By Midnight – Book Review

April Dunne is not happy. She has been forced to move from Edinburgh to Highgate, London just because her father has taken a new job on the Highgate Express. Her mother is unhappy because it lacks status, compared to her position back in Scotland. 

April has had to leave all her friends behind and start at a new school – Ravenwood.  She soon finds that Ravenwood is no ordinary school.  It is a prestigious academy for gifted (financially or academically) students – and she is not sure she fits in.  All the other students are much smarter, much more glamorous than she is. 

Trying to make friends and fit in is hard, especially when you have entered the school in the middle of term. But is it a practical joke or something more sinister from which the mysterious Gabriel Swift rescues her in Highgate cemetery?  A murder takes place only a short distance from where she is standing – and what is the mystery surrounding the tomb?  

Worse still, what is the mystery surrounding her own family? Nothing is quite what it seems.  This is better than the usual run of the mill vampire love stories that have been so predominant. The characters really live, you can imagine it happening, and the setting is brilliantly evoked. It helps bring one of London’s lesser known areas vividly to life.