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Book Review: Of Truth and Beasts

By Sandy Amazeen Jan 26, 2011, 3:28 GMT

Book Review: Of Truth and Beasts

New in the national bestselling Noble Dead series, known for "incredible world-building and intriguing characters" (SciFi Chick). In each of its novels, The Noble Dead Saga has swept readers into a world of "Tolkienesque fantasy [and] vampire-infused horror."* (Publishers Weekly) Now, young Journeyor Wynn Hygeorht finds herself cast into the wilds on a dangerous quest for knowledge that may instead lead to her doom... ...more

Wynn Hygeorht of the Guild of Sagecraft returned from her perilous journey to obtain the ancient texts known as the Forgotten History only to have the Guild confiscate both the documents and her personal journals. Though Wynnís journals were returned, the Guild denied her any chance of seeing the Forgotten History and argues against her conviction that an old evil may reappear. To keep Wynn out of their hair, the Guild sends her off on an obviously frivolous trip. Accompanied by loyal companions Chane, one of the undead and Shade, an elf spirit in wolf form, the three set out to locate one of five weapons used by the Ancient Enemy known as the Orb of Spirit. Stonewalker Ore-Locks joins the travelers while concealing his true identity and motives even as a wraith works to prevent them from finding the Orb.

The series takes a darker turn in book nine of the Noble Dead saga that picks up speed after Wynn leaves the confines of the Guild and sets out on her latest quest. Plenty of character development rounds out Chaneís character as he strives to become the person Wynn believes him to be while Shade continues growing in abilities. The antagonists are strong, convincing forces with private agendas that add satisfying twists to another excellent addition to the series best enjoyed from the beginning.

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