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Beowuff and the Horrid Hen Book Review

By Angela Youngman Feb 6, 2012, 20:48 GMT

Beowuff and the Horrid Hen  Book Review

Viking dog Beowuff is all bark and no bite, a disgrace to the memory of his fierce ancestors. Banished from his homeland (for helping enemy raiders loot his chief\'s bone hoard) he finds himself shipwrecked on a troubled island. Its King needs a champion. His Great Feasting Kennel is under attack from the hideous Hendel -- an evil chicken of monstrous proportions. Can Beowuff the Unbold save the day? The ...more

A very different slant on the Beowulf saga!  Viking dog Beowuff prefers a quiet life, avoiding heroics wherever possible.  Unfortunately, trouble seems to be attracted to him. 

Banished from his homeland and regarded as a disgrace to his ancestors; Beowuff promptly ends up a captive in the hands of Irish Vikings looking for someone to throw overboard to propriate the gods. 

Death is avoided by persuading others to jump overboard - but still he cannot avoid being shipwrecked.  This leads him to a great hall threatened by a monster hen, Hendel who is an evil chicken of monstrous proportions.  Unfortunately for Beowuff, his rescuers believe he is just the dog for dealing with this monster. 

As Beowuff twists and turns in his bid to avoid confrontations; his situation becomes ever more tense.  Yet throughout the book, there is always the humor; the play on words for which Mogzilla is famous.  You cannot help but smile at the activities of this anti-hero. 

I look forward to more stories featuring Beowuff - it may even succeed in encouraging children to look at the original stories. 

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