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The Silver Locomotive Mystery Book Review

By Angela Youngman Jan 24, 2011, 20:29 GMT

The Silver Locomotive Mystery  Book Review

An exquisite silver coffeepot in the shape of a locomotive is on its way to Cardiff in the care of the young silversmith, Hugh Kellow. But before he can deliver it a gruesome murder is committed. Inspector Colbeck is confronted all too soon with complications and with no shortage of suspects and he must sift through layers of deceit to find the killer. Commissioned by wealthy ironmaster ...more

Another outing for the much loved railway detective. Inspector Robert Colbeck and his trusty sidekick, Sergeant Victor Leeming are called in to investigate a murder at the railway hotel in Cardiff. 

A man's body has been discovered and lying alongside it an empty case belonging to silversmith Hugh Kellow.  He had been entrusted to travel from London to Cardiff to deliver a priceless silver coffee pot, designed in the shape of a locomotive, to a client.  The coffee pot has gone missing. 

Trying to identify Kellow's movements and identify who has stolen the coffee pot proves difficult - there are just too many potential suspects. Colbeck begins to wonder whether someone is trying to pull the wool over his eyes. 

With fascinating insights into Victorian theatre life, the railways and the world of silversmiths; this book is a positive delight to anyone who enjoys history mysteries.  The convoluted plot keeps your attention, as it is a real page turner. 

I really enjoyed this story, Marston seems to just get better and better.  Colbeck and Leeming are well drawn, believable characters, who really live through the pages of the book.  More please! 

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