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    Friday 16 May 2014

  • Book Review: The People in the Photo

    Book Review: The People in the Photo

    In 1971 an old photograph portraying two men and a young woman apparently enjoying a companionable moment after a tennis match sets Helene Hivert on a quest to discover more about those people. Helene had no memory of her mother nor would anyone...

  • Book Review: Deadroads

    Book Review: Deadroads

    Born and bred in Louisiana’s backwaters, the Sarrazin family was infused with knowledge and abilities about ghosts and the otherworldly denizens most of us never see. When Lutie was just a youngster, her mother Mireille packed them up leaving...

  • Book Review: The Living Memories Project

    Book Review: The Living Memories Project

    The death of a loved one invariably leaves a gaping hole in the lives of survivors as they struggle with grief and the overwhelming sense of loss. This collection of thirty personal stories looks at the different ways people have chosen to remember a loved one, of keeping...

  • Book Review: Gemsigns

    Book Review: Gemsigns

    The emergence of a technology driven ailment known simply as the Syndrome, targeted the young and threatened humanity with extinction within a couple of generations. Faced with such a bleak future, genetic engineers were given free rein to...

  • Book Review: End Times

    Book Review: End Times

    After her stepfather died as a result of Daphne having to defend herself against his rape attempt, her mother basically threw her out of the house. Leaving Detroit behind her, Daphne took the next bus to Carbon County, Wyoming and the home of Uncle Floyd and his family. Daphne’s arrival in Carbon County coincided with...

  • Friday 02 May 2014

  • Book Review: Midnight Crossroad

    Book Review: Midnight Crossroad

    Much to his mother’s chagrin, twenty-two year old Manfred Bernardo relocated his internet psychic business to the tiny community of Midnight, Texas. Manfred soon realizes the handful of residents are an eclectic mix; his neighbor across the street is a witch complete with an unusual...

  • Book Review: Monsieur le Commandant

    Book Review: Monsieur le Commandant

    World War I hero, academic and devout Catholic, Pauo-Jean Husson together with wife Marguerite raised two adult children and they welcomed the Nazi occupation of France. Though a loving parent and learned man, Husson was also a...

  • Book Review: Earth Star

    Book Review:  Earth Star

    After her heroics during a dramatic military rescue, Jarra was awarded the coveted Artemis, the military’s highest honor despite being an “ape”, one of those unfortunate humans with a deficient immune system rendering her incapable of portalling off Earth. Shortly after these events...

  • Book Review: A World Without Princes

    Book Review: A World Without Princes

    Best friends Agatha and Sophie may have thought their troubles were over and life would return to “normal” once they returned home after events in The School for Good and Evil but such was not the case. Agatha begins to doubt whether she made the right choices...

  • Book Review: Any Other Name

    Book Review: Any Other Name

    When his former boss, Lucian Connally called Sheriff Walt Longmire to check into the circumstances around the apparent suicide death of detective Gerald Holman in nearby Campbell County, few could have guessed where his investigation would lead. Holman had been assigned to look into...

  • Monday 14 April 2014

  • Book Review: Bagdad Central

    Book Review: Bagdad Central

    This compelling novel opens in the streets of Baghdad during April 2003 as American and coalition forces begin their occupation.Inspector Muhsin al-Khafaji wants only to avoid conflict, stay out of sight, enjoy poetry and take care of his family including his ailing daughter, Mrouj. Toward that end, Muhsin abandons...

  • Book Review: Nearly Gone

    Book Review: Nearly Gone

    From an early age, high school student Nearly Boswell has been told to never trust a man and excelling at school is her best hope of escaping a life of poverty. Nearly and her best friend are neck and neck for winning a coveted scholarship that includes community service assignments, which for Nearly that means...

  • Book Review: The Detainee

    Book Review: The Detainee

    Sixty-three year old ex-Mafia enforcer Clancy, once known as the “Big Guy” is now a detainee on an island off the East Coast. What was once a residential area is now a grim place as the entire island is now the mainland’s garbage dump and that includes those members of society deemed...

  • Book Review: Free to Fall

    Book Review: Free to Fall

    In the not so distant future, people are relying upon a decision making app known as Lux to tell them when to get up, what to wear, who to date and basically direct every aspect of their lives. Great if you want nothing more then a...

  • Book Review: Ice Cold

    Book Review: Ice Cold

    With tensions currently escalating between the United States and Russia and speculation about the possibility of another cold war, this collection of twenty new tales from the first cold war is particularly timely. Jeffery Deaver’s “Comrade 35” starts things rolling with a completely different take on...

  • Book Review: Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well

    Book Review: Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well

    Everyone knows their neighbors in the close knit Cotswold Village of Finch, England which made the reclusive Hector Huggins something of a mystery. While most residents thrived on gossip and knowing the latest news, Hector fished and kept to himself but that didn’t prevent...

  • Friday 28 March 2014

  • Book Review: A Bride for One Night

    Book Review: A Bride for One Night

    In her first book to be translated into English, Calderon presents seventeen Talmudic tales, retold as finely nuanced fictional short stories. At the start of each one is the bare bones original text version that provides the general outline for what’s to come. The retold story is then followed by...

  • Book Review: The Last Wild

    After spending the last six years locked away in Spectrum Hall Academy for Challenging Children, twelve year old Kester Jaynes is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. A deadly virus known simply as the red-eye killed every animal and edible plant on the planet, most people live in tightly controlled...

  • Book Review: Omega Days

    People around California and indeed the world, were simply going about their daily lives when the unthinkable happened. A virus transmitted by bites from walking corpses quickly decimated entire cities as the domino effect of newly infected in turn began rising up and killing. In the midst of total chaos...

  • Book Review: The Kill Switch

    Book Review: The Kill Switch

    This globe trotting action adventure features Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and canine companion Kane, a military trained Belgian Malinois who together, form a close-knit team that’s hard to beat. With the possible reappearance of an ancient microbe known as LUCA which is capable of incredible...

  • Book Review: Tease

    Book Review: Tease

    During her junior year, Emma Putman transferred to the high school attended by Sara and best friend Brielle, a vicious, rich bitch who enjoyed picking on everyone around her. Due in part to her looks and the way she attracts boys including Sara’s boyfriend Dylan, the girls begin taunting Emma with...

  • Wednesday 12 March 2014

  • Book Review: Murder of Crows

    Book Review: Murder of Crows
    It’s been two months since Meg Corbyn, a cassandra sangue or blood prophet escaped the compound where she was held captive and found her way to the Lakewood terra indigene courtyard. Simon Wolfgard, leader of the courtyard took a chance and...

  • Book Review: Madam

    Book Review: Madam
    Marie Deubler and her brother Peter were orphaned at an early age and given to an uncle who proceeded to pimp her out when she was twelve. Nothing more then a lowly alley whore sharing a crib with a black...

  • Book Review: Cure for the Common Breakup

    Book Review: Cure for the Common Breakup
    Flight attendant Summer Benson was having difficulty deciding how to handle her boyfriend’s marriage proposal in Paris when the unimaginable happens and the plane goes down shortly after...

  • Book Review: Castle Rock

    This re-release of a 1983 suspense/mystery centers around Serena Mallory and the New Mexico ranch she grew up on after being orphaned at twelve years old. Now an adult, Serena becomes the ranch manager after owner Dan MacIntire dies in...

  • Book Review: Writing God's Obituary

    Book Review: Writing Gods Obituary
    Do in part to his mother’s regular participation in the local church, Anthony Pinn embraced religious doctrine from an early age. Like many of the men in his neighborhood, Pinn’s father ignored religion and remained...

  • Monday 03 March 2014

  • Book Review: Night Broken

    Mercy Thompson’s quiet evening at home was broken by a disturbing phone call from none other then Adam’s ex-wife Christy needing a safe place to stay after attracting the unwanted attentions of a deadly stalker. With nowhere else to go, Mercy’s mate and werewolf pack leader Adam opens their home to...

  • Book Review: Woven Scarves

    Book Review: Woven Scarves

    Dust off those neglected rigid heddle looms, grab the cool yarns you’ve been hoarding and dive into the wonderful array of fabrics presented in this terrific collection. Though the crystal clear instructions are for scarves, those with larger looms will have no difficulty enlarging projects like the airy...

  • Book Review: Trouble in Mind

    Book Review: Trouble in Mind

    With unexpected twists and surprising protagonists, Deaver’s third short story compilation is a treat that throws in a few characters from previous titles. Kathryn Dance plays a deadly serious game with one of a group of terrorists’ intent upon blowing up building in order to make a statement in...

  • Book Review: Dear Killer

    Book Review: Dear Killer

    Learning her specialty trade from her mother from an early age, Kit Ward made her first kill when she was nine. Now an average looking seventeen-year-old high school student, Kit has made fifty kills and been dubbed by the London media as The Perfect Killer. Kit chooses her prey from...

  • Wednesday 05 February 2014

  • Book Review: The Martian

    Book Review: The Martian

    Six days into a month long Mars mission, a severe dust storm forced the crew to return to their ship leaving Mark Watney for dead on the planet surface. It therefore came as a shock to observers monitoring Mars satellite footage to discover signs of recent activity surrounding the Hab, a facility designed to...

  • Book Review: Up From the Grave

    Book Review: Up From the Grave

    Last of the Night Huntress series starring vampire couple Cat and Bones wraps up with an action packed adventure that reunites several of the major characters from previous books. Former CIA agent Jason Madigan has taken control of the tactical unit Cat used to be a part of and with several of her old buddies missing...

  • Book Review: The Scribe

    Book Review: The Scribe

    Set in 799 Wurzburg, a time when the country was plagued by famine, most people went uneducated and parchment was laboriously made by hand. Her father Gorgias, an educated man and a parchment maker carefully schooled Theresa and her abilities to read, write and make...

  • Book Review: Who Fears Death

    Book Review: Who Fears Death

    Born the product of violence and ostracized for being Ewu, young Onyesonwu whose name means Who Fears Death, knows first hand the strength of rage as she fights against the bonds that would restrain her wild nature. Prejudice abounds against Onyesonwu’s heritage, her gender, age and emerging...

  • Book Review: Yearn

    Book Review: Yearn

    This collection of nine gently erotic short stories opens with “Ink,” perhaps the best tale in the book as it recounts the struggles of an up and coming biographer as he turns the tables on an established if unprincipled author. A famous actor facing his...

  • Book Review: Goodnight Nanny-Cam

    Enjoy this lighthearted, gently satirical look at painfully politically correct parenting. The comic presentation shows how overboard one can go to insure everything in baby’s world is prefect, from brain stimulating black and white pictures to a...

  • Thursday 23 January 2014

  • Book Review: Autumn Rose

    Book Review: Autumn Rose

    As the previous Sage charged with protecting the students and staff at the school attended by Autumn Al-Summers accidentally killed a human, folks are understandably antagonistic toward her. Fifteen-year-old Autumn is the only...

  • Book Review: Killer's Island

    Book Review: Killers Island

    Loosely tied into an ancient Nordic myth called the White Sea-Lady about a young bride that died on her wedding night who went on to lure unwary men to a watery death, this thriller starts with policewoman Maria Wern attempting to rescue a boy from a vicious attack. Despite her efforts, the boy...

  • Book Review: Elusion

    Teenaged Regan is struggling with the apparent murder of her father David Welch, inventor of the incredible new escapism app known as Elusion. With a visor and wristband, Elusion allows wearers to leave their mundane lives, the polluted air and grime encrusted buildings behind while enjoying the wonders of a pristine...

  • Book Review: The Kill Order

    Fifth of the Sydney Fitzpatrick novels is an uneven read as FBI forensic specialist Sydney Fitzpatrick begins digging into the circumstances surrounding her father’s murder twenty years ago. There was a mysterious code known as the Devils Key, supposedly capable of...

  • Wednesday 15 January 2014

  • Book Review: The Doctor and the Dinosaurs

    Book Review: The Doctor and the Dinosaurs

    If you are in the mood for a light, undemanding read populated by dinosaurs and Indians with a few historical characters thrown in for good measure then book four of the Weird West series is for you. Paleontologists Edward Cope and Charles Marsh are hard at work digging up...

  • Book Review: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 4

    Book Review: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 4

    Bestiary 4 brings more then three hundred imaginative creatures and monsters to life with vivid graphics, challenge ratings and full descriptions in this latest addition to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Handy icons instantly identify creature type, terrain and...

  • Book Review: Think

    Book Review: Think

    Question everything is the recurring message here as Harrison exposes the inherent flaws found in numerous commonly held beliefs in everything from nonsense medical “cures” to the very nature of our memories. Divided into five main chapters, each with several...

  • Book Review: Cozy Knits

    Book Review: Cozy Knits

    Filled with patterns for little warmers like hats, mittens, scarves and shawls, this collection uses only Cascade yarns though substituting whatever you have on hand should be easy as weights, yardage and gauges are included for each design. Several patterns such as the cute “Hammer Time Slouch Hat” are worked primarily...

  • Book Review: Beyond the God Particle

    Book Review: Beyond the God Particle

    Physicists have theorized about the Higgs boson particle and what role it plays in the universe for years and at long last, the answers are tantalizingly close no thanks to Congress who closed down the Superconducting Super Collider project already under construction in...

  • Friday 10 January 2014

  • Book Review: North of Boston

    Book Review: North of Boston

    Daughter of Russian immigrants, Pirio Kasparov spent her teens in a boarding school where she became best friends with Thomasina, another young woman shuffled out of the way of well-to-do parents. Maintaining their friendship as adults led to Pirio working one foggy night baiting lobster traps for...

  • Book Review: Where Monsters Dwell

    Book Review: Where Monsters Dwell

    Effrahim Bond, curator of the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia was contemplating how his recent discovery could potentially turn his miserable life around when he is brutally tortured and murdered. Due to her specialized training in serial killers, homicide detective Felicia Stone begins working...

  • Book Review: Op-Art Socks

    Drawing on well-known op-art pieces for inspiration, Stephanie has come up with a sensational collection of nineteen colorful sock patterns that will have intermediate and advanced knitters running for their yarn stashes. Starting with “Fibonacci” which makes use of..

  • Book Review: Contagion

    Book Review: Contagion

    It’s been two years since terrorists attacked London, except it wasn’t terrorists but a cover story made up by the government to hide what really happened. England’s general population believes London is a dead zone, its inhabitants destroyed with the bombs when in reality, an army known as the Choppers because of what they do to...

  • Book Review: The Science of Miracles

    Book Review: The Science of Miracles

    Using sound scientific investigative techniques, personal examinations and lab experiments, professional paranormal investigator Nickell tackles and debunks miraculous claims including saintly powers, divine healings and amazing images to name a few. As a true skeptic...

  • Tuesday 07 January 2014

  • Book Review: Knitting Outside the Swatch

    Book Review: Knitting Outside the Swatch

    While much has been written about crochet motifs, considerably less coverage has been given to the art of knitted motifs and that’s too bad. Omdahl lessens that gap with this exploration of forty knitted motifs and innovative ways of linking them together into...

  • Monday 30 December 2013

  • Book Review: White Fire

    Book Review: White Fire

    While searching for a suitable subject for her thesis, Corrie Swanson learns of a series of grizzly bear attacks in 1876 near Roaring Fork, CO that killed eleven miners. Corrie sets off for what is now a high dollar ski resort in hopes of examining the exhumed...

  • Book Review: Innocent Blood

    Book Review: Innocent Blood

    Book two of the Order of the Sanguines series finds Dr. Erin Granger attempting to instruct students at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA but after her experiences in The Blood Gospel, finds it difficult to teach what she no longer believes. Consumed with guilt over the death of...

