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Mozart’s Last Aria – Book Review

By Angela Youngman Jul 28, 2011, 2:27 GMT

Mozart’s Last Aria – Book Review

It is 1791 and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is enlightenment Vienna\'s brightest star. Master of the city\'s music halls and devoted member of the Austrian Freemason\'s guild, he stands at the heart of an electric mix of art and music, philosophy and science, politics and intrigue. Six weeks ago, the great composer told his wife he had been poisoned. Yesterday, he died. The city is buzzing with rumours of infidelity, ...more

Was Mozart poisoned?  He certainly died very suddenly at the height of his fame.  There are rumors of infidelity, bankruptcy and murder.  His sister, Nannerl, is not convinced - until she starts to look more closely at what her brother has left behind. 

Reluctantly, she begins to wonder about the handwritten score, and scraps of paper from his journal.  Do they indicate something some sinister beginning to emerge? Was he a spy? What were his links with the Freemasons? 

Having been estranged from her brother for many years, it is not easy for Nannerl to understand all that was happening in his life - or where his future might have lain.  Attempting to find answers brings only trouble in its wake.  Just what was the truth behind Mozart's death - and what action should Nannerl take? 

It becomes an engrossing story, set in a period of history about which most people know very little.  Nannerl is a fascinating character, extremely well drawn. She is clearly brought to life through the pages of this book. As you reach the last pages, you really feel you know her and sympathize with her.  It is an unusual story, but definitely worth reading.

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