Britney Spears new “war of the publicists” reality show

Many observers have speculated Britney Spears recent advice from her publicists has been somewhat lacking.   Leslie Sloane Zelnik being MIA in the recent cry-a-thon Spears shared with Matt Lauer on national television.

Spears’ manager, Dan Dymtrow, received word from rival publicist Tracey Nguyen via an email that she could manage the free-falling Spears “10 times better.”

Apparently Tracey Nguyen’s E-mail was passed through to Zelnik, who allegedly phoned her would-be rival and laced into her. Nguyen stood her ground, but reports are that everybody’s ears are still burning from the “nuclear exchange.”

Zelnik was flipping mad as Nguyen trashed the lack of PR work for Spears’ heavily criticized self styled, gum-chewing, false lash losing interview with Matt Lauer.

Allegedly Nguyen wrote to Britney’s manager: “I would NEVER allow any of my clients to do an interview, let alone such an important one as the one that Britney just did, without being there to make sure that the questions that were being asked were appropriate, and also to make sure that she looked her best on camera at all times.”

Offering to handle Brit “for less than what your current publicist is charging you and do 10 times better of a job,” Nguyen claimed: “A perfect example that I can present is what I was able to do for Lil’ Kim. Two years ago, no one wanted to touch her. She was perceived as a raunchy rapper who had gone way too far with her plastic surgery. … I see Britney today in the same position that Kim was once in.”

Allegedly Zelnik shot back: “She must not have taken PR 101, where they teach you: When you’re trying to steal other people’s clients, don’t diss your own.”

At this time Spears is remaining with Zelnik.

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