  • Book Review: When It Comes to Spooning, I'm a Fork

    Book Review: When It Comes to Spooning, Im a Fork

    From the dubious “joys” of attempting to match interior decorating tastes to figuring out when to start a family, from eating out with two young boys to turning forty, humorist Prey’s debut book is a laugh-out-loud look at life in the trenches of...

  • Book Review: Children of the Uprising

    Book Review: Children of the Uprising

    In a complex bit of world building where war is a fact of life and anyone or everyone could be on the opposing side, it pays to be paranoid. For Christopher that is especially true as he grew up feeling as though strangers were watching his every move, the question is, why? Christopher was attacked on his eighteenth...

  • Book Review: Kicking It

    Book Review: Kicking It

    Authors Hunter and Price have teamed up to edit this fun anthology that features butt kicking heroines with attitude, no small doses of assorted magics and killer footwear. All is not quite as it seems in Rob Thurman’s “Snakeskin” which finds a lovely but aging widow looking for a new, very rich husband to...

  • Sunday 29 December 2013

  • Book Review: Wulfe Untamed

    Book Review: Wulfe Untamed

    Pamela’s strong conclusion to the wildly popular Feral Warriors series centers around the emotionally and physically scarred Wulfe and Natalie Cash, the young woman he rescued and healed. Wulfe’s mate died and although there was no love lost between them, her death left him crippled in...

  • Monday 23 December 2013

  • Book Review: Scarf Style 2

    Book Review: Scarf Style 2

    Budd, an avid knitter and author of several knitting books has brought together an interesting mix of twenty-six scarf and shawl patterns covering a broad range of techniques. The Cable-y Cowl uses a chunky weight yarn and fat cables to create a quick-to-knit piece that would make a great...

  • Book Review: Dark Wolf

    Book Review: Dark Wolf

    Skyler, abused as a child and rescued by Gabriel Daratrazanoff, a legendary Carpathian hunter and his lifemate Francesca, has long known Dimitri was her lifemate. Throughout her teens, Dimitri has always been there, soothing Skyler’s nightmares, sharing her dreams, waiting patiently for her to...

  • Wednesday 18 December 2013

  • Book Review: Melissa McCarty's News Girls Don’t Cry

    Book Review: Melissa McCartys News Girls Don’t Cry

    It’s all there on the front cover: Author Melissa McCarty, an attractive news anchor with flowing, dirty blonde tresses, stares stone-faced in a low-cut top framed by the title, News Girls Don’t Cry.

  • Book Review: Mike Warren's Guerilla Credit

    Book Review: Mike Warrens Guerilla Credit

    Depending upon your age, specifically the generation you grew up in, the term “guerrilla” connotes a certain camouflaged mystique. Although the concept of guerilla warfare dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, it really took hold of our culture throughout the ’60s thanks to America’s confrontation with, and adjustment to, the Viet Cong’s regional-specific tactics. It might also call to mind Che Guevara’s strategies during the Cuban Revolution a decade earlier.

  • Thursday 07 November 2013

  • Book Review: The Creature Department

    Book Review: The Creature Department

    Eleven year old Elliot von Doppler has no intention of following in his parents footsteps as would-be foodies. Athough they work as food critics, Elliot’s parents can barely boil water yet continue to expect him to give rave reviews of whatever concoction they cook up. Yearning for something more, Elliot is thrilled to finally be invited to tour the...

  • Friday 01 November 2013

  • Book Review: Kindred and Wings

    Book Review: Kindred and Wings

    Talyn, better known as the Hunter is reevaluating her choice to quit working for the Caisah, the all powerful ruler who wiped out her people, the Vaerli and ally herself with the Phage. Although the Phage claim to be the purest of the few remaining Vaerli, they are a much darker people then Talyn remembered from before...

  • Book Review: Freedom Fries and Cafe Creme

    Book Review: Freedom Fries and Cafe Creme

    This light collection of gourmet food oriented short stories set on both sides of the Atlantic centers around issues of love and choices made to either facilitate or end that love. Opening with “The Height of Good Taste,” live-in life coach and chef Armand with his young daughter Juliette. The single father begins questioning where...

  • Book Review: World After

    With the arrival of angels and demons, the world was thrown into disarray and for sixteen-year-old Penryn, it meant acting as protector for her deranged mother and little sister, Paige. After seeing the apparently dead Penryn dropped off by a demon near the rag-tag band of resistance fighters, her former friends could be excused for freaking out when she...

  • Thursday 31 October 2013

  • Book Review: The Osiris Curse

    Book Review: The Osiris Curse

    Teenage sleuths Sebastian Tweed and Octavia Nightingale have begun training with Queen Victoria’s shadowy Ministry office under the tutelage of Barrington Chase who was none too pleased about being saddled with a couple of kids. When she finally received word Benedict Wilburforce had arrived on the London docks, Tweed joins Octavia on the trail of the man responsible for.

  • Book Review: Fair Isle Style

    Book Review: Fair Isle Style

    Mucklestone’s two newest books, Fair Isle Style and 150 Scandinavian Motifs compliment each other nicely as several of the motif designs in the second book can be interchanged with those used in the twenty patterns described in the first title. As complex appearing as Fair Isle knitting can appear to be, typically, no more then two colors are used in any...

  • Monday 14 October 2013

  • Book Review: Spirit of Steamboat

    Book Review: Spirit of Steamboat

    It is the day before Christmas and Sheriff Walt Longmire is sitting in his office reading a treasured copy of A Christmas Carol while contemplating a quiet holiday at home when a lovely dark haired woman walked in. After inquiring whether the former sheriff, Lucian Connally was still alive, the young woman asked Walt to be taken to...

  • Book Review: Man Made Boy

    Book Review: Man Made Boy

    At nearly eighteen years of age, Boy has never left the confines of The Show, a largely underground complex that is home to all manner of magical beasts the modern world has quit believing in. As the son of Frankenstein’s creations the Monster and Bride, it is little wonder Boy hasn’t been outside as his...

  • Book Review: Knitting Architecture

    Book Review: Knitting Architecture

    Combining the principle that form follows function with the parallels between knitting and architectural design, Gray has assembled a collection of twenty patterns from innovative designers that illustrate the point. Whether designing a building or a garment it is essential to have a...

  • Book Review: Second Watch

    Book Review: Second Watch

    Growing weary of the persistent pain in his knees, Detective J.P. Beaumont opts to get both replaced at once and get it over with. While coming out of anesthesia, Beau is sure he was being visited by Monica, also known as the Girl in the Barrel and the victim in the first homicide he...

  • Book Review: The Mormons

    Book Review: The Mormons

    With the revelation that some U.S. politicians such as Mitt Romney are practicing Mormons, came a number of questions about what exactly the Church of Latter-day Saints members believe in. This pictorial introduction to the Mormon faith seeks to address those questions by providing a window into Mormon life. The book opens by highlighting...

  • Friday 04 October 2013

  • Book Review: Deadline

    Book Review: Deadline

    In 1976, the FBI and a terrorist group engaged in a shootout resulting in the deaths of all but two of the terrorists. The leader, Carl Wingert and Flora Stimel escaped with their baby and essentially disappeared. For forty years, FBI agent Gary Headly has monitored the case and incredibly, new DNA evidence found on...

  • Book Review: The Art of Seamless Knitting

    Book Review: The Art of Seamless Knitting

    Anyone who has wished for a way to eliminate the tedious task of seaming knit garments and is ready to start expanding their abilities will appreciate the scope of information presented here. Beginning with an overview of basic construction techniques followed by an interesting look at how lace designs work, balancing stitches, preventing jogs when working in...

  • Book Review: One Lucky Vampire

    Book Review: One Lucky Vampire

    Despite Nicole Phillips insistence that her soon to be ex-husband wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, friend and confidant Marguerite Argeneau isn’t buying it, especially after hearing of several near misses. Applying a bit of pressure on Jake Colson, a bodyguard temporarily between jobs to protect Nicole while convincing...

  • Book Review: The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Special Issue

    Can’t get enough magic, looking to add a bit of Harry Potter sorcery to your wardrobe, then check out this fun, challenging collection of patterns from scarves and mittens to sweaters and shawls. While some of the scarf designs are suitable for novice knitters, the majority of the patterns will require at least...

  • Thursday 19 September 2013

  • Book Review: Celtic Moon

    Book Review: Celtic Moon

    After receiving an unbearable ultimatum from her husband Dylan Black nearly sixteen years ago, Sophie Thibodeau ran away into the night and has been on the run ever since. Dylan revealed his true identity as a shifter, changing into a large wolf before her eyes but that’s not what set Sophie running, it was knowing...

  • Book Review: Leonard Maltin's 2014 Movie Guide

    Book Review: Leonard Maltins 2014 Movie Guide

    Movie fans rejoice, the definitive movie guide is in stores now and well worth the bookshelf space it takes as it includes three hundred new entries along with ratings, year of release, cast, run time and a one-sentence synopsis of the storyline. Especially fun is checking out which movies get the BOMB...

  • Book Review: Dead Set

    Book Review: Dead Set

    Since her father’s death, life has understandably been in upheaval for sixteen-year-old Zoe and her mother, especially as the insurance company claims they have no record of him and don’t intend to pay out any benefits. With meager resources and her mom struggling to find a job, they have no choice but to...

  • Book Review: Blood Bond

    Book Review: Blood Bond

    A vampire attack placed Anna Strong into the politics of a different world. To protect her family from dangerous predators and the knowledge of her changed existence as a vampire, Anna arranged for them to “inherit” a lovely vineyard in France. Just as Anna is attempting to establish a rapport with...

  • Book Review: Covet

    Book Review: Covet

    Claire Canton put her career as a graphic designer on hold to take care of her two children while husband Chris enjoyed the security of a steady job. Living in an upscale home in the heart of a Stepford Wives perfect neighborhood, neither spouse was truly prepared for the strain of Chris’s layoff and subsequent four years of fruitless...

  • Wednesday 04 September 2013

  • Book Review: Chimes at Midnight

    Book Review: Chimes at Midnight

    Thanks to previous adventures, October "Toby" Daye opened up avenues for the highly addictive, frequently fatal fae goblin fruit to hit the San Francisco streets. With several changeling fae/humans missing, Toby and friends investigate discovering the goblin fruit is indeed killing...

  • Book Review: Frozen

    Book Review: Frozen

    As one of the marked, seventeen year old Natasha Kestal spent most of her life in a prison/hospital where she was forced to do terrible things at the bidding of her handlers who removed sections of her memory through ice bath immersions. Nat never let on about the voice in her head but heeded its advice and managed to...

  • Thursday 29 August 2013

  • Book Review: Dark Talisman

    Book Review: Dark Talisman

    Altira always felt herself something of an outcast but was certain this latest bit of thievery from the sultan’s private collection of opulent gems ought to prove her worth to the dark elf community. Instead, it got her banished with a deadly assassin on her trail and nothing to her name beyond the fascinating blue amulet Altira stole from...

  • Book Review: Light & Layered Knits

    Book Review: Light & Layered Knits

    This collection of nineteen, primarily lightweight tops suitable for laying as the seasons change or wearing alone during warm weather, all feature an interesting design element or two such as asymmetrical construction, a keyhole or pleats. Simple shells take on an entirely different look with the addition of a sweeping front ruffle or the bold use of...

  • Book Review: Hometown Christmas

    Book Review: Hometown Christmas

    Traditionally, Christmas is a time for pulling out your most treasured recipes and filling the house with the smells and flavors of the holiday. This collection garnered from cooks across the country opens with “Breakfast with Santa” progressing through party fare, main courses, treats, slow cookery and concludes with “Coming Home for Christmas”, an assortment of treasured holiday...

  • Book Review: The Suicide Shop

    Book Review: The Suicide Shop

    The Tuvaches have built a reputation for providing quality materials for guaranteed results at their little family owned establishment known as The Suicide Shop. Mishima and Lucrece Tuvache have two perfectly normal depressed kids while the youngest, Alan is irrepressibly happy, outgoing and a source of much...

  • Book Review: Knits at Home

    Book Review: Knits at Home

    It is amazing how the use of chunky yarn and large needles can transform simple knit or purl stitches and easy cables into something fantastic yet that is just what Cross has done with this timeless collection of knit décor. With an emphasis on experimenting with different yarns, the author encourages knitters to play around adding their own touches to simple yet effective...

  • Book Review: 101 Stovetop Suppers

    Book Review: 101 Stovetop Suppers

    In a departure from most Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, this collection features a full color photograph of each and every mouthwatering recipe. Divided into three color coded chapters including Quick & Easy, Slowly Simmered and Serves a Crowd, these easily prepared meals won’t break the budget. Whether your taste runs toward offerings like Skillet Chicken-Fried Rice...

  • Book Review: Omens

    Book Review: Omens

    Armstrong begins a new series with the introduction of Olivia Taylor Jones, the rich daughter from one of Chicago’s most elite families. Engaged to the well-connected James Morgan who is on the fast track toward becoming a junior senator, Liv is not sure how she feels about becoming a senator’s wife. The appearance of a media circus on the Jones’s front yard was the first hint Liv had that...

  • Saturday 17 August 2013

  • Book Review: Metropolitan Knits

    Book Review: Metropolitan Knits

    Fine finishing details and effective, timeless design elements make this pattern collection shine. Although there are simpler projects like the Uptown Scarf, most are for intermediate to advanced knitters who can comfortably work with eyelet designs and keep an accurate stitch count. As the title promises, with the closer fit and attention to detail, these are garments anyone would be proud to...

  • Book Review: The Real Boy

    Book Review: The Real Boy

    Eleven-year-old Oscar enjoys his work at the magic shop located in the Barrow, a magic infused forest surrounding the sparkling city of Asteri. Protected by magic, the walled city escaped the ravages of a plague that swept the world a hundred years ago at a time when wizards still walked. Now the wizards are long gone, transformed into trees and magicians...

  • Book Review: Dark Lycan

    Book Review: Dark Lycan

    Freed from their ice prison after centuries of incarceration, sisters Tatijana and Bronnie of the powerful Dragonseeker clan have been recovering from their ordeal in the rejuvenating soil of the Carpathian Mountains. Tatijana is now ready to face the world and start a journey of self-discovery, the last thing she wants is some arrogant male, a lifemate who would take over...

  • Book Review: Going Home

    Book Review: Going Home

    Morgan Carter was driving home to his wife and three daughters some two hundred fifty miles south near Orlando, Florida when his car suddenly died. After a quick check, Morgan realized everything electronic was on the blink, possibly the result of an electromagnetic pulse or a coronal mass ejection event. No matter what the cause, the United States and likely the entire world was brought to a screeching halt...

  • Book Review: Surviving Home

    Book Review: Surviving Home

    After a harrowing two hundred fifty mile walk home, Morgan Carter is finally reunited with his wife and three daughters while society continues to crumble in the wake of an electromagnetic pulse that disabled the electrical grid. Thad and Jess have also made it home and encountered the same problems facing Morgan. As supplies of food and other necessities dwindle, desperate people begin...

  • Book Review: Scottish Knits

    Book Review: Scottish Knits

    Written for experienced knitters, this book dives right into the patterns without the usual introduction. Using only Rowan yarns, the majority of designs rely upon multi-strand knitting to create colorful garments. Unfortunately several of the patterns, like the Ross Cardigan have too many conflicting colors and design elements to be visually effective as the colors begin to...

  • Monday 05 August 2013

  • The Sword and the Throne – Book Review

    The Sword and the Throne – Book Review

    Another episode in the historical fiction series dealing with Aulus Caecina Severerus' attempts to stay alive and powerful during a race for the crown of Rome. 

