Britney Spears Should Go Steady With Herself For Awhile

Britney Spears at the 40th Annual People's Choice Awards. Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos.

Get that gum out of your mouth and go back to school girl. Britney Spears at the 40th Annual People’s Choice Awards. Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos.

Why does Britney Spears need to be with any man right now?

She has gone from one lesser man to the next, and each relationship has ended with public dissection of why that guy was not right for her or why he was a parasite. Spears is still young and beautiful, and she has two little boys to raise and a ton of dough to help do it.

Maybe she should just fall deeply in love with herself and focus solely on her and the kids, ignoring the need to couple up for awhile. It might serve her very well. It would be great for her sons.

The news is that she has split with her boyfriend David Lucado, who was stupid enough to have some video surface of him being indiscreet with another woman. He was trash from the get-go.


Britney announced the news herself on Twitter, writing, “Ahhhh the single life!”

A rep for Spears also confirmed the split to “Entertainment Tonight.”

The 32-year-old singer and mother of two, who is in the middle of a performance residency in Las Vegas, reportedly pulled the plug on the relationship after video surfaced of Lucado cheating on her.

“She is heartbroken. She is in Vegas. But she will get through it. She’s a strong girl and he was never right for her,” a source told E! News.

Spears and Lucado started dating last year, shortly after she ended her engagement to Jason Trawick.

Which brings us to this, when you really value yourself and put stock in your self-esteem and stop “looking” for love, it finds you eventually. The right match, someone truly worthy of you will be drawn to that inner confidence you radiate.  Britney can do all sorts of things with the fortune she has built, including educate herself or do the Jessica Simpson-Cindy Crawford business mogul route.

We’re Team Britney; stay single girl! Keep a firm hand on those kids and focus on yourself.