Britney Spears’ new mystery man

Britney Spears may be out buying hopeless stretch mark remedies that cost a fortune, but the mother of two young babies has not slowed down one bit in Los Angeles, and was made in one of her wiggy disguises at a local hotel kissing – then disappearing – with a bearded man, reports Perez

Hilton’s unnamed “mole” ratted the “napping” new momma out, detailing Spears being “spotted at the W Hotel in Westwood,” knocking back the hooch at the Whiskey Blue lounge.

“She entered in a short black and white dress with long black wig,” recounts one Perez Hilton “spywitness.”

Spears allegedly then changed behind a screen at the bar into a men’s white shirt and tiny black shorts.  “Britney was making out with a dark hair, bearded man outside in a cabana, but i could not recognize him,” says Perez Hilton’s snitchy “mole.”

After the public display of affection show, Spears allegedly left with the man and disappeared back into the hotel.

Now Perez is trying to uncover the identity of Spears’ new squeeze, and many are speculating it was the “man in the boat” where Britney was caught recently by paparazzi in less than flattering close ups while sunbathing on deck.



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