Brad Pitt May Play Jamie Oliver

Brad Pitt may play UK TV Chef Jamie Oliver in a movie based on the young cooks show that followed trainee chefs in his restaurant Fifteen.

Oliver, 29, shot to fame through his popular series The Naked chef and its sequels. He then set about running a new restaurant staffed by previously unemployed trainees. The show followed them and the kitchen each week as they tried to graduate as chefs.

In an interview with EP magazine Oliver says Brad Pitt is still favourite to play him: “Would I like him to be me? God yes. He’s great, but he doesn’t cook – although he certainly watches programmes about cooking. But yeah, I’d love to teach him. It sounds a bit pretentious but I think it will happen.”

Pitt and his recently separated wife Aniston have gotten to known Oliver and his wife Jools. Oliver met Pitt in London a few years ago when the actor said he was a big fan of the show. In fact he even flew the chef over to Los Angeles in order that he could prepare the food for Pitt’s 40th birthday party.

Oliver also says he is keeping a tight grip on the plot of the film and added that it will be set in Los Angeles, about a chef training an ethnically mixed set of young people to become top cooks.

He is currently looking over the script in progress.

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