Book Review: Red Phoenix

First published in 2007, Chanís recently re-released second book of the Dark Heavenís series picks up the story of doomed lovers Emma Donahoe, a gifted nanny and John Chen who is actually the powerful Dark Lord of the North. Thanks to Johnís decision to remain on the earthly plain with his five-year-old daughter Simone, his powers have grown steadily weaker resulting in a devastating overthrow attempt by demons. Named Regent of the North by John, Emma struggles to continue mastering the martial arts, earn her degree and protect those she loves from demon attack while rebuilding what was destroyed during the battle.

In a bid to gain control of John, the demons have devised a couple clever plots designed to kill or capture Emma and Simone. Family ties will prove difficult as Emma pulls out all the stops and becomes something more in order to protect her loved ones but her loved ones may not be able to accept what she has become.

Book two of the series moves at the same methodical rate set in White Tiger so as long as readers understand they arenít in for quick moving a action/adventure story this is an interesting tale. The wealth of Eastern mythology and culture makes this series work and the further character development goes a long ways towards enhancing Emmaís previously one-dimensional life. Readers will be left wondering how so many supposedly smart people can be so obtuse when it comes to the deeper self residing in Emma though that will undoubtedly be revealed in book three.


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