  • Spook’s Alice – Book Review

    Spook’s Alice – Book Review

    Alice is on the run in the realm of the dark - and a lot of spooky creatures are after her.  She has banished many creatures to this realm and now they seek revenge. 

  • Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit – Book Review

    Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit – Book Review
    Camelot would end on November 22, 1963 and McBride was in shock that the young President he so admired was felled by an assassin’s bullet. 

  • Thursday 01 August 2013

  • Book Review: In Sun's Likeness and Power

    Book Review: In Suns Likeness and Power

    In collaboration with and the blessing of Cheyenne elders and spiritual leaders, Father Powell has compiled what is surely the comprehensive guide to Cheyenne medicine shields and tipi heraldry. Five decades in the making, this stunning two-volume set translates the field notes of ethnologist James Mooney who extensively interviewed fifty...

  • Book Review: Chimera

    Book Review: Chimera

    The carefully planned attack on Camp Putnam, an ultrahigh security military prison, resulted in the breakout of its six deadly inhabitants. After Captain Jim Chapel lost his left arm in Afghanistan, he was given a desk job overseeing weapon system acquisitions. It was not the best job in the world but given his disability...

  • Book Review: Free-Spirit Shawls

    Book Review: Free-Spirit Shawls

    The real measure of a good knitting pattern book is whether it makes you want to grab a set of needles and start one of the projects immediately and this passes that test with flying colors, especially if you like creating shawls. Beginning with yarn selection the book moves on to a nice general overview of...

  • Book Review: Bait

    Book Review: Bait

    Six strangers awaken to discover they are on a deserted beach instead of their assorted cribs in Miami. As they become acquainted, they realize they have no idea how they ended up on an island and that each is a heroin addict. Left with a couple bare essentials, the group realizes the only way to get more...

  • Book Review: Fiend

    Chase Daniels and his buddy Typewriter John have been living in a drug-induced fog for weeks so it is hardly surprising they might be hallucinating, at least that’s what they tell themselves after a cute little girl tore apart a rottweiler with her bare hands. When that same little girl breaks through a window and then...

  • Book Review: Me on the Floor, Bleeding

    Seventeen-year-old Maja Mueller was hard at work using an electric jigsaw on an art piece in Stockholm’s St. Erik Sixth Form College when she sliced the tip of her thumb off. While screaming in pain on the floor, Maja’s classmate Simon was busily snapping...

  • Book Review: Affliction

    Book Review: Affliction

    A terrible new disease has burst onto the scene and unfortunately, Micah’s estranged father is one of the victims. Apparently there is a new breed of zombie on the rise and Anita Blake must figure out the why’s and how’s while reuniting Micah with his family. Teaming up with Edward and accompanied by a stable of...

  • Monday 29 July 2013

  • Review: AceReader Elite

    Review: AceReader Elite

    I don't know where the idea of reviewing an English software for Speed Reading came from. It might have sound nice to me at the second I saw the program called AceReader Elite. Later I realized the problem that might occur. English isn't my mother tongue, so how I do understand the article I would reading during the software course and also rise my speed while I am reading? I had no idea and completely underestimated how difficult this would be for me. But it was too late to turn my back on it. Now I had to check and use AceReader Elite, and write the review.

  • Wednesday 24 July 2013

  • Book Review: The President's Hat

    Book Review: The Presidents Hat

    Set in France during the 1980’s, Daniel Mercier was just another suit laboring away in an office. His wife and son were out of town for the evening when Daniel made the snap decision to go out to dinner at a lovely little brasserie. Shortly after placing his order, Daniel was astounded when President Francois Mitterrand and company were seated...

  • Book Review: Killer Dads

    Book Review: Killer Dads

    From the first gripping account of an outwardly mild mannered father who calmly slit his five year old stepdaughter’s throat, this compelling book holds your attention like a bear trap as it examines not only the horrible crimes committed by fathers but also the motivations. Papenfuss avoids the pitfalls of sensationalism while using the latest behavioral and criminology research to discover what went so horribly...

  • Book Review: Terminated

    Book Review: Terminated

    Rachel Caine finishes off her Revivalist series with a satisfying bang that sees Bryon Davis’s life unexpectedly transformed once again. As a zombie, Bryon must take regular doses of Returne, a drug produced by Pharmadene that utilizes nanobot technology to reanimate the dead. Going off the drug simply isn’t an option as it results in...

  • Book Review: Invisible Worlds

    Book Review: Invisible Worlds

    Thanks to the capabilities of a scanning electron microscope, the stunning beauty and geography hidden within sands of grain, Velcro, living plant and animal cells, minerals and more are revealed in radiant color. In addition to the miniscule being so artistically brought to life...

  • Book Review: Biting Bad

    Book Review: Biting Bad

    Cadogan House voted to cede from the Greenwich Presidium, the European council that oversees vampire houses and activities but that doesn’t mean their troubles are over. Shortly after a mob firebombed the facility that manufactures the blood substitute used by Chicago’s vampire population, Grey House was attacked by...

  • Book Review: Race Across the Sky

    Book Review: Race Across the Sky

    Ten years ago, Caleb Oberest severed all ties to family, friends and a solid career to join a commune headed by Mack, a runner and author in order to concentrate on training as an ultra marathoner. All the elite runners who live in the modest Colorado cabin must adhere to strict house rules which include eating only twice a day, give their paychecks to Mack and no romantic entanglements between...

  • Book Review: The Beautiful Land

    Book Review: The Beautiful Land

    With no more wild places left to explore, extreme adventurer Tak O’Leary felt there was nothing left to live for. Answering the phone during a suicide attempt changes that perception as Tak undertakes an entirely new set of challenges when he accepts a job with...

  • Monday 15 July 2013

  • Book Review: East of Denver

    Book Review: East of Denver
    After someone killed the alley cat he’d been feeding, Stacey “Shakespeare” Williams hopped into his old car and drove from Denver back to the family farm in Dorsey, CO about two hours east. Intent upon burying his cat in the...

  • Book Review: A 1,000 Mile Great Lakes Walk

    Book Review: A 1,000 Mile Great Lakes Walk
    After completing a 1000-mile hike around Lake Michigan, Niewhenhuis expanded her scope and began planning another 1000 walk, this time covering ground she missed around Lake Michigan and segments of all the Great Lakes including the outlet at...

  • Book Review: The Trojan Colt

    After his success in cracking the case of a missing show dog in Dog in the Manger, private investigator Eli Paxton takes a seemingly straightforward job guarding a valuable racehorse prior to an upcoming auction. With a strong pedigree, the as yet untested colt, Tyrone is expected to bring...

  • Book Review: The Wizard's Mask

    Book Review: The Wizards Mask
    Everything seems to be conspiring against halfling slave Tantaerra Klazra making good her escape in the small town of Halidon. Just when it appears she is doomed to capture or being burned alive, Tantaerra is rescued by a masked man and an enigmatic...

  • Book Review: A Nantucket Experience

    Book Review: A Nantucket Experience
    After twenty years of enjoying the charms of Nantucket Island with family and friends during summer vacations, Dunlap and family relocated to the island permanently. As a new year-rounder, Dunlap began writing about the joys of changing seasons on the small...

  • Wednesday 03 July 2013

  • Book Review: Viral Nation

    Book Review: Viral Nation
    It is a post apocalyptic world devastated by a deadly virus that killed most of the world’s human population. The remaining people within the United States are protected by living within the walls of fifty cities spread out across the country and taking daily doses of...

  • Book Review: The Last Camelia

    Book Review: The Last Camelia
    Young amateur botanist Flora Lewis poses as a nanny working at an English manor when in truth, she is attempting to protect her parents from financial ruin and physical abuse at the hands of an unscrupulous international flower thief. The lost Middlebury Pink camellia is thought to be...

  • Book Review: Cocktails

    Book Review: Cocktails
    If rum and coke or Seven and Seven is your idea of a nice cocktail, perhaps it is time to expand your horizons with some old standbys like a refreshing Mint Julep or the stout Zombie. Of course if exotic is more to your taste you can always try a Cucumber Cocktail or Japanese...

  • Book Review: Kiss of Temptation

    Book Review: Kiss of Temptation
    Viking leader Ivak Sigurdsson thought nothing of bedding every tempting woman who had the misfortune of crossing his path, up to and including the wife of his best friend. After being run through by a pitchfork, Ivak was given the choice between true death or becoming a...

  • Saturday 15 June 2013

  • Rainer on Film – Book Review

    Rainer on Film – Book Review
    Peter Rainer is currently the film critic for the Christian Science Monitor, but he’s seen a lot in his thirty years of criticism.  Hence the subtitle: thirty years of film writing in a turbulent and transformative era. 

  • Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts – Book Review

    Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts – Book Review
    If you say the name Roger Hill to any film student you may get a blank look or confusion with director Walter Hill.  You say the name Orson Welles and you should get more response (one hopes). 

  • Monday 27 May 2013

  • Book Review: Circle of Shadows

    Historical mystery author Robertson has penned a winner with this romp into fictional Germany as anatomist Gabriel Crowther and British Navy captain’s wife Harriet Westerman leave the comforts of their English manors to release a relative from certain...

  • Book Review: A History of Food

    Book Review: A History of Food
    Quirky, entertaining, educational and downright gastronomic good fun; Sitwell has culled through a formidable stack of obscure old manuscripts and newer texts to create a chronological collection of recipes and food lore. This series of mini-essays begins with an ancient Egyptian bread recipe and proceeds through culinary...

  • Book Review: The Week Before the Wedding

    Book Review: The Week Before the Wedding
    It’s a week before the picture perfect wedding at a posh lakeside resort in Valentine, Vermont and Emily McKellips has been hard pressed to get organized in a mere two months. Emily’s fiancé, Dr. Grant Cardin is everything she could want in a husband, he’s a not only a brilliant surgeon but also...

  • Book Review: Dead Man's Deal

    Book Review: Dead Mans Deal
    Gage Powell was a child when he was whisked off to the Ivory Towers to be trained as a warlock only to escape the Towers and attempts to live a quiet life as a tattoo artist in Low Town, a place shared by all manner of supernatural creatures and humans. However, no one truly escapes the Ivory Towers and as Gage struggles to...

  • Book Review: Garfield Cookin' with Cattitude!

    Book Review: Garfield Cookin with Cattitude!
    Gooseberry Patch has combined the lasagna loving characters from Jim Davis’s Garfield cartoon strip with family friendly, easy fixin’ recipes to create an entertaining cookbook. Packed with two hundred thirty tasty recipes collected from around the country...

  • Book Review: Reaper's Legacy

    Book Review: Reapers Legacy
    After the infamous 2017 terrorist attack destroyed London which was then officially dubbed the Toxic City, the government informed the general populace that everyone in the city died during that attack. Instead, there were many survivors isolated within the Toxic City and they began manifesting a broad range of...

  • Book Review: Ice Cream

    Book Review: Ice Cream
    Ice cream is a treat that has been enjoyed for thousands of years and with this collection of recipes at hand, there is certainly no reason to stop now. After providing a brief history of this frozen treat, Maranik goes on to the basics such as...

  • Friday 10 May 2013

  • Book Review: Generation V

    Book Review: Generation V
    A useless degree in film theory has left Fortitude Scott bereft of marketable job skills and while he could easily live in his mother’s mansion, he has chosen to sling coffee in one of the worst coffee houses in Providence. Fort’s life isn’t made any easier by having a complete deadbeat for a roommate or knowing he is destined to...

  • Book Review: The Babylon Rite

    Book Review: The Babylon Rite
    Anthropologist Jessica Silverton’s work researching the ancient blood thirsty Moche has led her throughout Peru and while the artwork she has been examining is gruesome, that is nothing compared to seeing the building her friend was in destroyed by a...

  • Book Review: Travels with Gannon & Wyatt: Botswana

    Book Review: Travels with Gannon & Wyatt: Botswana
    Twins Gannon and Wyatt are excited to join their parents on a trip to the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and thanks to being home schooled, they must keep daily journals as part of their English assignment. Gannon and Wyatt’s different personalities emerge as the brothers recount their adventures with charging rhinos, nine-foot...

  • Book Review: The Sound of One Hand Killing

    Book Review: The Sound of One Hand Killing
    Third of the Barcelona Murder Mystery series, this delightful romp finds twin brothers Borja and Eduard hired to research health clubs for a popular author. Things went hilariously wrong from their first meeting with the author when they discover their office had been...

  • Book Review: A Mystic Garden

    Book Review: A Mystic Garden
    This gentle, sweet collection of muses focuses on the simple pleasures of tending a garden and working the soil throughout the year. Although to outsiders, it appears that gardeners are hard at work making the garden produce what...

  • Book Review: The Outsider Test for Faith

    Book Review: The Outsider Test for Faith
    Faith is the ability to believe in something without any evidence to support that belief and frequently, steadfastly ignore evidence that contradicts belief. But what if you could approach a religious faith as an...

  • Tuesday 30 April 2013

  • Complete Guide to Drawing Animals - Book Review

    Complete Guide to Drawing Animals - Book Review
    If you have room for only book on how to draw animals on your bookshelf - this has to be it.  This is an absolutely stunning, detailed guide ideal for both beginners and experts alike.  There are complex studies of skulls, bodies and musculature showing how they exist and how they should be drawn. 

  • Skylark (The Skylark Trilogy) - Book Review

    Skylark (The Skylark Trilogy) - Book Review
    Lark Ainsley lives in a city which is permanently covered by a dome.  She has never seen the sky, nor has she been outside the wall that protects her city.  Like most children in the city, she has little contact with her family. 

  • The Hermit in the Garden: From Imperial Rome to Ornamental Gnome - Book Review

    The Hermit in the Garden: From Imperial Rome to Ornamental Gnome - Book Review
    Having a hermit living in your grounds was the height of fashion in Georgian England. Follies and hermitages were built to beautify the landscape and of course having a hermit living in one of these buildings was a must. 

  • Bleed Like Me – Book Review

    Trading at the The Journey's Inn has been progressively getting worse.  For landlord x it couldn't be harder.  He is already severely in debt and his wife knows nothing about it. Now the pub group have informed that that he is losing his tenancy and home. 

  • Stranger in the Room: A Novel – Book Review

    Stranger in the Room: A Novel – Book Review
    Keye Street is a private detective in Atlanta.  All she wants is a quiet, relaxing weekend with her boyfriend Lieutenant Aaron Rauser.  Unfortunately a killer has other plans.  Just as everyone is focused on the Fourth of July celebrations, bodies start to appear.

  • Don’t Look Back – Book Review

    Patrick has disappeared but left clues for his sister to find.  She is not happy about the situation. Sinead has been taunted by him all her life and does not want to get involved any further.  But her mother forces her to seek answers and try and find Patrick.  

  • Warpaint – Book Review

    Warpaint – Book Review
    An intriguing story set in World War 2 focusing on the problems of women artists trying to make a living in wartime.  Vivienne works as an artist at Bletchley while Laura, Faith and Cecily have to record wartime life on the home front.

  • Shadow – Book Review

    Shadow – Book Review
    Eric loved reading Superman comics but he never dreamed that one day he would be a hero himself.  Opening a battered red wooden door, he entered another world occupied by magicians, giants and many other unusual peoples.  It is a door which opens only occasionally allowing some aspects of science to enter the world of Levall. 

  • Tuesday's Gone: A Frieda Klein Novel – Book Review

    Tuesdays Gone: A Frieda Klein Novel – Book Review
    A decomposing body is found in the flat of a mentally handicapped woman. She has been caring for it, feeding it and washing it.  Psychotherapist Frieda Klein is called in to try and discover where the woman found the corpse and if it had a name.

