Britney Spears to press: Stop flinging it like a monkey

Britney Spears cannot get a leg up in the news these days.

Along with her much awaited tell/cry-all with Matt Lauer, snaps by paparazzi of her with slumped child, and now, caught publicly changing baby Sean’s diaper at a Mission Viejo, CA. Victoria’s Secret store –  the reports from US Weekly are that she handed the poopy diaper to the salesperson, who “refused” to dispose of it.

Let’s be honest.  Changing a baby on the floor by the cash register does not make you a bad parent – not popular with sales staff is more the expected result.  Especially in a store selling sexy undies.

Spears’ people have to be fed up with the constant “bad mother” comments and “child services should be called”.  Spears seems to be hands on with her baby boy, but keeps getting caught in unflattering moments.  It is rarer still to see a photo of Federline holding any of his many progeny, for that matter.   Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.