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Book Review: Children of the Uprising

By Sandy Amazeen Dec 30, 2013, 7:21 GMT

Book Review: Children of the Uprising

What side do you choose when you don\'t even know what War you\'re fighting? Over generations, the War has grown. It has become bloodier. Both sides will do anything to win. But with the involvement of a third faction—one that wants to put an end to the violence finally—even more enemies lurk around every corner. Strangers have been watching Christopher ...more

In a complex bit of world building where war is a fact of life and anyone or everyone could be on the opposing side, it pays to be paranoid. For Christopher that is especially true as he grew up feeling as though strangers were watching his every move, the question is, why? Christopher was attacked on his eighteenth birthday, the keynote day that everyone becomes fair game in the endless War and fighters have no idea which side they are on. A new faction has arisen that seeks to end this generations long battle and they see Christopher as just the tool to use, the problem is they aren’t the only ones seeking to use him. As he absorbs and adjusts to this new covert War, Christopher is determined to follow his own path despite the designs others have on him and maybe change the world in the process.

Shane concludes his Children of Paranoia series with a bang in what is arguably the strongest book of the trilogy. Narrated by Christopher who grew up more or less ignorant of the war, the story moves along at a rip-roaring pace while building upon the first two books. Assorted earlier plots are fully developed with plenty of surprises thrown in yet the biggest surprise may well be the conclusion which ties up the story with a cautionary note combining elements of both hope and despair. Fans of the series will love this, for those just discovering Children of Paranoia, do yourself a huge favor, and read the first two books before attempting to make sense of this one.


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Children of the Uprising: The Children of Paranoia Series

What side do you choose when you don't even know what War you're fighting? Over generations, the War has grown. It has become bloodier. ...more

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