Candy Spelling’s book, bad blood with Tori, and the dog sniffs out a Realtor

Some people never quit in their quest for feuding and fussing.  Some people play the media like a finely-tuned Stradivarius, concocting false drama and innuendo, just to sell something.

Mega trophy wife and widow of prolific producer Aaron Spelling, Candy Spelling, is hawking her new book and recently completed a TV interview, reigniting the old Tori-Candy bad blood rumors.

First, the Spelling widow is reportedly listing her abode, and the LA Times shared that her dog was literally sniffing the real estate agents.

Whoever the dog likes best, so goes the listing.

The Times notes that the $150-million Holmby Hills estate dog tale is also mentioned by the Associated Press:

“Spelling told the Associated Press that she let her dog Madison, a soft-coated Wheaten terrier, help pick out the best real estate agent for the task. She had her security bring the dog into the room every time she met one of the candidate agents and watched how the dog reacted. If Madison didn’t like them, Spelling crossed them off the list.”

Candy has penned a new book and is doing the rounds promoting the tome.  Tonight at 10 p.m., Candy is interviewed by Elizabeth Vargas on ABC’s 20/20 about her pained relationship with Tori.

Candy allegedly feigns ignorance as to why there is any acrimony with her only daughter. 

A preview story on claims Candy still has not bounced her 9-month-old granddaughter Stella on her knee yet.

A different and decidely more positive story was circulated when Tori’s son Liam was born in March 2007; grandmother Candy was then hellbent for Nana-hood.

The two women have been at loggerheads for some time.

Over money, mostly.

Candy is promoting her new book, Stories from Candy-land, a remembrance of when she was a Botox virgin and a bonafide Hollywood trophy wife, or “an arm piece,” as she told 20/20.

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