Napoleon’s Pyramids – Book Review

The year is 1798.  Adventurer Ethan Gage wins a medallion in a card game only to find himself in prison, accused of murder.  He manages to escape by choosing to accompany Napoleon Bonaparte on a mission to conquer Egypt.  But Gage's enemies are not far behind.  They are determined to get hold of the medallion. 

Gage soon becomes aware that in order to survive, he has to solve the mystery of medallion otherwise he is very likely to be killed.  The result is a number of mathematical puzzles linked to the pharaoh's and their pyramids.  This is very much an adventure story rather than a mystery. 

It will certainly appeal to fans of Indiana Jones, as it has all the same characteristics - dramatic escapes (including by hot air balloon), pyramid mysteries, and lots of battle scenes. The pace is fast, and the historical detail impressive. 

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