  • Nick Cardy: The Artist at War – Book Review

    Nick Cardy: The Artist at War – Book Review
    Nick Cardy spent much of his career as a comic book artist working for DC Comics and Marvel.  What is less well known is his activities during the Second World War when he found himself drafted in the US Army and sent to Europe.

  • The Aylesford Skull (Tale of Langdon St. Ives) – Book Review

    The Aylesford Skull (Tale of Langdon St. Ives) – Book Review
    Set in an alternative Victorian style world, Professor Langdon St Ives is enjoying a quiet break with his family. Then all hell breaks loose.  A steam launch is captured by pirates, and the crew are murdered.  A grave is opened and a skull removed. 

  • BATTLE LINES: YPRES: Nieuwpoort to Ploegsteert – Book Review

    BATTLE LINES: YPRES: Nieuwpoort to Ploegsteert – Book Review
    This is a fascinating guide to one of the most poignant areas of the First World War.  The battles fought around Ypres were among the most bloody killing grounds of the war. 

  • Obsession (Faces of Evil) – Book Review

    Obsession (Faces of Evil) – Book Review
    Jess Harris's career as an FBI agent is under threat.  From being a high flier, she is now in disgrace.  Her mistakes have resulted in a serial killer being let loose.  With a reputation in tatters, she is left with little choice but to return to her hometown - Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Wednesday 24 April 2013

  • Book Review: A Matter of Blood

    Book Review: A Matter of Blood
    Set in London in the not too distant future, the entire police force takes monthly payments from various nefarious sources to augment their ridiculously low paychecks. Detective Inspector Cass Jones is struggling with a doomed marriage, a drug habit and a disturbed serial killer known as the Man of Flies who leaves...

  • Book Review: Fall of Night

    Claire Danvers has finally earned the right to leave Morganville to attend a special studies program under Professor Irene Anderson at MIT. Ordinarily a young woman going off to college isn’t worthy of notice but for the residents of Morganville, it is extraordinary because the community is controlled by...

  • Book Review: The Bull Slayer

    Book Review: The Bull Slayer
    Blatant and systematic corruption at all levels has left the Roman province of Bithynia-Pontus little more then a shell of its former glory. Emperor Trajan has sent Plinius Secundus, better known as Pliny, to be the governor of the troubled province while searching for and dealing with...

  • Book Review: The Irresistable Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe

    Book Review: The Irresistable Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe
    Manhattan lawyer Ellen Branford vowed to fulfill her beloved grandmother’s dying wish of delivering a letter to Chet Cummings which is how she found herself in the tiny community of Beacon, Maine. What was supposed to be a brief, one-day trip quickly turned into...

  • Book Review: Of Shadow Born

    Book Review: Of Shadow Born

    After an unexpected attack killed Vampire Prime David, his bondmate, wife and Queen Miranda was left physically and emotionally wounded. Rescued by Stella Maguire, a young witch who provided the unstable vampire with enough healing to prevent them both from being...

  • Wednesday 10 April 2013

  • Book Review: The Murder of Cleopatra

    Book Review: The Murder of Cleopatra

    Thanks in part to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s starring roles in the movie Cleopatra; nearly everyone thinks they know the story about how the last Egyptian queen committed suicide by the bite of an asp. But what if that story is...

  • Book Review: Angelopolis

    Book Review: Angelopolis

    Angelopolis picks up the storyline ten years after events in Angelology as the children of Man and Angels continue their age-old conflict. Verlaine and Evangeline remain the two main characters as their ongoing stories and mutual attraction continues. Verlaine has joined...

  • Book Review: The Giving Quilt

    Book Review: The Giving Quilt

    It’s the week after Thanksgiving and the Elm Creek Quilters are hosting another Giving Quilt experience, offered free to quilters willing to participate, hone their techniques and donate the resulting quilts to...

  • Monday 01 April 2013

  • Book Review: Traveling the Power Line: From the Mohave Desert to the Bay of Fundy

    Book Review: Traveling the Power Line: From the Mohave Desert to the Bay of Fundy

    Most people rely on electricity for nearly every facet of daily life with little regard for what it took to generate and transport that power. Couch was no exception before she began a cross-country trek to examine the political, environmental and economic impact of...

  • Book Review: Secret Storms

    It was 1963 and at nineteen years old, Julie Mannix, daughter of a well to do Philadelphia family, found herself pregnant by a married man. When she refused to get an abortion, her family committed Julie to a state run mental hospital against her will. Julie remained incarcerated until...

  • Book Review: Pappadaddy's Book for New Fathers

    Book Review: Pappadaddys Book for New Fathers

    With four children ranging in age from five to thirty, Edgerton has plenty of experience being a daddy and at sixty-eight years old, knows a thing or two about being a COD or considerably older dad. Thankfully, Edgerton also has a delightful sense of humor that bursts through with his hilarious takes on...

  • Book Review: Hammett Unwritten

    Book Review: Hammett Unwritten

    Suffering a longstanding case of writer’s block and a tumor that threatens to kill him in about six months, Dashiell Hammett sets out alone with a .38 in his pocket on New Year’s Eve, 1959 to retrieve the legendary Black Falcon. Carrying his unpublished New York Times obit written...

  • Wednesday 06 March 2013

  • Book Review: Frost Burned

    Book Review: Frost Burned

    Now that werewolves have come out of hiding into the public eye and the Gray Lords have removed themselves and all powerful fae from human reach, tensions between vampires and werewolves has escalated. The vampires are divided on whether to...

  • Book Review: Immortal Ever After

    Book Review: Immortal Ever After

    Veterinarian Valerie Moyer just wanted to sharpen her skills by taking some additional courses at the university and instead, found herself captured, drugged and held prisoner in a basement with several other women. Determination not only gained Valerie her escape from the nightmarish conditions but also...

  • Book Review: Between

    As an ER doctor, Vivian Maylor has spent her life believing in the value of hard facts and sound scientific principles yet despite this, she sees things, unexplainable things. Vivian is a Dreamshifter and as a result, is capable of navigating a complex, magical alternative world populated by...

  • Wednesday 27 February 2013

  • Book Review: The Mystery Writers of America Presents: The Mystery Box

    Book Review: The Mystery Writers of America Presents: The Mystery Box

    This delightfully twisted anthology of twenty-one tales edited by Brad Meltzer and presented by the Mystery Writers of American all feature some sort of mystery box. Penned by top writers in the field, this strong collection runs from chilling to funny as illustrated by...

  • Book Review: The Last Grave

    Book Review: The Last Grave

    After Samantha’s mother and fellow coven members nearly killed her in an attempt to raise a demon, the young witch swore off magic. As she grew to adulthood, Samantha became adept at hiding her background and began working for the Boston Police Department. Pressured to use her abilities on a case cost Samantha the trust of...

  • Book Review: Undead and Underwater

    Book Review: Undead and Underwater

    Davidson builds on her popular Undead series with this collection of three new novellas that include Betsy, queen of the dead; the Wyndham werewolves; Fred, a mermaid character with strength and an attitude to match and Hailey Derry, a distracted human resource rep who happens to be a super...

  • Book Review: Twice Tempted

    Book Review: Twice Tempted

    Picking up the story shortly after Once Burned, Leila still hasn’t regained her psychic abilities that were shut down by Vlad’s fire retardant barrier which saved her life. When events didn’t unfold the way she expected at a big vampire dinner reception, Leila decides that if she cannot gain Vlad’s...

  • Thursday 21 February 2013

  • Review: Tom & Jerry 3

    Review: Tom & Jerry 3
    Since I decided to learn Spanish and Dutch a few months ago, I started also reading different print products and online articles in the language I want to learn. This time I had the chance to read Tom & Jerry 3 in Dutch released by Big Balloon Publishers.

  • Sunday 17 February 2013

  • Book Review: Written in Red

    Book Review: Written in Red

    Bishop launches a new series with a fully realized alternative world where humans and paranormal creatures collectively called the Others share an uneasy, often contentious coexistence. From the moment Simon Wolfgard, leader of the Lakeside Courtyard met Meg Corbyn, a human desperate for a job, he knew there was something strange...

  • Book Review: Encounters

    Book Review: Encounters

    The Sheldon Museum of Art houses an impressive photography collection numbering almost twenty-five hundred pieces beginning with the birth of the art form and on to the present day. This collection is arranged by themes including gender issues, tradition, religion, rites of passage and...

  • Book Review: The First Prophet

    Book Review: The First Prophet

    It has been nearly six months since Sarah Gallagher awoke from a coma and realized she possessed psychic abilities that allowed her to see the future. As her powers continue to grow, she is understandably shaken by a vision showing her death. When an arsonist destroys...

  • Book Review: Conflict and Costume

    During World War I, a small group of native people known as the Herero suffered greatly at the hands of the Germans, losing ninety percent of their population. Living in the hot, brutally stark country known as Namibia, the Herero set about rebuilding their cultural heritage by adopting a blend of military and...

  • Book Review: Project: Earrings

    Book Review: Project: Earrings

    While most of these forty-four projects have been previously published, it is a treat to have this collection in one place for easy reference. Primarily oriented toward beginning and intermediate jewelers, the inventive designs encompass the full range of...

  • Book Review: Blood Gospel

    Co-authored by Rollins and Cantrell this exciting if far fetched struggle between good and evil pits a varied range of characters from honorable vampires known as sanguinists to an evil grimwolf, professors to priests. Archaeologist and Professor Erin Granger was working a site in Israel with...

  • Book Review: Standing in Another Man's Grave

    Book Review: Standing in Another Mans Grave

    Detective John Rebus may be retired but that hasn’t kept him from work, only now it is in a civilian capacity working with the Cold Case Unit at his old police force. Shortly after Rebus began working the cases, he was approached by a mother searching for answers regarding her daughter’s disappearance over...

  • Sunday 10 February 2013

  • Dead Scared – Book Review

    When yet another Cambridge undergraduate dramatically attempts to commit suicide; the police start asking questions. After all, the daughter of a senior police officer is attending the same university and there are fears she may be the next victim.

  • Water in Watercolour – Book Review

    Water in Watercolour – Book Review
    Watercolour is a perfect medium for painting water, as it can create some very realistic effects. This is only a small book but it is crammed full of ideas and step by step demonstrations making it an ideal reference book. A variety of techniques are covered including the use of splattering and laying washes.

  • Painting Watercolours Trees the Easy Way – Book Review

    Painting Watercolours Trees the Easy Way – Book Review
    Magnificent objects in their own right; trees help to provide perspective within a landscape. Getting them right can make all the difference to a painting.

  • Just Draw It! – Book Review

    Just Draw It! – Book Review
    Picking up a pencil and drawing can be a daunting prospect for many people. All too often people are told at school that they are useless at art, and feel inadequate when they compare their efforts to those of practicing artists. Yet most people can achieve reasonable success with just a little practice.

  • Perspective – Book Review

    Perspective – Book Review
    This is the perfect introduction to drawing and using perspective. It is a very practical guide, providing help and assistance in mastering the subject. He starts by looking at the basic geometry surrounding buildings and how these can be drawn.

  • Touch & Go – Book Review

    Touch & Go – Book Review
    Definitely one of her best books so far. A wealthy family of three are kidnapped from their exclusive Boston home.

  • The Hunters – Book Review

    The Hunters – Book Review
    An action thriller with a vengeance - it grabs you the moment you start reading the first page and never stops from that point onwards. Something seems to happen on every page.

  • The Landgrabbers – Book Review

    The Landgrabbers – Book Review
    A global landgrab is underway especially within Africa and South East Asia. Large chunks of land are being given into the hands of multi-national and foreign businesses. Indigenous farmers are simply cleared off the land and forced to work for employers rather than on their ancestral farms.

  • Agent 21 - Book Review

    Agent 21 - Book Review
    Another in the Zak Darke series of teenage spy novels. Very much on the lines of Alex Rider style novels, it features a teenage boy who is working for the government and undertaking daring missions.

  • Cinderfellas – Book Review

    Cinderfellas – Book Review
    Set in 1940's Britain; this book follows the fictional adventures of speedway riders keen to achieve fame and fortune on the track. The riders themselves could not be more different as they include an ex-jackaroo from the Australian outback and a woman chasing Glaswegian with a chip on his shoulder.

  • Pandaemonium – Book Review

    Pandaemonium – Book Review
    Desdaemona a major problem - hell is on her heels. Too many people want has her dead. Why are the deadly Twa Corbies chasing her? Who has commissioned them? Soon it becomes clear that the answers lie deep in her hidden past.

  • Tuesday 05 February 2013

  • Book Review: Inside Rehab

    Book Review: Inside Rehab

    With all the pressure for substance abusers to enroll in rehab programs this lucid, eye opening examination of the largely unregulated treatment industry is a definitive “go-to” reference guide. Fletcher goes inside centers around the U.S. to provide an up close look at facilities ranging from those catering to...

  • Book Review: My One Square Inch of Alaska

    Book Review: My One Square Inch of Alaska

    After her mother died of cancer at a Florida clinic seven years ago, young Donna Lane assumed child rearing duties for her four-year-old brother Will while trying to keep house. Donna’s alcoholic and abusive father did little to lighten her burdens and now, at seventeen, she is entertaining dreams of escaping the...

  • Book Review: House Rules

    Book Review: House Rules

    Following the events in Biting Cold, book six of the Chicagoland Vampires series finds the occupants of Cadogan House understandably nervous as they await formal dissolution of bonds with the Greenwich Presidium, the ruling body with control over all the vampire Houses. Those vampires not affiliated with a recognized House are considered Rouges and can be hunted...

  • Book Review: Called to Darkness

    Book Review: Called to Darkness

    After their clan had wiped out all but one member of a frost giant family, Kagur Blacklion’s father and leader of the Blacklion clan adopted the remaining little boy, Eovath. Growing up together, Kagur had always regarded Eovath as a beloved brother, which made his betrayal particularly bitter. Eovath attacked and destroyed...

  • Book Review: Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

    Book Review: Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

    Doctor Who fans will rejoice at Baxter’s take on the Second Doctor that evokes those characters of old, most notably Patrick Troughton, Frazer Heines and Wendy Padbury. The Wheel spinning around a moon of Saturn houses a mining company seeking Bernalium, a material in high demand, so the long string of missing or broken...

  • Book Review: Blood Oranges

    Book Review: Blood Oranges

    Junkie Siobhan Quinn garnered the reputation as a demon killer after the accidental death of a ghoul. While in the throes of a high, a werewolf attacked her but before it could kill her, the creature was killed by something even more dangerous. Quinn awakens suffering severe withdrawal and in the company of a deadly...

  • Wednesday 30 January 2013

  • Book Review: Earth Girl

    Book Review: Earth Girl

    It is 2788 and roughly six hundred years earlier most of humanity portalled off to different worlds in a mass exodus. The only people left behind were those whose immune systems rendered them incapable of leaving Earth. Now Earth is home to what most people refer to as “apes”, that small percentage of unfortunate throwbacks who cannot...

  • Book Review: Dear Mr. Longfellow

    Book Review: Dear Mr. Longfellow

    Known as the Children’s Poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was beloved by people of all ages and while most could recite his popular poem “The Village Blacksmith”, for a long time little was known about his childhood. As his popularity grew, schoolchildren from around the country began...

  • Book Review: The Lost Goddess

    Book Review: The Lost Goddess

    Working on an archeological dig while on sabbatical in France, Julia Kerrigan discovered several Neolithic skulls with drilled holes indicating a form of surgery. Julia’s discovery was quickly followed by the death of both her supervisor and mentor. With little to go on, Julia takes off for Cambodia in an attempt to...

