Browns Lead Polygamist Flash Mob on TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ (VIDEO)

Sister Wives, courtesy of TLC

Sister Wives, courtesy of TLC

Polygamists are among us, and the Mormon faith tradition (since shunned by the main church but embraced by fundamentalists) is alive and well on reality TV series.

Enter “Sister Wives” from TLC, the show that really began the trend.


Premieres Sunday, January 12 at 9PM (ET/PT)

TLC’s popular series Sister Wives returns Sunday, December 29 at 9 PM (ET/PT) with eight all new episodes following America’s favorite polygamist family as they navigate the ups and downs of living an openly plural marriage.

It’s Mariah and Aspyn’s high school graduation day and Meri has a complete meltdown about where the family is sitting in the auditorium. Of course, it’s not really the seats that are upsetting Meri, it’s that her only daughter, Mariah, is leaving, making Meri the only sister wife with no children at home. Later, the Browns throw a party for the two girls, featuring what may be the very first ever “polygamist flash mob.” There’s even a fortune teller who sees a fifth wife in

Kody’s future. Whatever the future of the Brown family is, it’s clearly not going to be easy! Well think about that statement from TLC. Here is a man who is sleeping with four different women, each of whom has their own interests and agenda despite the “big happy family” claptrap. Like covering a woman up in a burqa from head to toe, polygamy is insane in this day and age.

From TLC
After months of preparation, the Brown family has finally moved into their new homes on the cul-de-sac. Kody and the Sister Wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – decide to throw a giant event to honor the eternal commitment Kody has made to each of his four wives and to celebrate their huge family being back together. But not all is as perfect as it seems; some of Kody’s marriages are still strained and the wives admit that they are not all as close to each other as they want to be. Combine that with Meri being distraught at the prospect of her only child moving away to college, and the Browns find themselves strained almost to the breaking point. A death in the family threatens to derail the giant commitment celebration, as the Brown’s try to pull it together for one of the most important days of their lives.


Kody: 45-years old, father of 17 children, husband to four women – Meri in April 1990, Janelle in January 1993, Christine in March 1994, and Robyn in May 2010.
Meri (first wife): 42-years old, married 23-years and has one daughter named Mariah, 18.
Janelle (second wife): 44-years old, married 20-years and has six children – Logan, 19; Madison, 18; Hunter, 16; Garrison, 15; Gabriel, 12 and Savanah, 9.
Christine (third wife): 41-years old, married 19-years and has six children – Aspyn, 18; Mykelti, 17; Paedon, 15; Gwendlyn, 12; Ysabel,10 and Truely, 3-years old.
Robyn (fourth wife): 35-years old, married three years and has three children from her last marriage – Dayton, 13; Aurora, 11 and Breanna, 9, and one child by Kody – Solomon, 2.

SISTER WIVES is produced by Figure 8 Films in association with Puddle Monkey Productions for TLC.

TLC is the home of Cake Boss, and has transformed Fridays into “BrideDay” with a lineup of wedding-themed programming anchored by the Say Yes To The Dress franchise. In 2012, TLC had 28 series averaging 1 million P2+ viewers or more, including four series that averaged 2 million P2+ viewers or more: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Breaking Amish, Long Island Medium, and Sister Wives.