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Irises in Watercolour Book Review

By Angela Youngman Aug 23, 2012, 20:51 GMT

Irises in Watercolour  Book Review

A garden full of beautiful spring irises in bloom is one of the most stunning sights of all, and the projects in this inspiring book shows how to capture them in watercolor. Artists who want to create realistic pictures of these popular flowers without relying on their drawing skills have everything they need, and more experienced artists will find much to inspire them. The tracings that can be pulled out ...more

Irises are some of the most beautiful flowers to be found in the garden.  In bloom for only a short time, they are elegant and distinguished.  Colors range from a classic deep, imperial purple to reds, white and gold blooms. 

For artists, it is a challenge to capture the velvety appearance of the petals, and the stunning color range.  In this book Julie sets out to show just how it can be done even if your drawing skills leave a lot to be desired. Reusable tracings are provided which will provide outlines that can be filled in by following careful step by step instructions.

More experienced artists will find the suggestions on creating petal color and texture helpful.  Help is given in choosing the right shades and types of paint to apply at each stage of the process. A very useful book, which will be helpful to anyone who wants to paint flowers.

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