  • Thursday 24 January 2013

  • Review: “Ending Addiction for Good” a step-by-step guide to wellness

    Review: “Ending Addiction for Good” a step-by-step guide to wellness
    Initially I was unsure that the book, “Ending Addiction for Good” could provide the information that the title promised.

  • Monday 21 January 2013

  • Book Review: Mark Hearld's Work Book

    Book Review: Mark Hearlds Work Book

    Simplistic and charming, this collection of over two hundred assorted works of artist Mark Hearld revels in his almost childlike delight in color and the common creatures most people ignore. From pigeons to robins and squirrels to fish, each animal is...

  • Book Review: Dog in the Dark

    Book Review: Dog in the Dark

    Once again, Magiere, Leesil, and the elven dog Chap team up to locate one of the missing orbs, this time the orb of air, before it can come into the possession by an enemy. Fleeing south from the city of Calm Seatt, the trio soon discovers the dreaded Loyalists of Most Aged Father are hot on their heels with personal...

  • Book Review: Grave Sight

    Book Review: Grave Sight

    Readers new to Charlaine Harris’s popular Harper Connelly series as well as those who read the original book will enjoy this graphic novel adaptation. At fifteen years old, Harper was struck by lightening and when she recovered, discovered a unique ability to sense the dead and actually relive...

  • Monday 07 January 2013

  • Book Review: The Whole Story of Climate

    Using the latest research along with geologic and fossil records, Peters presents a compelling, easily understood look at Earth’s ongoing climatic cycles. While human activity is undeniably altering the climate, there is much more at work then increased greenhouse gases...

  • Book Review: The Real Story of Risk

    Book Review: The Real Story of Risk
    Entertaining and logical, this book demonstrates how humans evolved to recognize and deal with immediate threats yet have remained unable to recognize or adequately address the large, very large problems that threaten us all. We live in fear of such improbable risks as shark attacks, snakebites or...

  • Book Review: Petroleum Venus

    Frodor, a reasonably successful young architect signed away his legal rights to Vanya, his now fourteen-year-old son with Down syndrome shortly after the boy was born. Although Vanya spent much of his time with his overly zealous grandmother, it was Frodor who did most of the parenting and he resented...

  • Book Review: The Ghost Pirates and Others

    Eight years of experience aboard merchant sailing vessels during the 1880’s gave Hodgson plenty of first hand knowledge of the seaman’s life which he frequently poured into his fantasy writings. Indeed, it could be argued that Hodgson was one of the founders of...

  • Book Review: Gilded

    Book Review: Gilded
    Cherry St. Croix barely survived her crazed father’s plan to resurrect his deceased wife in Tarnished, the first book of the St. Croix Chronicles series. Now Cherry finds herself indebted to Hawke, the shadowy figure who saved her life, attempting to maintain the appearance of a proper...

  • Sunday 30 December 2012

  • Book Review: Tears in the Rain

    Book Review: Tears in the Rain
    How would knowing the exact length of your life, knowing you were created in a lab to perform those tasks too dangerous or boring for a human to do, bearing the brunt of replicant prejudice effect your day-to-day behavior? This is the premise of Montero’s expansion of the theme first presented in...

  • Book Review: Wild About You

    Book Review: Wild About You
    After playing supporting roles in the previous twelve books of the Love at Stake series, Howard Barr the big burly, bear-paw donut loving shapeshifter becomes one of the primary characters along side television show host Elsa Bjornberg. Standing over six feet tall, Elsa has developed a tough...

  • Friday 14 December 2012

  • Book Review: Sinatra and Me

    Book Review: Sinatra and Me

    Tony Consignlio, nicknamed “The Clam” because he kept mum about all that he saw, recounts the many years he spent traveling in Sinatra’s shadow starting from when they cut high school to hang out in the Paramount Theater. The recollections do not run chronologically but flow in a...

  • Thursday 13 December 2012

  • Reel Terror – Book Review

    Reel Terror – Book Review
    Horror movies don’t get much respect. They’re seen as the bastard stepchildren of cinema, bound, chained, and consigned to the basement, but oh how thrilling when they break out of their prison on the dark and stormy night.

  • Tuesday 11 December 2012

  • Book Review: The Lost Carving

    Book Review: The Lost Carving

    After seeing the fabulous artwork of seventeenth century master wood carver Grinling Gibbons, David Esterly made the fateful decision to quit his profession and take up carving. Years of work gained Esterly a degree of mastery yet he frequently felt as though he was simply emulating...

  • Saturday 08 December 2012

  • Book Review: The Rime of the Modern Mariner

    Book Review: The Rime of the Modern Mariner
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s cautionary classic eco-apocalyptic poem penned in 1797 receives a smooth, haunting updating in Hayes’s capable hands. Using the format of a graphic novel, the story opens with a newly divorced harried executive on his lunch break, Blackberry in hand, barely listening as...

  • Book Review: Skulduggery

    Book Review: Skulduggery

    Anthropologist Ellen Christie, known throughout San Francisco as “the bone lady” thanks to a brief newspaper article was intrigued when Jimmy, a young Chinese man urged her to come look at a skull that came into his possession. Even knowing it was a bad idea to go off with a complete stranger at night to...

  • Book Review: Mannheim Rex

    Book Review: Mannheim Rex

    Famous horror author Gavin Corlie was hopelessly floundering into alcoholism after the terrible auto accident that crushed and killed his beloved wife and soul mate. After a fit of anguish, Gavin realizes it is time for a change and moves from the bustle of New York City for the quiet of New Mannheim. Setting about restoring an old...

  • Book Review: Cold Days

    Book Review: Cold Days

    After Ghost Story, Butcher’s previous lack luster installment to the Dresden Files, fans could be excused for thinking the long running series was on a downward spiral and thankfully, they would be WRONG! In Cold Days, the wizard Harry is back with his signature humor, quick thinking and...

  • Monday 03 December 2012

  • The Hunters – Book Review

    Kuzneski has made his name with stories relating to the finding of long lost treasures. This book is no exception. A team of renegades including a thief, historian and ex-military leader has been created by a billionaire philanthropist to find legendary treasures.

  • Fatal Frost – Book Review

    Fatal Frost – Book Review
    Detective Jack Frost has gained a considerable following in both literature and on TV. The grumpy detective takes his own path, irrespective of superiors and just gets on with the job. This particular story is set in May 1982 at a time when the Falklands war is at its height.

  • Pastel Painting – Book Review

    Pastel Painting – Book Review
    If you want a book to help you develop your technique when painting with pastels, this is definitely the book to choose. A step by step guide, it is extremely comprehensive covering a wide range of styles and techniques.

  • Bilbo’s Last Song – Book Review

    Bilbo’s Last Song – Book Review
    This has to be one of the most charming books associated with The Hobbit to reappear this year. Bilbo is embarking on his last journey into the West, and while doing so he casts him mind back to across his adventures with the dwarves and Smaug in a lovely, lyrical poem.

  • Terry’s Greatest Tips for Acrylic and Watercolour Artists – Book Review

    Terry’s Greatest Tips for Acrylic and Watercolour Artists – Book Review
    Terry Harrison is a long established artist and teacher who has published many books about creating paintings in acrylics and watercolors. This is a very useful little book, ideal for giving as a present to any artist.

  • The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper – Book Review

    The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper – Book Review
    The story of Jack the Ripper has become one of the most well documented and most discussed real crime stories in history. By comparison with some modern serial killers, his list of victims was quite small.

  • Churchhill & Seapower – Book Review

    Churchhill & Seapower – Book Review
    Did Churchill really understand sea power? Was he a good naval strategist? Controversy has reigned ever since the ill-fated Dardenelles campaign in 1915.

  • Pirate Killers: The Royal Navy and the African Pirates – Book Review

    Pirate Killers: The Royal Navy and the African Pirates – Book Review
    Nothing is new in history so they say and certainly this true in terms of piracy. One hundred and fifty years ago, the Royal Navy were busy fighting off the depredations of pirates raiding ships off the African coast.

  • War Memorial: The Story of One Village's Sacrifice from 1914 to 2003 – Book Review

    Each year, poppies are laid on war memorials throughout the UK. People pass them every day, but few now spare more than a glance for the long list of names inscribed on them.

  • Maori Designs – Book Review

    Maori Designs – Book Review
    With tales of the Hobbit and its NZ setting ringing in our ears, it is not surprising that attention is being focused on native NZ art. The swirling patterns and intricate designs have a definite ethereal, other worldly feel.

  • A Lesson in Secrets – Book Review

    A Lesson in Secrets – Book Review
    Another in the Maisie Dobbs series of detective stories set in the 1930's. This time she is working on an undercover assignment along with Special Branch and the Secret Service.

  • Avenger of Rome – Book Review

    Avenger of Rome – Book Review
    Gaius Valerius Verrens is brought out of retirement and sent off to Antioch on the orders of the increasingly mad Emperor Nero. The Emperor fears that his rule may be threatened by General Gnaeus Domitus Corbulo, leader of the Imperial armies in the Eastern Meditteranean.

  • Wolfsprings Chronicles: Hot Blooded – Book Review

    The second in the Wolfsprings Chronicles, following on from the story begun in Unleashed. Katelyn is trying to come to terms with being a werewolf, and adapting to the demands of the pack.

  • Vietnam at War – Book Review

    Vietnam at War – Book Review
    For most countries outside the US, the Vietnam War was little known beyond what was seen on TV. It was not a well-known war. For the people of Vietnam it was disastrous, creating a hell on earth for many years.

  • Friday 30 November 2012

  • Book Review: Sacre Bleu

    Moore brings the Impressionist art period to life with his signature blend of humor and romantic interest liberally seasoned with just the right amount of ribald wit. The tale begins when Vincent Van Gogh was shot by a mystery man who demanded a painting. While the art community is rocked by the news of his death, it is Lucien Lessard, a browbeaten baker with dreams of...

  • Book Review: The Neighbors

    Book Review: The Neighbors
    After his dad took off leaving young Andrew Morrison in the dubious care of his agoraphobic alcoholic mother, he had to fend for both her and himself. At twenty-three, Andrew was fed up, quit his dead end job, left home and moved in with childhood friend Mickey who he hasn’t seen for...

  • Book Review: That's Not What They Meant!

    Book Review: Thats Not What They Meant!
    Remarkably free of the typical media bias, this intelligent book presents the case that our so-called Founding Fathers were not the figures bombastic politicians or newsreaders like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck would have us believe. Indeed, the very term founding fathers did not become...

  • Book Review: The Underside of Joy

    Book Review: The Underside of Joy
    After going through a messy divorce due to infertility issues, Ella Beene was enchanted by Joe and his two young children. Claiming she wasn’t cut out for motherhood, Joe’s first wife Paige walked out on him, three year old Annie and infant son Zach without a backward glance. Three years of happy marriage came to an abrupt end early one...

  • Book Review: Supervolcano: All Fall Down

    Book Review: Supervolcano: All Fall Down
    Continuing the “what if” scenario begun with Supervolcano: Eruption, this story crosses the United States as it follows the story of L.A. police lieutenant Colin Ferguson and his far flung family during the aftermath of a massive volcanic explosion in the Yellowstone basin. The supervolcano has devastated major portions of...

  • Tuesday 20 November 2012

  • Book Review: Gothic: Visual Art of the Middle Ages 1150-1500

    Book Review: Gothic: Visual Art of the Middle Ages 1150-1500

    This stunning volume is every bit as opulent as the Gothic period artwork it depicts and the perfect companion to the equally magnificent Baroque. Both hand bound books weigh in at over sixteen pounds and feature the jaw-droppingly beautiful photography of Achim Bednorz and the concise, knowledgeable text of...

  • Book Review: Baroque: Theatrum Mundi. The World as a Work of Art

    Book Review: Baroque: Theatrum Mundi. The World as a Work of Art
    This magnificent companion volume to Gothic exhibits the same precise, lovingly reproduced photography of Achim Bednorz along with the knowledgeable text by art historian Barbara Borngasser. Long discounted, the Baroque period extended over...

  • Book Review: Dog in the Manger

    Book Review: Dog in the Manger

    Baroness, the Weimaraner that took Best in Show at Westminster is missing and honest but down on his luck ex-cop Eli Paxton is hired by the dog’s handler to find out what happened to her. What should have been a simple lost and found case rapidly accelerates into...

  • Book Review: The Shattered Dark

    Book Review: The Shattered Dark

    McKenzie Lewis’s rare and highly sought gift to track the fae puts her squarely in the middle of a fae civil war between the former King’s loyal subjects and the Rebels who brought him down. After events in The Shadow Reader, Lewis thought the affairs of the troubled Realm were behind her but as the loyal fae grow stronger...

  • Tuesday 06 November 2012

  • Book Review: Angel's Ink

    Book Review: Angels Ink
    Drake begins a clever new series with the introduction of Gage, owner of The Asylum Tattoo Parlor who, while a talented artist is actually a warlock who has forsaken the ivory towers. Wizards and warlocks live in their ivory towers separate from...

  • Book Review: Collison Course

    Book Review: Collison Course
    Crawford, author of Lights Out has presented another fast-paced post apocalyptic tale set in the near future. The United States has fallen victim to a total economic collapse known as the "Smash". It was likely brought about by a perfect storm of too much debt, exorbitant fuel prices...

  • Book Review: Modern Living Accessories

    Book Review: Modern Living Accessories
    From the ultra trendy to the absurd and everything in between, at five hundred eleven pages, this impressive volume serves up an encompassing look at household accessories over the past hundred years. There is an absolutely stunning...

  • Book Review: Out of Oz

    Book Review: Out of Oz
    In an effort to shake sixteen-year-old Dorothy Gale’s continued assertions that Oz and the Emerald City are real, her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry take her on a trip to San Francisco. Dorothy’s well meaning relatives are concerned because her unshakable belief in...

  • Book Review: London Eye

    Following a helicopter crash in the heart of London that released an engineered virus known as Evolve, the government began a massive cover-up and misinformation campaign. As a result, the world believes everyone in London was killed in a terrorist attack on...

  • Monday 29 October 2012

  • The Girl You Left Behind – Book Review

    The Girl You Left Behind – Book Review
    This is definitely one of the must read books to appear this year. Books set in wartime all too frequently ignore what happens to those left behind when menfolk go off to fight.

  • Blood of the Zombies – Book Review

    Blood of the Zombies – Book Review
    Any boy fascinated by zombies will enjoy this book - as long as they survive to the end! Insane megalomaniac Gingrich Yurr is preparing to unleash an army of monstrous zombies upon the world.

  • Offa and the Mercian Wars – Book Review

    Offa and the Mercian Wars – Book Review
    A very readable book which brings this forgotten world to life. Even today, it is possible to walk the length of Offa's Dyke between England and Wales but few people know of the king who created it.

  • Osama – Book Review

    Osama – Book Review
    A fantasy book with a difference. Forget concerns about global terrorism and try to imagine a world in which a private detective has the task of locating author of a fictional vigilante known as Osama Bin Laden. Just who is he? Where does he live? Why does he want to remain anonymous?

  • The Mummy’s Curse – Book Review

    The Mummy’s Curse – Book Review
    From films to novels, the idea of a long dead Pharoh's tomb complete with a curse bearing mummy has grabbed everyone's attention. But do such curses really exist? Or they just figments of the imagination?

  • The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids – Book Review

    The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids – Book Review
    Usually I wince when I see yet another book offering gardening projects for kids but this time I was pleasantly surprised. The authors have come up with some unusual and different projects, rather than just the usual painting a flowerpot and how to plant some seeds.

  • Ninja – Book Review

    Ninja – Book Review
    Everyone has their own image of a Ninja. Electronic games, films and TV have created a vast range of Ninja style characters. But who were the Ninjas? Intrigued, John Man set out to investigate and found they were the medieval equivalent of the SAS - spies, saboteurs, assassins as well as being supreme soldiers.

