Brangelina’s Baby Addiction, Jessica Simpson’s Easter Sexy Snap on ‘The Talk’



Seriously, the successful shoe queen Jessica Simpson posts an ass-grabber of herself with her husband, and this is a subject for CBS’s chatter “The Talk”?

The Kardashians are sister groping and grab-assing on Instagram 24/7,  and Amber Rose regularly wears dental floss for bottoms and take relentless selfies with said ass spread all over the page, and Ms. Simpson is the one under the bug light?

Sharon Osbourne on Jessica Simpson’s PDA Pics; Hosts Discuss Brangelina Adopting Again + Peter Facinelli Visits – THE TALK (4/8)

Sharon Osbourne on Jessica Simpson’s PDA Photos

Jessica Simpson is slammed for being “desperate for attention” after posting another PDA picture on her social media accounts. Sharon Osbourne says, “I think just as many comments that were negative, she has positive. It’s part of celebrities lives now. The first thing people want to know now [is] how many followers do you have… because the world has changed. It’s now about how popular you are on social media.”

Brad and Angelina Adopting Again?

Brad and Angelina may adopt again which would give them seven children. How many kids could you handle? Sara Gilbert jokingly says, “I’m going to say as newly being a mother of 3, I’m going to say – two… It’s a lot, but they seem to be doing an amazing job..I feel like they should have 40 children.”

The Ladies Catch Up with Peter Facinelli

The handsome star of two primetime shows stops by to discuss “Nurse Jackie” ending after seven seasons and to talk about his role on the new show “American Odyssey.”