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Book Review: Mike Warren's Guerilla Credit

By April Neale Dec 18, 2013, 1:34 GMT

Book Review: Mike Warren's Guerilla Credit

Book Review: Mike Warren\'s Guerilla Credit

Depending upon your age, specifically the generation you grew up in, the term “guerrilla” connotes a certain camouflaged mystique.

Although the concept of guerilla warfare dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, it really took hold of our culture throughout the ’60s thanks to America’s confrontation with, and adjustment to, the Viet Cong’s regional-specific tactics. It might also call to mind Che Guevara’s strategies during the Cuban Revolution a decade earlier.

What’s often lost amid the pop-culture appropriation of the word is the fact that revolutionaries who employ guerilla warfare are usually also known as Freedom Fighters – as in, fighting for liberation from oppressors.

Mike Warren hopes to tap into this independent vein with the release of Guerilla Credit, a take on the late Jay Conrad Levinson’s revolutionary 1984 book, Guerilla Marketing, which Time magazine named one of the 25 Most Influential Business Management Books in 2011. (Levinson is listed as a co-author here.) From its suggestive name to the camo cover design, the term is a good fit for Warren’s caution-to-the-wind, innovative approach.

Throughout Warren and Levinson’s easy-to-read tome, the entrepreneurs advocate for a decisively “indie” strategy intended to secure the reader large amounts of business credit. They make a sound case for the benefits of this type of startup cash, covering in-depth the ways in which business credit can protect a business owner, limit their liability, provide easier access at short notice and save an investor countless, harmful credit-rating dings.

From starting the right kind of business for your needs (yes, the difference between LLCs and incorporation is a significant one) to leveraging cash and credit quickly and accessibly, Warren and Levinson lay out a convincing blueprint for success, one that includes a surprising amount of myth-debunking regarding commonly held beliefs and misconceptions when it comes to borrowing, lending, even paying back capital.

Guerilla Credit is chock-full of the kind of wisdom that should be obvious once it’s heard, but forces the reader to reconsider what they accept as common knowledge. For example, did you know that little things like having a business license and securing a business phone line and physical address for your business can lower your risk level when it comes to creditors? Or that certain types of debt have a “statute of limitation” baked into federal law via the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? This section, including the ways in which rule-breaking debt collectors can get themselves fined so much that they’re forced to absolve the debtor are only some of the eye-openers and jaw-droppers sprinkled liberally throughout Guerilla Credit.

Warren’s true gift, however, may be one of inspiration. To read Guerilla Credit is to find yourself, no matter your entrepreneurial goals, desperately wanting to go out there and secure your own business credit, to run out and give it a shot on your own. That motivation, the book makes perfectly clear, is part and parcel of the benefits within. What are you waiting for?


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