Book Review: Home for a Spell

Stony Mill, Indiana resident and sometime witch Maggie OíNeill, facing a protracted healing process after breaking her ankle, temporarily moved in with boyfriend and wizard Marcus Quinn. Disturbed by Marcusís decision to postpone his college plans in order to care for her, Maggie sets off to find an affordable apartment that will fit her current needs. During her meeting with apartment manager Rob Locke, Maggie is offered a dream deal on a newly renovated first floor unit. When Maggie and Marcus return so she can sign the lease, they discover Rob floating in the pool, a murder victim, his office and computer trashed. As Maggie becomes involved with the murder investigation and evidence recovered from the ruined computer comes to light, it is clear there are plenty of people with a very personal axe to grind. What Maggie doesnít realize is how close the murderer might be.

Seventh of the Bewitching Mystery series, this sweet little paranormal mystery relies less on magic and more on deductive reasoning and good detective work. It is nice to see Maggieís character maturing while maintaining a sense of humor. The climax uses an unusual, delightful twist that most readers wonít see coming. A nice addition to a light, bubbly series.

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