Capcom: Players will “flip out” over Resident Evil 5

Following the excellent teaser trailer rolled out during 2007’s E3 expo, it’s hard to imagine that Resident Evil 5 will rip, shred, and tear its way onto the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with anything less than potential ‘Game of the Year’ form.

Anyone doubting that need only look at the last entrant in Capcom’s renowned survival horror series (Resident Evil 4 – GameCube, Wii) to understand that Resident Evil 5 is only likely to emerge as a gaming stinker if the developers have somehow figured out a way of conveying the aroma of rotting fresh during gameplay.

In any other sense, all bets are off.

And it’s not just M&C Gaming willing to openly trumpet the arrival of the game, with Capcom also stepping up this week to boldly proclaim that expectant fans of the series — and general gamers alike — are soon going to be drooling profusely at the prospect of bowel-loosening alone time with Resident Evil 5.

Proof positive that its never a good idea to look directly into the sun. Credit: Capcom

Proof positive that it’s never a good idea to look directly into the sun. Credit: Capcom

“Just being able to see Resident Evil 5 running, I’m like ‘Oh my god!’ gushed Chris Kramer, senior director of communications and community at Capcom. “Honestly, when we start showing more of that, when we start letting people go hands-on with that, people are going to flip out.”

Issuing his unabashed (and not at all biased) comments during a recent interview with Xbox 360 guru Major Nelson, Kramer swooned: “That game, to me, is super exciting.”

Given M&C’s opening sentiments, who are we to argue?

While Resident Evil 5 still doesn’t have a concrete release date at this moment in time, fans are hoping against hope that it will arrive before the close of 2008.

Expect to see yet more tantalising flesh-chewing action unveiled at 2008’s wealth of gaming expos.

And, in the meantime, enjoy that trailer all over again.

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