British Battles of the Crimean Wars 1854-1856 Review

7th May 2014 by
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British Battles of the Crimean Wars 1854-1856: Despatches from the Front by John Grehan and Martin Mace

British Battles of the Crimean Wars 1854-1856 reviewThis is an extremely comprehensive study of the Crimean Wars covering the Charge of the Light brigade, and the assaults upon Sevastopol’s Redan using the words of the people who actually fought in it. 

Grehan and Mace have pulled together the dispatches and contemporary accounts in a way which clearly shows the progress of this disastrous war.  It reveals the poor organisation and weak leadship that prevailed throughout the warm as well as the horrific conditions which led to the death of thousands of soldiers.  A clear comparison is drawn using dispatches from the Royal Navy which led several successful naval battles within the Baltic, Black Sea and Sea of Azov.  Reading these accounts brings home the problems that were faced throughout the war, and the characters of the people taking part. 

An extremely useful book which will be welcomed by military historians, as well as social historians seeking information on the way battles were conducted and living & working conditions of the soldiers. 

British Battles of the Crimean Wars 1854-1856 is available in stores and on Amazon.

Angela Youngman rated this 6/10 What do you think?