Book Review: Vampire's Kiss

Ever since Annelise Drew agreed to go with Ronan, a Tracer who travels the world looking for young women with special talents and no family ties, her life has been in turmoil. Although Drew survived a duel with her nemesis Lilac, life has not gotten any simpler as she trains for the special mission which was the reward for winning the duel. Alcantara, an ancient vampire has taken an interest in Drew thus drawing the hostilities of Guidon Masha and her clique. There is little Drew can do to defuse hostilities as she must accompany Alcantara on the secret mission and feels an attraction to the vampire, rather like watching a caged tiger. You know its dangerous but can’t help but want to reach through the bars and pet it. As Drew continues to get beat up, in order to speed healing, she begins ingesting more then the safe allotment of blood which has the side effect of making her temperament unstable.

Although Drew feels a certain amount of resentment towards Ronan, the man responsible for putting her in this ongoing trial of kill or be killed, she is more then a little in love with him. Watching the secret looks, whispered messages and passed notes between Ronan and Proctor Amanda, Drew concludes romance is alive and well between the two. It bothers Drew and drives her to some rash actions that put her life in additional danger. When she finally accompanies Alcantara off the island on their mission, what should have been a simple surveillance assignment quickly escalates, forcing Drew to come up with an alternative plan on the fly. Drew’s impetuous actions will have serious, long lasting repercussions, the likes of which she has yet to fully comprehend but that takes a back seat to seeing Lilac alive and well again.

Second of The Watcher’s series, Wolff’s latest offering spends a great deal of time on Drew’s dithering over her feelings toward Ronan, Alcantara and a couple of boys facing their own trials. For a smart girl, Drew misses a great deal, draws the wrong conclusions or is just plain dense. Although training to be a supreme fighter, Drew manages to get caught in some very awkward situations that should push the point home that she has a long way to go and needs to be ever vigilant. While events progress at a predictable rate, it is not until the very end that the storyline is moved forward. This is a promising series with some interesting twists to the vampire mythologies but unfortunately, book two fails to deliver much action or advance the story.

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