Britney Spears do-over: Rudolph back in the game

Everything old s new again for Britney Spears.

Critics are not savaging her for her recent TV moment, and K-Fed has been caught saying he still loves the mother of his children.  Now, her old manager Karry Rudolph is rumored to be back in the Spears’ mangerial saddle again.

Larry Rudolph, along with her parents, talked Britney into going to rehab.

Upon Brit’s release from Promises, she trashed Larry and wound up with the despised ex USC frat boy Sam Lutfi.

Now that Britney has her father Jamie controlling the fundage, it seems like everything is slowly coming together and her career could be coming back.

Allegedly, Jamie Spears was a supporter of Rudolph and has recently brokered a peace deal with the two.  It sounds like Larry will be managing Brit’s overall comeback.

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