Calabasas scourge Justin Bieber urinating in custodian’s mop bucket (VIDEO)

TMZ caught Justin Bieber urinating into a nightclub restaurant worker’s mop bucket, laughing about it as he does it.

Nice! Remember that when you go out to eat someplace pricey, that a little douchecanoe from Canada could have pissed in the water used to clean the floors.

The scourge of Calabasas was caught on video urinating into restaurant or club mop bucket, yelling ‘F–k Bill Clinton!’ as he passed a picture of the former president.

The video, obtained by TMZ, is top tabloid news as the Ferrari killer was seen not holding his liquor, allegedly.

The 45-second clip shows the “Boyfriend” singer and his posse dubbed the “wild kids” hollering and yelling as Bieber urinates into the custodial equipment.

TMZ says the video was recorded at a New York City nightclub earlier this year.
Bieber and his friends referred to themselves as the ‘wild kids’ throughout the video.
as they say the worker should be “honored” he peed there.

“That’s the coolest spot to p—,” the friend says. “You know, you’ll forever remember that.”

What say you all about Bieber’s latest alleged gaffe?


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