Brian Wilson: ‘That Lucky Old Sun’ – Album Review

>Brian Wilson is well known for his years with the Beach Boys.  ‘That Lucky Old Sun’ is the latest solo album from the creative force behind that California sound.

The album is a tribute to that land from whence both the sound and the man sprang from – California.  The album starts with the 1949 tune “That Lucky Old Sun” as the oblivious sun rises over the California landscape and will be referenced in many of the following tunes. 

The album then immediately (so fast that I thought that it was part of the starting tune) moves into the Beach Boys sounding “Morning Beat.”  It’s a somewhat upbeat version of the same theme.  Wilson also musical travels around the state touching on the beach culture and movie industry. 

There are some section of spoken narrative that reminded me a little of Jim Morrison (probably since I watched the Doors movie not too long ago), but the rhyme seems a bit elementary.  Each of the tunes sound very cheery and happy but sometimes that masks a less than cheery lyric, such as an out of work actor or lost love. 

However, that rang true to me as much of Hollywood is all smiles and plastic masking a dark underbelly.  With many of the themes it seems like Wilson is taking a career spanning walk down memory lane. 

Overall I found this a fine contribution from an artist that we would like to hear from more often.

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