Book Review: Fate's Edge

Just when Audrey Callahan gets a legitimate job offer doing something she enjoys, her conman father makes an unwelcome appearance in her home, disrupting all her plans of leading what passes for a normal life in the Edge. Once again, Audrey’s drug addicted older brother is in need of rehab and despite an ugly family history, she is expected to drop everything to pull of a magical heist to finance it. As a magically talented lock pick, Audrey enables her father and brother steal an object from what was thought to be an impenetrable location.

When Kaldar Mar was summoned to appear before the head of the Mirror, he knew failure wouldn’t be an option on his next assignment. Charged with tracking down the thieves and the stolen device, Kaldar sets out, unaware that he has two stowaway children with him. Once in the Broken, Kaldar has little choice but to keep William and his shape-shifting brother Jack, with him. What should have been an easy assignment continues to spiral out of control as Kaldar discovers the lock pick’s identity and the object he is to retrieve is in the hands of an unprincipled thug who enjoys his little power plays.

With several tie-ins with characters from previous books in the series, this is best enjoyed in sequence though newcomers could still figure out much of the world building. As one would expect of Andrew’s the character development is excellent in this fast paced, plot driven read with some interesting twists along the way. Naturally, there are plenty of romantic sparks between Kaldar who is determined to marry Audrey who is less then enthusiastic about getting hitched. This is an enjoyable addition to the Edge series with hints of what to expect in upcoming titles.

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