Book Review: Chosen

Grace concludes the Dark Breed series with Kyana, once a hated half Vampyre, half Lychen fully embracing her role as Olympus’s new Goddess of the Hunt due largely to her fiercely protective nature and unbreakable fighting spirit. Ryker, the new Zeus stands firmly by Kyana’s side as together they face Cronos, a vengeful god bent upon retaking his throne in Olympus while making everyone pay for real or imagined crimes against him. Raising an army of undead, Cronos will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and it falls to Kyana, Ryker, Haven and assorted others to defend not only Olympus but also all the world in the upcoming battle.

Kyana has developed from a hard-core badass who rushed recklessly into danger to become a more well rounded character who is willing to access a situation and listen to advice. Ryker provides a touch of romantic interest while protecting and grounding Kyana yet provides enough personal space for her to feel in control. The previous two titles have been building up to the big showdown with Cronos who makes an excellent, despicable antagonist. Although this is supposed to be the final book of the trilogy, there are enough loose ends left hanging to have an unfinished feel and perhaps hint at another series to sprout out of this one.

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