Book Review: Under a Vampire Moon

Her soon to be womanizing ex-husband has dragged Carolyn Connor through hell; her shattered, disillusioned heart now well protected against any temptation to fall in love again. Although she does not really feel up to it, Carolyn agrees to go on vacation to St. Lucia with best friend Bethany. As if sheís not depressed enough, shortly after arrival Bethany becomes ill leaving Carolyn on her own in what is clearly honeymoon resort. Christian Notte has watched several of his relatives find the happiness that comes with discovering their life mate but such joy seems beyond him until legendary matchmaker Marguerite Argeneau summons the band to St. Lucia.

Christian immediately recognizes his life mate in Carolyn but she is so afraid of being hurt again it will be nearly impossible to woo her. That is where Christianís family steps in with hilarious results as they plant the story that he is gay. While Christian struggles with barely contained frustration, Carolynís health begins to decline. In the midst of surf, sand and shared dreams there is a malevolent force at work from place Carolyn least suspects. Fortunately, all the help and Christianís own appeal eventually break through Carolynís defenses and the misguided black heart is revealed for what it is.

Fans are sure to love Christianís story as it is packed with Sands signature humor and a few interesting twists as well. This is part of the long running Argeneau series, newcomers will have no difficulty picking up the story yet it is not bogged down by a cumbersome back-story. There is a refreshing change from the usual antagonist and Carolyn is a delightful, understandably skittish counterpoint to Christianís self-assurance which ends up floundering much of the time. The pace is brisk, the opulent resort setting convincing and Christianís nutty family are a hoot to watch as they rally the forces to ďhelpĒ making this great good fun.

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