  • The House of Velvet and Glass – Book Review

    The House of Velvet and Glass – Book Review
    Set in Boston, US during the aftermath of the Titanic disaster, this novel looks at the impact it had on the lives of those who lost family members. Sibyl Allston lost her mother and sister in the disaster.

  • Sebastian Darke: Prince of Spies, the Final Adventure – Book Review

    Sebastian Darke: Prince of Spies, the Final Adventure – Book Review
    Sebastian Darke together with Max, his talking Buffalope, is on his way to Golmira. Their friend Cornelius has received a strange message from his father. After a long journey across vast ice fields, they find that Golmira has been invaded by the vicious Tannisians.

  • Irenicon – Book Review

    Irenicon – Book Review
    This is definitely one of the more innovative fantasy novels that have come out this year. After all - it is not often that a river capable of thinking consciously, complete with lethal water spirits plays a central part in a story.

  • The Anglo Saxons at War 800-1066 – Book Review

    The Anglo Saxons at War 800-1066 – Book Review
    For many years, the Anglo-Saxon period was regarded as a Dark Age falling between the glories of the Romans and the medieval period. Modern historical study is slowly changing that impression.

  • I Am Grimalkin – Book Review

    I Am Grimalkin – Book Review
    Another installment in the Wardstone chronicles - which is definitely not suitable for reading after dark! Grimalkin has one aim in life - to destroy the Fiend. She has joined forces with the Spook and his apprentice in a bid to deal with the fiend. Having cut off his head, she is now carrying it in a bag with her.

  • By Midnight – Book Review

    By Midnight – Book Review
    April Dunne is not happy. She has been forced to move from Edinburgh to Highgate, London just because her father has taken a new job on the Highgate Express. Her mother is unhappy because it lacks status, compared to her position back in Scotland.

  • The Bumper Book for the Loo – Book Review

    The Bumper Book for the Loo – Book Review
    Weird but true stories, inexplicable facts and figures, plus hilarious April Fools Day jokes which successfully fooled large numbers of people are just a few of the things in this collection of miscellaneous trivia.

  • Discord the Story of Noise – Book Review

    Discord the Story of Noise – Book Review
    Noise is all around us - but is it getting worse? Certainly complaints about noise nothing new - people have been complaining about noise for centuries.

  • A-Z of Botanical Flowers in Watercolour – Book Review

    A-Z of Botanical Flowers in Watercolour – Book Review
    A fantastic book. Michael Lakin is both a keen gardener and a skilled botanical artist. In this book he shares some of the secrets which have made his work much sought after. He shows how to paint twenty six botanically accurate flowers including Aquilegia, Rudbeckia, Pelargonium and Orchid.

  • Drawing and Painting Wild Animals – Book Review

    Drawing and Painting Wild Animals – Book Review
    Capturing the personality and movement of wild animals is hard. It needs a lot of practice and help to become really effective at this. Even trying to decide where to start can be difficult.

  • Fire City - Book Review

    Fire City - Book Review
    The world has been overtaken by demons. Only healthy humans who can work are allowed to survive. The remainder are sent out into reserves as playthings for the demons to hunt.

  • The Paladin Prophecy – Book Review

    The Paladin Prophecy – Book Review
    A hefty read covering some 600 odd pages - but it is well worth the effort. As befits a book by the co-creator of Twin Peaks; it is mysterious and other worldly - yet very much set in our world. Will has been taught all his life never to step out of line, never to attract attention to himself.

  • Cats & Kittens in Acrylics (Ready to Paint) – Book Review

    Cats & Kittens in Acrylics (Ready to Paint) – Book Review
    Would you love to be able to paint cats and kittens but find it hard to get their shapes and expressions right? Then this book is the perfect answer. Reuseable tracings are provided to help novice artists.

  • Can We Have Our Balls Back Please? – Book Review

    Can We Have Our Balls Back Please? – Book Review
    Most sport books published this year around the Olympic theme are already being forgotten. This book is set to become a classic, perfect for sports fans, historians and anyone who enjoys reading something just that bit different. Norridge sets out to show just how the British invented sport - and then almost forgot to play it!

  • Secret Amsterdam – Book Review

    Secret Amsterdam – Book Review
    Fascinating - this is the Amsterdam familiar to local people rather than tourists. Forget all the usual tourist haunts. This book highlights the unusual, the places that are easily overlooked.

  • Playground – Book Review

    Playground – Book Review
    Bullying is a problem in virtually every school and for those bullied it can be a nightmare. This story is written from the point of view of someone who snapped and suddenly became a bully.

  • Slither’s Tale – Book Review

    Slither’s Tale – Book Review
    This has to be one of the goriest and scariest books to date in the Spooks series. Nessa and her sisters live in a remote land, far from the County protected by the Spook. Nearby lives Slither - a strange creature who preys upon humans gorging on their blood, turning humans into slaves and eating them.

  • Unleashed (Wolf Spring Chronicles) – Book Review

    Unleashed (Wolf Spring Chronicles) – Book Review
    When Katelyn is suddenly orphaned, she finds herself uprooted from her comfortable life in Los Angeles to the remote town of Wolf Springs. Her whole life has changed. Now she lives with her grandfather and has to attend the local school. Her plans to train as a trapeze circus artist are now on hold - such facilities are no longer available.

  • Thursday 25 October 2012

  • Book Review: The Bookseller

    Book Review: The Bookseller
    Hugo Marston, head of security at the American Embassy in Paris, was chaffing at the mandatory vacation he had been forced to take when he witnessed the abduction at gunpoint of Max Koche, a book vendor. Max was a grumpily companionable elderly...

  • Book Review: The Accomplice

    Book Review: The Accomplice
    Had enough of the current political posturing? Then grab a copy of this intelligent debut novel by a former journalist familiar with the sordid Washington underbelly. After pulling a punch that likely cost his candidate an election win, Henry Hatten was between jobs and shaken...

  • Book Review: Say You're Sorry

    Book Review: Say Youre Sorry
    When Augie Shaw called police to report the murder of Patricia and William Heyman in their isolated country home during one of the worst blizzards in recent memory, suspicion immediately fell on him as he would give no excuse for entering the couple's residence. Clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin was called in to assist in...

  • Book Review: Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm

    Whether you think you know the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm or are looking to introduce them to a child, this updated version is definitely worth adding to your library. Pullman's retelling of fifty of the all time best-loved stories not only includes "classics"ť like Cinderella but also some...

  • Book Review: Forgotten

    Book Review: Forgotten
    Lawyer Emma Tupper has her life firmly on track; she's in line to become the next partner of the law firm where she works along with a decent if undemanding personal life. That carefully constructed life quickly falls apart after her mother succumbs to a long illness and leaves Emma an open-ended ticket to...

  • Book Review: Bitter Blood

    Book Review: Bitter Blood
    If the humans who assisted the Morganville vampires in winning their battle against the draugs expected their situation to improve, they’d be dead wrong. The draugs were nightmarish parasitic creatures that preyed on vampires and kept them under some degree of control. With the draugs eradicated, the vampires were free to...

  • Monday 15 October 2012

  • Book Review: The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas

    Book Review: The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas
    After an ill-advised affair as a young woman, Julia Romp became pregnant with son George. Julia knew being a single mother would be difficult but from the day of his birth, George was challenging. No matter how often she took him to doctors, the results were always the same, George would eventually grow out of his issues of...

  • Book Review: Reaper

    This exciting sequel to Lightbringer furthers the story of Wendy, a powerful Reaper known as a Lightbringer who was nearly killed by her insane mother, known in the Next as The White Lady. Even with her soul in tatters and mad as a hatter, The White Lady was a powerful force to be reckoned with, especially as she was able to organize the...

  • Book Review: A Giant Pencil

    Book Review: A Giant Pencil
    Billy, the grumpy lead character is part of a large family and feels like everyone including the neighbor's dog is picking on him. It's just no fun being a kid and having everyone point out your faults and weaknesses, too bad he can't just make stern teachers, parents and the bigger kids on the playground disappear...

  • Book Review: Phoebe and the Ghost of Chagall

    Book Review: Phoebe and the Ghost of Chagall
    Sonoma, California artist Phoebe loves her little house and studio but painting wine bottle labels is not bringing in enough income to escape foreclosure. At the surprise birthday party celebrating Phoebe’s fortieth, the ghost of artist Marc Chagall who died twenty-five years ago first appeared to her. Chagall is determined to assist Phoebe in...

  • Book Review: Dark Storm

    Book Review: Dark Storm
    Feehan has turned out a sweeter paranormal romance then what fans have seen in the previous three titles without losing any of the sexual heat. For centuries, Danutdaxton a Carpathian warrior better known as Dax, has been locked within the confines of an active Andes volcano with the dangerous and powerful...

  • Book Review: Alchemystic

    Book Review: Alchemystic
    Strout begins a new urban fantasy series with an imaginative if clumsily written tale about an imprisoned guardian spirit and Alexandra Belarus, an artist like her great-great grandfather who designed much of the early New York skyline. While Lexi’s older brother Devon is a royal pain, he enjoys...

  • Tuesday 09 October 2012

  • Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard - Book Review

    Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard - Book Review
    Steve Spielberg’s classic 1975 Jaws, earned him status as an important filmmaker, raised the standard for commercial filmmaking and inspired the term “blockbuster”, and it’s enjoying a renaissance nearly two generations later.

  • Tuesday 18 September 2012

  • Book Review: A Thrilling Narrative of Indian Captivity

     Book Review: A Thrilling Narrative of Indian Captivity
    With Minnesota commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Dakota War, the release of this important new title is particularly timely. For those who don’t know, the Dakota War of 1862 was the largest Indian War waged in the west and for years...

  • Book Review: The Dirty Streets of Heaven

    Book Review: The Dirty Streets of Heaven
    Williams sets the hook and reels readers in with his inventive first installment of the Bobby Dollar urban fantasy/noir. Bobby Dollar, known among the heavenly crowd as Doloriel, is a low-level angelic advocate arguing on the of behalf souls of...

  • Monday 17 September 2012

  • Skies, Light and Atmosphere in Watercolour – Book Review

    Skies, Light and Atmosphere in Watercolour – Book Review
    Watercolour is the perfect medium for capturing the changing moods of skies. David Bellamy is an expert in this type of art and in this book, sets out to share some of the skills he has acquired over the years.

  • Light Dragons – Book Review

    Light Dragons – Book Review
    Military historians will welcome this updated version of Allan Mallison's classic work tracing the history of a British army regiment. Formed in December 1992, the history of the Light Dragoons goes back much further to the days of the Jacobite rebellion in the eighteenth century.

  • The City’s Son – Book Review

    The City’s Son – Book Review
    Beth Bradley is in trouble. She has been expelled from school. Her father ignores her, lost in memories of her dead mother. Her best friend has betrayed her. There is no one to whom she can turn.

  • Lethal – Book Review

    Lethal – Book Review
    Honor Gillette rushes out to help a sick man who appears at her isolated home. Unfortunately, Lee Coburn has been accused of murdering seven people. Dangerous, desperate and armed; Coburn promises Honor that she and her young daughter will not be hurt as long as she does all that he asks.

  • Great Shadow – Book Review

    Great Shadow – Book Review
    Infidel is a mercenary, renowned for her great strength and feats of valor - as well as defenestrating her opponents. Following the death of her closest companion, Infidel decides to acquire one last prize -the treasure trove of Great Shadow.

  • Sammy Ferral’s Diaries of Weird – Book Review

    Sammy Ferral’s Diaries of Weird – Book Review
    Sammy Feral's family own a zoo. He spends his spare time involved with snakes, crocodiles and orangutans. His friends envy him. Then one day, it all changes. His father acquires a large puppy called Caliban.

  • The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes – Book Review

    The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes – Book Review
    Irresistible reading for anyone who enjoys history mysteries. Dr. Watson is again chronicling the cases of Sherlock Holmes. The stories are a good attempt at recapturing the style and world which Conan Doyle created. Certainly the stories are entertaining, and convincing.

  • The Isis Covenant – Book Review

    The Isis Covenant – Book Review
    Hints that a long hidden treasure has appeared lead quickly to murder. Two families are killed, one in England and one in America. The only link between them is a German art thief who disappeared at the end of the Second World War.

  • Secrets, Lies and Locker 62 – Book Review

    Secrets, Lies and Locker 62 – Book Review
    Locker 62 has been out of use for a long time. It has become a habit for kids to push notes about their deepest fears and desires into the locker. Maya, a new girl, has been given the key. Opening the locker, she finds a mass of paper. Once she realizes what it is, she has a decision to make.

  • Panzer Warfare on the Eastern Front – Book Review

    Panzer Warfare on the Eastern Front – Book Review
    Hans Schaufler writes from experience - he was a tank veteran. He has compiled this book from his own memories and that of others participating in that attempt to defeat the Soviet Union between June1941 and May 1945.It provides a first-hand account of armored combat from the viewpoint of soldiers in the Panzer divisions.

  • The Waterloo Archive Volume IV: British Sources – Book Review

    The Waterloo Archive Volume IV: British Sources – Book Review
    Studies of military strategy relating to major battles often ignore the human element, the way in which individual soldiers can change affairs - or even what it means to them.

  • Techniques of Traditional Icon Painting – Book Review

    Techniques of Traditional Icon Painting – Book Review
    Anyone who has been in an Eastern Orthodox church, or seen Byzantine icons in museums and art galleries cannot fail to be amazed by the sheer color, exuberance and brilliance of the icons.

  • Trace and Paint Flowers – Book Review

    Trace and Paint Flowers – Book Review
    If you have always wanted to paint flowers, but have been daunted by how complex they seem - then this is the book for you. It contains several different types of flower painting – delicate watercolors, free style, botanical style and acrylics with a combination of both oil and watercolor styles.

  • Besieged – Book Review

    Besieged – Book Review
    King Charold is going steadily mad and everyone is treading carefully around him. His much desired new born son has characteristics of the T'En race rather than the True Men. Death is proclaimed, until high priest Oskane saves his life and goes off to a remote location to raise the unwanted child.

  • New Mexico Art Through Time Pre-History to the Present – Book Review

    New Mexico Art Through Time Pre-History to the Present – Book Review
    Outside Mexico, not many people know much about Mexican art. Yetas this book shows, it has much to offer. The book spans a period of 14,000 years and profiles around 250 works of art.

  • Defender of Rome – Book Review

    Defender of Rome – Book Review
    Another installment in the story of Gaius Valerius Verrens. Having become a hero of Rome, Verrens is struggling to cope with life in the capital. Despite trying to keep his distance from the mad emperor Nero; he finds it impossible to avoid Nero's command to become a Defender of Rome.

  • Sniper on the Eastern Front – Book Review

    Sniper on the Eastern Front – Book Review
    Accounts of wartime activities by the victors are all common – but accounts of a German wartime sniper are quite rare. This is the story of Josef 'Sepp' Allerberger. A conscript, he was initially sent as a machine gunner on the Eastern front.

  • I Hunt Killers – Book Review

    I Hunt Killers – Book Review
    What happens to the families left behind when a killer is caught? Jazz Dent is just seventeen years old and his father is a notorious serial killer who is now in prison. When more killings start, Jazz is immediately questioned. After all, his father had taught him all about bodies when he was just 9 years old.

  • Ghost Milk – Book Review

    Ghost Milk – Book Review
    A reflective and somewhat uneasy read looking at the sociological implications of the Olympics from the viewpoint of a Londoner. At times there is even black comedy present. He talks of his background in East London and his involvement in dockyard scams, pilfering and destroying goods.

