Britney Spears family obtains restraining order against Lutfi

Britney Spears family has obtained a restraining order against the man claiming to be her manager, Sam Lutfi.

While the mentally ill Spears continues to receive treatment at the UCLA psych ward, her parents sought an emergency court hearing and won according to CNN.

Father Jamie Spears and a lawyer have been named conservators of Britney’s estate. This edict will force the ex USC frat boy Sam Lutfi out of the picture.

Britney’s parents obtaining a restraining order will further keep him from interfering with her recovery.

One of the reasons Father Jamie sought conservatorship over Britney’s estate according to court information director Allan Parachini, was to secure her residence and hire 24-hour guards, giving her father the power to remove people from the residence.

He’ll also have authority to revoke contracts regarding sales of her assets. Conservatorship over Britney’s person means that her father will have access to her medical records, be allowed to communicate with her attending physicians, and can restrict or limit her visitors while she’s in the hospital.

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