Belle’s Song - Book Review

Belle lives near to the Tabard Inn in Southwark.  Meeting a group of pilgrims about to set off en route to St Thomas A Becket's shrine in Canterbury; Belle decides to join them in hope of a miracle - that her father will walk again.  It is a journey that has unforeseen consequences. 

Also among the pilgrims is poet Geoffrey Chaucer and his scribe Luke.  Belle is attracted to Luke and also Walter, the wealthy son of a knight.  Will she be able to follow her heart? But nothing is quite so simple, for around the pilgrims there is a growing net of intrigue and treason. 

Ultimately, they find they have to risk everything to save their country, their king - and themselves.  This is a gentle story that encourages readers to learn a little more about Geoffrey Chaucer, his life and times.  Belle is an interesting character, full of confusion, worries and concerns.

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