Book Review: Kitty Takes a Holiday

After Kitty Norville revealed her secret identity as a werewolf on her popular radio show, Kitty and the Midnight Hour, life hasn’t been the same. Part of the cost of going public was being subpoenaed to testify before a Senate Hearing Committee in Washington DC where (Kitty Goes to Washington) events rapidly deteriorated into a major showdown. Kitty decides to take some quiet time in a remote Colorado cabin where she can sit and work undisturbed on her book. Between dealing with a massive case of writers block and finding ample evidence that someone is attempting to curse her, Kitty begins having second thoughts about hiding in the back woods. Her self-doubts are acerbated by the discovery of a radio show rival moving in on her turf.

When werewolf hunter Cormac Bennett shows up with mutual friend and lawyer Ben O’Farrell in his arms Kitty couldn’t be more surprised or challenged. Recently attacked by a werewolf, Ben wants nothing more then to die and holds Cormac responsible for not making good on an old promise. It’s up to Kitty to ease Ben through his first full moon and find a reason to continue living while tracking down whoever is behind the escalating carnage showing up at her front door. What Kitty and a powerful medicine man uncover is far worse then anything they could have envisioned, malevolent magic has drawn an unspeakable evil to the small town. Only by banding together with the same townspeople who cursed her, can they hope to defeat the evil force and no one could foresee the haunting cost.

With holidays like this, it might be safer to stay home! The further character development of Cormac and Ben, a mix of skinchanger and werewolf mythologies along with small town knee-jerk reactions to the unusual, Kitty’s latest adventure is the best yet. Doses of humor lighten up the dark tone and Kitty’s witty observations keep the story rolling forward at a brisk clip making for a thoroughly enjoyable escapist read.

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