Brad Pitt wants Americans to help New Orleans families in need

Brad Pitt hopes you will adopt an American family in need this Christmas.

Pitt was on CNN in a live conference promoting his Make it Right foundation. 

Their goal is to restore the historic Lower 9th Ward, describd as a rich cultural community in New Orleans, which was devastated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt urged Americans to adopt a house, and help donate towards the physical costs of the rebuilding of the ward.

Pitt writes, “Although hearts and prayers poured turned toward those deeply affected by the storm, initiatives to rebuild this once vibrant area have not succeeded. As a catalyst for positive change, The Pink Project rallies for opportunities hidden within this tragedy.”

The Pink Project, as the inaugural event for the Make It Right initiative, refocuses attention onto the plight of the Lower 9th, this time with optimism and purpose: “Pink” is the virtual city of Hope. A hybrid of art, architecture, cinema, media and fundraising strategies.

While on a movie set in New Orleans, Brad Pitt identified the visual potency of assembling pink houses as a metaphor.

On December 3rd, over 100 pink houses will be unveiled along the Industrial Canal in the Lower 9th Ward. Upon commencement, the components of each house will lay haphazard on the site. It is only through monetary donations that these pink placeholders become reassembled, registering the effects of a collective consciousness, ultimately enabling the construction of 150 real homes.

Pink, a symbol rich with the promise of homes that will be constructed for the community of the Lower 9th, resonates with an immediate and cogent message: “They have not been forgotten”


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