Britney Spears makes up for lost time in love department

Britney Spears has long been rumored to be bisexual, but new evidence in the form of unconfirmed unnamed “sources” coming forward to dish about the pop star’s alleged frequent visits with “Colonel Angus” as Christopher Walken would quip from his famous SNL skit.

Federline has thrown down the gauntlet and is going for control and custody of his sons, worried their mother is not fit to babysit.

The tabloids are having a field day with stories about her alleged love life.

Us Magazine featured a cover story with a strapping young college boy who claimed he had a poolside fling with Spears at the Standard Downtown L.A. hotel on July 19.

This week, OK! magazine is featuring a cover story claiming that it was Shannon Funk, her assistant at the time, who “nuzzled” and then some with the pop star.

The magazine’s cover shows Spears and Funk frolicking in a pool with a headline that reads “Britney’s New Lover! Yes, It’s a Woman.”

“That boy who claims he went back to hang out with Britney and hook up with her? No, that’s not what happened,” a close friend of the pop star tells OK! magazine. “Instead of hooking up with him, (Shannon) ended up back in Brit’s room and bed.”

Spears and Funk’s chemistry was noted by a stylist:  “They seemed really in touch with each other, like they knew what each other wanted,” the stylist told OK!. “When someone was uncomfortable or when Britney just had to go and get away, they would go and do their thing together. Shannon was aware of everything that she wanted.”

Funk denies having a romance with Britney, but she does say she’s loyal to her.

“I love that girl. I will do what I can to protect her,” Funk told OK!

Federline’s lawyer said Monday that Funk was subpoenaed to give a deposition about a “matter related to the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline issue.” The lawyer would not give any further details or confirm that her statement was in connection to the custody battle.

Upping the volume, Us Magazine is running a cover story based on accusations by several ex-nannies who claim the pop star drinks in front of her kids, strips in front of staffers, and invited one nanny to sleep in the same bed as her and her baby son, Sean Preston.

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