  • Hanging Hill – Book Review

    Hanging Hill – Book Review
    When a teenage girl is murdered on her way home from school, it opens up a can of worms for many people. What is meant by the cryptic message written on the dead girl's body 'All like her'.

  • Flying Blind – Book Review

    Flying Blind – Book Review
    Zoe Sorensson is a normal teenage girl - and therein lies the problem. She has always been told that she has an important destiny as the only female dragon shape shifter. The only problem is that she cannot access those powers. Sent to a camp to try and encourage the emergence of her powers, Zoe quickly finds herself in danger.

  • Redemption in Indigo – Book Review

    Redemption in Indigo – Book Review
    Paama has returned to her family after 10 years of marriage to the gluttonous Ansige. Paama is a master cook who is now tired of her marriage. Ansige hires a tracker to find her.

  • How to Draw Tattoo Style – Book Review

    How to Draw Tattoo Style – Book Review
    Decorating one's body with tattoos has been practiced for centuries, particularly in the Far East. Tattoos have been used to create messages about a person and their status - often creating a frightening image. While many people may consider or possess a small tattoo, very few go the whole way and have full body designs.

  • Battleground Prussia: The Assault on Germany's Eastern Front 1944-45 – Book Review

    Battleground Prussia: The Assault on Germanys Eastern Front 1944-45 – Book Review
    In September 1944, the Soviet Army finally entered German territory, flooding into its martial heartland of Prussia. It was a fight to the death. The Wehrmacht was determined to fight for their country and reluctant to surrender.

  • Creative Illustration – Book Review

    Creative Illustration – Book Review
    Creating an illustration which will grab attention and sum up a story is never easy. Andrew Loomis set out to help with this fantastic book showing how to use tone, line and color to develop good pictures which can be used in many ways.

  • The Chaperone – Book Review

    The Chaperone – Book Review
    Cora Carlisle seems to have a perfect life - a happy marriage, children and a good background. Her neighbors regard her as being the ideal chaperone for their pretty daughter who is about to attend a short dancing course in New York.

  • Drawing Masterclass – Book Review

    Drawing Masterclass – Book Review
    You do not have to be a botanical artist to draw flowers.

  • The Great War Explained – Book Review

    The Great War Explained – Book Review
    A fantastic introduction to the First World War explaining clearly and concisely the causes, military strategy and what happened throughout the war. It is quite surprising how unprepared, and poorly trained, most of the units going to fight in the first year or so.

  • Day of the Rangers: Somalia 1993 (Force on Force) – Book Review

    Day of the Rangers: Somalia 1993 (Force on Force) – Book Review
    Perfect for war gamers looking for something just that bit different. As with all Force on Force studies, this is focuses on the use of scenarios rather than straightforward battles. Find out about the actual war in Somalia, and how the Rangers came to be involved in their mission against the Somali warlords.

  • Russian Elegance – Book Review

    Russian Elegance – Book Review
    Absolutely stunning and unusual. This is a real treasure of a book. Based on costume collections in the State History Museum Russia, it shows how clothes have reflected lifestyles and traditions across the centuries.


    A fascinating look into the world of Toulouse-Lautrec. An aristocrat who took up art at the end of the nineteenth century, he specialized in drawing and painting the people of the demi-mon deliving around Montmartre in Paris.

  • Tuesday 11 September 2012

  • Book Review: Blood Forever

    Book Review: Blood Forever
    Sunny and Rayne McDonald were perfectly average teenagers until a year ago when they discovered vampires are real and not only that, the twins are honest to god fairy princesses. During the past year events spiraled out of control, resulting in Sunny’s death at the hands of a slayer, her vampire lover and Blood Coven leader Magnus was labeled a traitor and Pyrus, a powerful vampire leader is poised to begin...

  • Book Review: Thirteen

    Book Review: Thirteen
    Armstrong does a nice job of wrapping up the Otherworld series while concluding Savannah’s trilogy that started with Waking the Witch in this full tilt, nonstop, action packed tale that reunites all the characters introduced throughout the previous series titles. With the appearance of assorted supernatural creatures from other realities and...

  • Book Review: The Farm

    Book Review: The Farm
    After a genetic engineering “accident” resulted in a percentage of the human population turning into Ticks, insatiable creatures with a taste for flesh, teenagers across America were rounded up and placed on Farms until they turned eighteen. Lily and her autistic twin sister Mel were being held in one such concentration camp housed on...

  • Book Review: Chosen

    Book Review: Chosen

    Grace concludes the Dark Breed series with Kyana, once a hated half Vampyre, half Lychen fully embracing her role as Olympus’s new Goddess of the Hunt due largely to her fiercely protective nature and unbreakable fighting spirit. Ryker, the new Zeus stands firmly by Kyana’s side as together they face Cronos, a vengeful...

  • Book Review: The Art of Forgetting

    Book Review: The Art of Forgetting
    Although their personalities are quite different, Marissa Rogers and Julia Ferrar have been friends since they were fourteen years old. The vivacious Julia has always taken charge with Marissa simply following along with whatever her friend wanted to do, a relationship that suddenly changes with a...

  • Book Review: Haven

    Book Review: Haven

    Up until a horseback riding accident, Emma Rayburn led a perfectly normal life in the quiet North Carolina town of Baron Hollow, now she is plagued by horrific nightmares of young women being murdered. The dreams are so vivid Emma is having difficulty separating them from reality even though she can find no...

  • Monday 03 September 2012

  • Book Review: Island of Bones

    Book Review: Island of Bones
    Castro’s collection of twenty touching personal essays explores her experiences growing up in a strict Jehovah’s Witness household where her stepfather’s physical, sexual and mental abuse was tolerated by the Elders and her mother. Adopted as a baby into a...

  • Book Review: Battlefields of Honor

    Taking place some one hundred fifty years ago, America’s Civil War continues to fascinate not only Americans but also reenactors worldwide. These dedicated men and women carefully research the costumes, customs, mannerisms and food of the time period. They then work hard to accurately portray not only the great battles but also the...

  • Book Review: An Apple for the Creature

    Book Review: An Apple for the Creature
    From the editors of Home Improvement: Undead Edition comes a smooth anthology of thirteen new tales of magic, terror and the paranormal from noted authors in the genre. The collection opens with a new Sookie Stackhouse story “Playing Possum” that feels as though it was wrenched from the latest news coverage and includes Sookie’s young telepathic...

  • Book Review: Nightglass

    Book Review: Nightglass
    One need not be a fan of the popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to enjoy the many books spun off from the game and this title set in the dark, nearly colorless realm of Nidal is no exception. At thirteen years old, Isiem and three other children from the tiny community where they were born were selected by the frightening and powerful magicians known as Shadowcallers for ...

  • Book Review: Seawitch

    Book Review: Seawitch
    Twenty-seven years ago, the Seawitch and her crew vanished at sea without a trace so her mysterious return to Seattle harbor caused considerable speculation about the ghost ship. Harper Blaine, private investigator and a Greywalker capable of seeing and interacting with the Grey is hired by the insurance company that paid off the claim when...

  • Book Review: Cat Sayings

    Book Review: Cat Sayings
    On the heels of Horse Sayings and Dog Sayings, it is only right there should be one dedicated to our feline friends and that is exactly what Wheler delivers in this collection of original art and quotes. Sixty artists from nine countries provide a wonderful...

  • Thursday 23 August 2012

  • The Lost Angels: Messenger’s Angel – Book Review

    The Lost Angels: Messenger’s Angel – Book Review
    Juliette Anderson is worried she is going insane as she keeps getting messages from another world. Offered the opportunity to work in Scotland she gladly accepts - only to find that the situation gets worse. It seems that she is the Archess, the true mate of Archangel Gabriel.

  • Rip Tide – Book Review

    Rip Tide – Book Review
    Pirates attack a cargo ship off the Somalian coast. What makes this unusual is that the crew includes a middle class British born Pakistani who has no reason to be anywhere near Somali. What is going on?

  • The Falklands 1982 – Book Review

    The Falklands 1982 – Book Review
    The Falklands war of 1982 was a short sharp series of battles on sites ranging from the open, boggy ground of Goose Green to the windswept rocks around Port Stanley.

  • Brotherband – Book Review

    Brotherband – Book Review
    A new series by the author of the Ranger's Apprentice books. In Skandia boys have to go through a rite of passage to become adults. They become teams - Brotherbands- and endure training in martial skills. Hal is the unwilling leader of one of these bands.

  • Irises in Watercolour – Book Review

    Irises in Watercolour – Book Review
    Irises are some of the most beautiful flowers to be found in the garden. In bloom for only a short time, they are elegant and distinguished. Colors range from a classic deep, imperial purple to reds, white and gold blooms.

  • Runelight – Book Review

    Runelight – Book Review
    Maggie and Maddy are twins - but they have never known each other. Separated at birth, they live in different worlds. Both have been born with magical marks - one regards it as shameful, while the other welcomes it.

  • Wednesday 22 August 2012

  • Book Review: Breed

    Book Review: Breed
    Alex and Leslie Twisden enjoy a loving marriage, lucrative careers and a beautiful old home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. While the envy of their friends, the Twisden’s inability to conceive means their happiness is far from complete. Despite spending a half a million dollars on every known...

  • Book Review: Rustic Wrappings

    Book Review: Rustic Wrappings
    Add a new dimension to your jewelry through the use of patinas that provide a pleasantly aged look to wire and metalwork. Unlike the harsh, often toxic commercial patinas, Bogert’s new book provides simple formulas using household ingredients to create lovely...

  • Book Review: The Serpent's Bite

    From the author of The War of the Roses comes another twisted story of family dynamics gone tragically wrong. Well-to-do jewelers George Temple and his wife have showered love and considerable financial support to daughter Courtney and younger brother Scott yet half a million dollars later, neither is...

  • Book Review: Ecodesign

    Book Review: Ecodesign
    Over one hundred innovative international products from clothing to appliances, transportation to furniture, each adhering to sound, sustainable principles are highlighted in this three-language compilation. Beginning with an explanation of...

  • Book Review: A Private History of Happiness

    Book Review: A Private History of Happiness
    In a culture where everyone is continually assaulted by advertising to purchase things they don’t need on the premise that possessing the latest new gizmo will bring happiness, it is a rare treat to sit back and savor the simple...

  • Monday 13 August 2012

  • Book Review: The Coffee Table Book of Doom

    Book Review: The Coffee Table Book of Doom
    From asteroid strikes to climate change, in today’s uncertain economy doomsday theories abound but they have long been a part of the human experience. Although this book by cartoonist and illustrator Appleby along with author and Unitarian minister Lester pokes great good fun at the assorted end of the world scenarios, it is actually grounded in the latest solid science...

  • Book Review: Containment

    Arik is an exceptionally gifted young man, the pride of the first generation born on Venus known as Gen V in the enclosed colony of Ishtar Terra Station One or V1. Life in V1 is carefully controlled as everything from water to oxygen use is continually monitored so the balance...

  • Book Review: We Monks and Soldiers

    Book Review: We Monks and Soldiers
    Translated from the original French text, this collection of short stories presents a dark peek at humanity’s possible future. The seven tales are roughly connected by the general threads of being set at a time when humanity is dying out and the remnants that remain are controlled by...

  • Book Review: Like No Other Place

    In 2008 and 2009, photographer David Owen and his wife Anne left their Canton, Connecticut home to experience first hand the beauty of western Nebraska and the resilience of its inhabitants. Settling into the town of Ellsworth, population thirteen, Owen took his time exploring...

  • Book Review: Modern Furniture 150 Years of Design

    This full color comprehensive collection of innovative, often timeless furniture design showcases the best and sometimes worst of the past one hundred fifty years. Emphasizing the work of individual designers, several furniture pieces feature unusual materials such as newsprint, nylon...

  • Book Review: Once Burned

    When Leila was thirteen years old, she was in a terrible accident with a downed power line that left her physically scarred and psychically damaged. Whenever Leila touches someone, she not only sees their worst secret but also delivers a nasty...

  • Sunday 05 August 2012

  • Book Review: On the Island

    After waiting eight years for her boyfriend Ben to make a commitment to their relationship, Anna Emerson, a thirty-year-old teacher decided it was time for a change. Anna took a summer assignment tutoring sixteen-year-old T.J. Callahan on an island in Indonesia. T.J., now in remission, was behind in his...

  • Book Review: Two Weeks Notice

    Book Review: Two Weeks Notice
    Bryn Davis was just an average young woman learning the ropes of a new job when she was murdered on her first day of work but that is not the end of the story. Bryn was revived with an experimental drug called Returne developed by Pharmadene pharmaceutical company. Now Bryn and a crew of Pharmadene employees must have daily...

  • Book Review: Darkness Devours

    With the vampire council still trying to decide her fate, half-werewolf, half-Aedj Risa Jones is not in a position to refuse her latest assignment which involves tracking down whoever is responsible for killing blood-whore addicted vampires. With no real leads Risa calls for assistance from Jak, a reporter and the werewolf ex-lover who betrayed her...

  • Book Review: The Geometric Unconscious

    Book Review: The Geometric Unconscious
    This beautiful book was inspired by the Sheldon Museum of Art’s holdings in geometric abstraction spanning more then a hundred years. The text is composed of four insightful essays that include “Impeccable Order” by Sheldon’s curator Sharon Kennedy, “The Crisis in Geometry” which challenges...

  • Book Review: The Archaeology of the Caddo

    Book Review: The Archaeology of the Caddo
    Editors Timothy Perttula and Chester Walker have compiled the most comprehensive body of research about the Caddo peoples available today. The Caddo lived throughout the Southeastern Woodlands including Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma from around A.D. 800 until...

  • Monday 30 July 2012

  • Book Review: Biting Cold

    Book Review: Biting Cold
    Picking up the story immediately after the surprising conclusion of Drink Deep, Merit and Ethan are driving from Chicago to a Nebraska silo in a desperate bid to prevent Mallory, a powerful young sorceress from getting her hands on the Maleficium. Once Merit’s best friend, Mallory attempted to turn Ethan into...

  • Book Review: Crackpot Palace

    Book Review: Crackpot Palace
    This new book of from the Edgar Award winning author of The Girl in the Glass is Ford’s fourth short story collection that is certain to delight his fans and generate new ones. Ford’s imaginative writing almost always delivers a strange twist to what at the onset, seems like a perfectly...

  • Book Review: Still Life With Shapeshifter

    Book Review: Still Life With Shapeshifter
    For most of her life, Melanie Landon has worked tirelessly to hide Ann, her younger half sister’s secret life as a shape shifter from the rest of the world. It has been a difficult burden at times, especially as Melanie’s life pretty much revolves around Ann’s sudden appearances and disappearances making her subject to wild...

  • Monday 23 July 2012

  • Book Review: Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop

    Book Review: Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop
    Interweave Press does it again with Karon's outstanding new book that demystifies the art of weaving jump rings into lovely jewelry with timeless appeal. Beginning with an overview of the necessary tools and how to interpret different metal gauges, readers then move on to simple chain construction with each new project building upon the previous. Step-by-step instructions accompany...

  • Book Review: Dumb History

    Book Review: Dumb History
    While the old expression about truth being stranger then fiction is often true, it doesn’t tell us is how funny truth can be and that’s where Green’s latest book comes in handy. Consider Coco-Cola’s 1982 introduction to the Chinese markets when shopkeepers transliterated the name to something that means, “female horse stuffed in wax.” Bet that product was a hot seller! What about...

  • Book Review: Broken Harbor

    Book Review: Broken Harbor
    Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy is a straight, strictly by the book veteran detective of the Dublin Murder Squad with an impressive record of solved cases. Scorcher felt certain he was the right person to bring one of the biggest murder cases to cross his desk to a satisfying conclusion. When the bottom fell out of...

