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The Lost Angels: Messenger’s Angel – Book Review

By Angela Youngman Aug 23, 2012, 21:24 GMT

The Lost Angels: Messenger’s Angel – Book Review

As the former Messenger Archangel, Gabriel has had lifetimes to search for the one woman intended for him. So he\'s surprised to discover Juliette Anderson in the dark corner of his favorite pub in Scotland, the land he\'s called home for two thousand years-and the last place he expected to find her. The connection between them is strong, hot and instantaneous.Juliette is in the town to gather research for her ...more

Juliette Anderson is worried she is going insane as she keeps getting messages from another world.  Offered the opportunity to work in Scotland she gladly accepts - only to find that the situation gets worse.  It seems that she is the Archess, the true mate of Archangel Gabriel. 

Meeting him she is instantly attracted to him, but needs convincing as to his identity.  Others are trying to prevent their relationship, and old enemies resurface.  Aromantic paranormal fantasy, it provides a relaxing read for those days when you do not need a lot to think about. 

The characters are well drawn, and the settings realistic.  It moves along at a steady pace, with plenty of tension to keep the readers interest.

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