Britney Spears needs her privacy in the loo

Hollywood blogger Janet Charlton got a scoop that Britney Spears’ last visit to The Grove mall in Los Angeles, where Posh Spice is usually cruising, caused some havoc in the loo when she decided to use the first floor ladies room in upmarket retailer, Nordstrom.

Brit’s big beefy bodyguards went into the ladies room and “cleared” the premises to prepared the restroom for Britney and her business.

Charlton claims the guards did this by “chasing everyone out.

Allegedly an irate makeup department salesgirl “who was shooed out” went nuts and  called store security and told them “A man just chased me out of the ladies room.”

“Store security guards immediately confronted Brit’s guards outside the bathroom and told them ‘Leave now or you’ll be arrested!’ Just then, Britney came out smiling and they all strolled away.”

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.