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Celtic Fantasy in Watercolour Book Review

By Angela Youngman Feb 23, 2011, 20:47 GMT

Celtic Fantasy in Watercolour  Book Review

Strikingly beautiful paintings based on Celtic fantasies will be realized with the watercolor techniques demonstrated in this helpful how-to book. Beginning with material and equipment selection, the book offers step-by-step instructions to the basic painting techniques, featuring notes throughout on Celtic folklore and symbolism. The book also offers specialized details for drawing Celtic figures, including dedicated sections on hair, clothing, and ornamentation. The instructions are supplemented by two stunning projects ...more

Practical and inspirational are the only words that can be used to describe this fascinating book.  Celtic mythology has wide appeal, but it can be very complex and difficult to draw.

The interlinked, twisting designs can be very off putting.  Stuart's skill is in making these designs easier, so that anyone can attempt them with confidence.  There are two step by step demonstrations showing how to paint the Morrigan and Manannan male and female figures. 

What is perhaps most useful are the earlier sections giving advice creating the right skin tones, painting complex hair patterns, drawing appropriate clothes and ornamentation.  After all - just drawing plaits can be a nightmare unless you follow Stuart's advice. 

Likewise ideas for body art - a subject which is often forgotten in many fantasy books, yet was very important to Celtic people.  It is a very useful book that anyone keen on fantasy art will absolutely adore. 

Ideas, tips and two complete projects to complete - it makes a wonderful collection.

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