The Hunters – Book Review

Kuzneski has made his name with stories relating to the finding of long lost treasures. This book is no exception.  A team of renegades including a thief, historian and ex-military leader has been created by a billionaire philanthropist to find legendary treasures.  Known as their Hunters, their first task to find a Romanian treasure trove stolen by the Russians over a century earlier. 

Two train loads of gold, jewelry, paintings and ancient Dacian objects were sent for security to the underground vaults of the Kremlin.  Soon afterwards diplomatic relations were severed and the objects scattered across Russia.  The Hunters have to find these objects and restore them to Romania.

Inevitably they are not the only ones searching for the objects - there are many who want to profit or obtain the objects for themselves.  It becomes a race against time and people.  Definitely fast moving and action packed; this is a story which will appeal to anyone who enjoys thrillers linked to the art world. 

Kuzneski is a master of this style of writing. He knows how to spin a tale and keep the reader’s attention.  Characterisation is strong. His publicists say it is the first in a new series but the big question is how he can maintain this standard without making it feel like a format?

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