Flowers in Watercolour Book Review

This is definitely a really good introduction to painting flowers.  Trying to get the right shades, and impression of a flower can be hard but with Wendy Tait's instructions you can really achieve this. 

The book provides help in illustrating 24 different plants including tulips, anemones, roses, sweet peas and oriental poppies as well as the ever popular sunflowers. For each flower, there is a palette of colors provided as well as hints on mixing to achieve the right shades.  Outlines for tracing are included in the book as a means of helping less confident artists achieve a good result. 

There are full instructions on transferring the images, and suggestions as to how to combine images or parts of an image to make an unique picture.  This is a book that will provide invaluable help, no matter whether you are a beginner or not.  There is something for everyone to learn.

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