Burned, Broken and Bothered, ‘Sex Sent Me To The ER’ Nov. 22 Previews VIDEO


TV Picks: On tomorrow’s brand new episode of Sex Sent Me To The ER (10PM ET/PT on TLC), oiled up bodies lead to a slippery disaster, a hot tub rendezvous leads to a burn, down under, and something is missing in the 3rd act!


When Leesa goes backstage to celebrate Jonathan’s body-building competition win, the sight of his oiled-up muscles gets her all worked up. But when the couple decides to sneak in a quickie, things go from hot and heavy to a mess that sends Leesa to the E.R. with Jonathan’s friends in tow.


Nurse Jeannie Vaughn must treat a couple that got into troubled waters while sneaking have sex at their relative’s home. The couple snuck and had sex in a hot tub that they were told not to touch, and now things are burning down under. Family drama explodes, when the relatives find out that someone has been using the hot tub and they are sure that their house guests are the culprits. When the couple finally confesses to their hot tub rendezvous, their relatives are shocked and angry. But, Nurse Vaughn is thankful that she can now properly treat the couple’s symptoms.


Jonathan is ready to have some alone time with Christa after arriving home from being deployed for four months. But when they go about rekindling their romance with a marathon night of passion, something’s missing every time he reaches climax. Jonathan starts to feel pain down there and the couple heads to the E.R.