Candy versus Tori Spelling: Beverly Hills 90210 drama continues has reported that Tori Spelling’s first wedding was the crux of the rift between the star and her mother, “leading to Tori’s inheritance being torpedoed.”

Tori married Charlie Shanian back in 2004 at the gargantuan 56,000 square foot Holmby Hills chateau.

Mum Candy Spelling planned the wedding and forked over loads of dough, hiring wedding planner Mindy Weiss and Mark’s Garden for the floral arrangements. Reports to TMZ say that nearly one million was spent on the nuptials.

TMZ reports an unnamed “friend” spills the goods on Tori, “who felt utterly shortchanged and that Tori thought the wedding wasn’t big enough.”

Candy was said to be miffed that some of her friends were excluded on the list of invitees.

Us Weekly is now reporting that Tori will receive 16% of the Spelling fortune,
and that Tori will receive a cash inheritance payment of $200,000 and $600,000 in private investments Aaron had set up for her.

An unnamed source tells Us this was “a move that her mother, Candy, sole managing executor of the estate, had designed as revenge against her long-estranged daughter.” speculates that there are reports that Spelling had Alzheimer’s when he died, and that a challenge by Tori just might ensue against mum Candy that her dad was not mentally competent to “cut her out.”

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