Britney post-mortem: Lipsynching, bad wigs and stripper moves

Audible sighs. Britney Takes The Stage! San Diego gets a House of Blues filled sneak peek at the once reigning queen of pop music.

You want to root for the underdog, and it only seems fitting the queen of teen preen and belly baring cheerleader moves should have a second chance. 

But she is a 25 year old mom of two babies in diapers, who had a very public meltdown and still acts erratically.  She perpetually seems in danger of marrying another dubious character.  Unflattering pictures and exposed puss shots dot the internets – and we hear that stuff sticks around forever – like an arrest record.

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The mediocre details of Brit Brit’s test balloon were detailed by Perez Hilton as follows:

She hit the stage shortly after 10 PM.

At 10:16 PM, her set wrapped. 

Britney Spears lipsynched every single song.

The Set List
Baby One More Time (Remix)
I’m A Slave For You
Breathe One Me
Do Something

Spears wore a brunette wig with a black headband, sparkling bustier, fur coat, white skirt and knee-high boots.

She was accompanied by four female backup dancers and did dance moves and her old stand-by gyrations like stripper chair-dancing..

The only words she said all night were at the very end when she blurted, “Thanks everyone for coming.”

Question, who are her fans these days, and will her comeback actually work?


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