The Shaman’s Secret – Book Review

Another in the Kit Salter children's adventure series.  Having been poisoned by her enemies, the Baker Brothers, Kit has been trapped in a coma.  Her friends are determined to save her.  Hearing of a mysterious inventor whose cures involve electric shocks, they set sail for America.

In bustling San Francisco, the unusual cure works and Kit is cured only to find further disaster has befallen her.  She is now a victim to an evil curse.  Cyril Baker tells her he knows a cure - but can she and her friends trust him? 

A flight into the heart of the Wild West follows, complete with treacherous outlaws, cowboys and mysterious Indians.  Who is friend and who is Enemy?  Kit and her friends can never be quite sure of the answer especially when it involves a trip across a red hot desert and the Grand Canyon. 

Well written, entertaining and lively.  It is certainly action packed.  As fast as Kit overcomes one problem, another seems to surface immediately, always linked to her nemesis Cyril Baker. 

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