woes: Jerry Seinfeld gets more help from his friends

A classic car buff, Jerry Seinfeld had a 20 car garage built for his extensive collection of fine collectible cars. 

Just last week – and only three days after flipping his Fiat in the Hamptons, Page Six reports that super-rich Seinfeld relied on New York “pals” to help him restart his Porsche on Minetta Lane in Greenwich Village.

Comedy Central host (Tough Crowd) comedian and actor Colin Quinn went on the XM Radio show “Opie & Anthony” Friday morning and told the hosts he was tired from giving Seinfeld’s car “the old jump- start.”

Out promoting his new comedy DVD and CD,”Just the Tip,” Boston comic Robert Kelly was in on the session and noted, “Yeah, he had Colin push one of his 38 Porsches down a side street.” LINK

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