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Day of the Rangers: Somalia 1993 (Force on Force) Book Review

By Angela Youngman Sep 17, 2012, 21:04 GMT

Day of the Rangers: Somalia 1993 (Force on Force)  Book Review

In the early 90s, Somalia was a country in chaos - warlords carved out their own territories, enforcing their will through militia gangs, civil war raged, and famine compounded the situation. As a joint US-UN mission struggled to maintain order, the warlords began to unite behind Mohamed Farrah Aidid, who was to proclaim himself President of Somalia and embark upon a campaign to force the peacekeepers out of the country. ...more

Perfect for war gamers looking for something just that bit different. As with all Force on Force studies, this is focuses on the use of scenarios rather than straightforward battles.  Find out about the actual war in Somalia, and how the Rangers came to be involved in their mission against the Somali warlords. 

Lots of historical background is provided, together with details of twenty potential scenarios that can be used to create war games including rounding up cattle rustlers to rescuing the crew of a downed Black Hawk Helicopter. 

It provides everything war gamers require from basic information, to tactical challenges, points scoring, and cards. War gamers have plenty of choice including a one off battle, scenarios and a series of interconnected games charting the various US and UN missions in Somalia.  Well presented, and will undoubtedly prove popular with war gamers.

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