  • Book Review: Harmless as Doves

    Book Review: Harmless as Doves
    “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves” is the first line of Gaus’s latest Amish-Country Mysteries and a theme that weaves throughout this charming tale. Bishop Leon D. Shetler awoke one morning following his usual routine of...

  • Book Review: Darkwater

    Book Review: Darkwater
    Sixteen-year-old Sarah Trevelyan comes from a proud, once well off family whose ruin was brought about by a bet between her grandfather and an enigmatic gentleman known as Azrael. The simple turn of a card left Sarah’s father and his new bride without a home or a penny to...

  • Book Review: Sin's Dark Caress

    Book Review: Sins Dark Caress
    Bianca Sin is a forensic witch who works with New York Police Department homicide detective Lancelot McManus. The hard-bitten, Neon Tears addicted detective makes no bones about disliking magic and its users but accepts Bianca’s assistance when things get ugly. With the blackest of magic, babies are being...

  • Monday 09 July 2012

  • Book Review: Soulbound

    Book Review: Soulbound
    In Kaya’s world, there are the Unskilled or ordinary folks, Barrons who are born fighters and Healers. Barrons and Healers are Soulbound in pairs at birth with the Barron protecting the Healer and the Healer keeping the Barron healthy but thanks to a hundred year war against King Darrek and his army of Graplars, there are few...

  • Book Review: Hunter and Fox

    Book Review: Hunter and Fox
    Talyn the Dark survived the Harrowing that decimated the Vaerli, one of Conhaero’s first races but in the process, has become a dreaded assassin of the Caisah.  When the ruthless leader Caisah rose to power, he stripped the Vaerli of their magic resulting in wholesale death as most chose...

  • Book Review: Live and Let Drood

    Book Review: Live and Let Drood

    Eddie "Shaman Bond" Drood saved the world, went on vacation in the South of France with his beloved Molly Metcalf the witch, only to come home to find Drood Hall a burned out ruin. Since there is no whisper of smoke, the incident occurred days ago leaving him to wonder what happened to his family who seemingly are...

  • Book Review: Home From the Sea

    Book Review: Home From the Sea
    All her life Mari, daughter of a Welsh fisherman has seen sprites and thus known she was different from most people but it wasn’t until her eighteenth birthday that she realized how different. Due to an ancient bargain made between her family and the Selch, better known as selkies, Mari is bound to...

  • Book Review: Spell Bound

    Book Review: Spell Bound
    After working on a case that saw a family torn apart, powerful witch Savannah Levine breathed the heartfelt desire to trade her powers for things to have turned out differently for that family. Unbeknownst to Savannah, an entity was listening and granted the wish with lasting...

  • Monday 28 May 2012

  • Book Review: Catalog Living At It's Most Absurd

    Book Review: Catalog Living At Its Most Absurd
    Inspired by Erdman’s wildly popular blog, this laugh out loud funny book pokes fun at those over-the-top, glossy interior decorating catalogs. You know the kind, they show amazingly appointed rooms designed to make you feel inadequate while at the same time making you wonder...

  • Book Review: Alpha

    The multimillion-dollar WilsonVille empire that includes an enormous southern California theme park was built on a cartoon dog and a very clever marketing plan. Jad Bell, a Master Sergeant in the Delta Force, an elite counter terrorism unit, got himself hired as the theme park’s high-level security officer and at first, wonders...

  • Book Review: A Simple Murder

    Book Review: A Simple Murder
    Set around Durham, Maine in 1776, former solder Will Rees returns home to discover his fourteen-year-old son David has run away to the Shaker community of Zion. Working as a traveling weaver, Will left David and the farm in the care of his sister and husband who proceeded to abuse his trust. When Will arrives at Zion, he must accept...

  • Book Review: Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues

    Book Review: Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues
    Being turned into a zombie was probably the best thing to happen to Angel Crawford as the change brought a decent job and the opportunity to better herself along with a hunger for brains. That does not mean life has gotten any easier for Angel.  After being held up at gunpoint...

  • Book Review: Kiss the Dead

    Shades of the old Anita Blake character reemerge in this latest Vampire Hunter novel which pits the Executioner against a savage group of vampires made more dangerous by virtue of not being blood oathed to a master. After a teenaged girl is kidnapped by vampires, U.S. Marshal Blake is called to...

  • Tuesday 15 May 2012

  • Book Review: Song of the Serpent

    Book Review: Song of the Serpent
    Krunzle the Quick came to the city of Kerse with the goal of finding something worth stealing without being caught by the magic that guarded opulent riches just ripe for the picking. Plundering gems off an enchanted tree landed the hapless thief into a rescue mission for Gyllana, a nobleman’s wayward daughter and a mysterious...

  • Book Review: Bloodman

    Book Review: Bloodman
    FBI Special Agent Jake Cole was called back to the family home in Montauk, New Jersey after his father unsuccessfully attempted to turn himself into a roman candle. As Cole rummaged through the house where he grew up with his father’s alcoholism and abuse, he discovered hordes of canvases painted with disturbing shapes in grays, red and...

  • Book Review: The Last Myth

    Book Review: The Last Myth
    From the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar and supposed demise of the world as we know it to the Book of Isaiah, this fascinating book examines American’s love affair with apocalypse scenarios. America has gone from a “can do” nation that greeted hardship by rolling up its shirtsleeves and tightening its belt to a country that whines about...

  • Book Review: Skeleton Picnic

    Book Review: Skeleton Picnic
    Rolly and Abigail Rogers grew up collecting Indian artifacts during outings euphemistically referred to as skeleton picnics. Over the years, the Rogers amassed an impressive collection of pottery, projectile points, axes, fiber items and more as well as several excellent pieces of native made jewelry. Anxious to get a jump on the competition, the Rogers head off on...

  • Tuesday 01 May 2012

  • Book Review: POD

    Told through the perspective of fifteen-year-old Josh and twelve-year-old Megs, this compelling sci-fi recounts the terrifying days that followed the appearance of PODs, Pearls of Death in the skies above earth. After a head-splitting screech the round, smooth, pearl grey alien crafts filled the air, cutting all communication technologies, zapping cars off the streets and any...

  • Book Review: Fair Coin

    Book Review: Fair Coin
    At sixteen, Ephraim Scott is used to taking care of himself because his single working mother frequently finds solace in a bottle. Still, Eph was shocked to discover his mother unconscious in the kitchen from a drug overdose brought on when she was given news that he was killed in an accident. Puzzled, Eph examined the belongings from the dead boy and among other things, found his missing...

  • Book Review: Deadlocked

    Book Review: Deadlocked
    Telepathic Sookie Stackhouse continues to have her hands full, Felipe de Castro the vampire king of three states is in town and he wants to know what happened to some of his people who disappeared in Sheriff Eric Northman’s territory. Eric may be a strong vampire but his control is tested by a young woman who mysteriously shows up at a party he is hosting. Sookie arrives just in time to prevent Eric...

  • Book Review: Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry

    Book Review: Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry
    If you have ever been tempted by the colorful assortment of lovely silk ribbons and cords available yet haven’t known how to take care of them in jewelry applications then this is the book for you. Fifty different jewelry designs incorporating a variety of different materials including ribbons, cords, leather, assorted beads, wire, lace trim and more are presented in this beginner friendly collection...

  • Book Review: Echo's Revenge

    Fourteen-year-old Reggie and his eleven-year-old brother Jeremy lived in constant fear of their mother’s abusive live-in boyfriend Asa and frequently sought escape within the safe confines of the on-line video game Echo’s Revenge. Shortly after achieving Master’s status in the game, Reggie is invited to a meeting at the game’s corporate headquarters to...

  • Book Review: Soul Bound

    Book Review: Soul Bound
    Once again, identical twins Sunny and Rayne McDonald are caught between a rock and a hard place. Rayne, who desperately wanted to become a vampire thought she missed her chance when Magnus, the local vampire leader accidentally bit Sunny instead. Sunny still yearns to live a normal life and although drinking from the Holy Grail returned her to...

  • Tuesday 24 April 2012

  • Book Review: Meals in Minutes

    Book Review: Meals in Minutes

    While most everyone likes a good home cooked meal, busy schedules have a tendency to disrupt the best of intentions. Gooseberry Patch’s 10th Anniversary release of Meals in Minutes is perfect for those days when time is short and the family is hungry. Divided into six chapters starting with "Market Fresh & Fast" and ending with "Perfectly Prepared Pantry", this flat-laying spiral bound cookbook has something for every...

  • Book Review: Ars Sacra

    Book Review: Ars Sacra
    While the title perfectly describes the scope of this magnificent volume, it fails to convey the fact that this publication is a work of art in its own right. From the brilliantly executed cover art to the multitude of full color photography showcasing the world’s Christian art and architectural treasures, everything about this book is breathtaking...

  • Book Review: The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

    Book Review: The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service
    Lara Madigan didn’t allow her success driven mother, Justine stand in the way of her unusual calling as a doggie matchmaker. From the first time she watched the magic happen between an abandoned poodle and one of Justine’s rich spa clients, Lara was hooked on matching dogs to just the right owner. Unfortunately, Lara’s boyfriend...

  • Book Review: A Temptation of Angels

    Book Review: A Temptation of Angels
    Sixteen-year-old Helen Cartwright was used to hearing late night arguments between her parents and their friends so she had no reason to think this night was any different. That was before her mother frantically woke Helen up, gave brief instructions and hid her behind a secret...

  • Book Review: A Guy's Guide to Style

    Book Review: A Guys Guide to Style
    If your idea of style is a comfortable old pair of jeans, a ratty tee shirt and dirty sneakers then chances are, you need a copy of this handy guide for those times when such casual attire is out of the question. Take neckties for instance, Roetzel instructs what different necktie colors tell others about...

  • Book Review: Silence

    As a teenager, Emma has already been touched by death, first losing her father and more recently, her boyfriend Nathan died in an accident. These deaths led Emma to the realization that in the end, nothing really matters. Friends at prep school are concerned as Emma goes through the motions of...

  • Book Reviews: Black Dawn

    Book Reviews: Black Dawn
    Book twelve of the Morganville Vampire series picks up shortly after Last Breath with the residents of The Glass House and all of Morganville facing draugs. Deadly adversaries like no other, draugs are the creatures of nightmares especially for vampires. Draugs are completely at home in any...

  • Friday 06 April 2012

  • Book Review: The Island Horse

    Book Review: The Island Horse
    Although Ellie is only nine, going on ten years old, she knows the soul deep grief of losing her mother to illness. Ellie’s father quit his job to enjoy the last few months of her mother’s life together as a family but paying jobs are few in the little Nova Scotia town where they lived. A job offer on Sable Island...

  • Book Review: Gooseberry Patch Simple Shortcut Recipes

    Book Review: Gooseberry Patch Simple Shortcut Recipes
    Busy cooks will rejoice at this collection of recipes streamlined by using an array of prepackaged mixes along with items most families have in their pantries and refrigerators. The recipes, gathered from around the country cover breakfast, soups, salads, side dishes, breads...

  • Book Review: The Shape of Desire

    Book Review: The Shape of Desire
    To say Eureka, Missouri accountant Maria Devane is in an unusual relationship would be an understatement. For the past fifteen years, Maria has lived her life around strange needs of shapeshifter lover Dante Romano, even though she knows he will never be able to fully return her...

  • Book Review: Magic Without Mercy

    Book Review: Magic Without Mercy
    Although Allison Beckstrom aided by soul compliment Zayvion and her dedicated band of Hounds have defeated some powerful foes, they can hardly catch a nap before ex-Guardian Roman Grimshaw steps through a gate with grim news. Not only is the Authority hunting for...

  • Thursday 29 March 2012

  • Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That? Two Experts talk truth about dating

    Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That?  Two Experts talk truth about dating
    When academics can translate complex physiological and psychological gender differences into relatable anecdotes and offer straight forward, easy-to-digest advice, you have the makings of an enjoyable self-help book.

  • Book Review: Food and the City

    Book Review: Food and the City
    As food production moved off the family farm, taken over by mega-corporations driven by the bottom line, diversity and nutrition fell by the wayside. Mass-produced, specially engineered food frequently pumped full of unnecessary antibiotics and preservatives now line the grocery store shelves. The result is...

  • Book Review: The Thirteenth Sacrifice

    With the loving support of adoptive parents, Samantha Ryan has worked hard to put her childhood behind her and build a quiet, respectable life as a Boston detective. Few people know Samantha had been orphaned at twelve years of age when all the members of her coven were brutally killed by something she would rather...

  • Book Review: More Dream Homes

    Book Review: More Dream Homes
    From Cape Town to Nantucket and everywhere in between, this lavishly illustrated volume presents a broad range of decorating styles. Whether you have a small apartment flat, a gargantuan house or a cute vacation getaway cabin, look no further for design inspiration. The eclectic London...

  • Book Review: The Drowning Girl

    Book Review: The Drowning Girl
    Kiernan’s latest work is a complex, multilayered journey through the schizophrenic mind of India “Imp” Morgan Phelps as she recounts meeting a mysterious woman who is both a wolf and a mermaid. Mental illness gallops through Imp’s family tree and unfortunately...

  • Book Review: Paintracking

    Book Review: Paintracking
    Anyone living with chronic pain knows the frustration and depression that comes with ongoing bouts of bad days interspersed with a few good days. They wish for more good days but often have no idea what triggered them and don’t have the mental energy to keep a regular...

  • Tuesday 20 March 2012

  • Book Review: Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon

    Book Review: Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon
    Twenty three year old upstate New York native Mary Albanese graduated from college with two degrees and a burning desire to see Alaska. Despite a teacher shortage, Albanese was unable to get hired so she decided to do the next best thing and applied as a graduate student to...

  • Book Review: Attachments

    Book Review: Attachments
    When Lincoln O’Neil was hired as an Internet security officer by The Courier, he had no reason to suspect most of his time would be dedicated to reading personal emails and looking for flagged words that indicated dirty jokes or...

  • Book Reviews: Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans

    Book Reviews: Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans
    Rubenesque vampire Gloriana St. Clair is looking forward to enjoying some well-deserved downtime only to have her plans derailed by the reappearance of the now pregnant demon Alesa on her doorstep. Alesa claims she got pregnant while possessing Glory who had an ill-advised fling with...

  • Thursday 08 March 2012

  • Book Review: Vampire's Kiss

    Ever since Annelise Drew agreed to go with Ronan, a Tracer who travels the world looking for young women with special talents and no family ties, her life has been in turmoil. Although Drew survived a duel with her nemesis Lilac, life has not gotten any simpler as she trains for the special mission which was the reward for winning the duel. Alcantara, an ancient vampire has taken an interest in Drew thus drawing...

  • Book Review: Ten Healthy Teas

    Book Review: Ten Healthy Teas
    Herbalist Lull introduces readers to the benefits of tea in this top ten list of healthy sipping. Included with each tea is the scientific name, medicinal uses, light general history and how they are each best enjoyed. Several recipes including some tasty blends are provided with each...

  • Book Review: The Investigation of Ariel Warning

    Book Review: The Investigation of Ariel Warning
    When identical twins Adam and David Remler, both writer-producers, advertised for an assistant to help them develop screenplays, they couldn’t have imagined the sequence of events set in motion by that simple advertisement. From the first, Ariel Warning seemed like the perfect...

  • Tuesday 28 February 2012

  • Writing in Pictures: Screenwriting Made (Mostly) Painless – Book Review

    Writing in Pictures: Screenwriting Made (Mostly) Painless – Book Review
    Joseph McBride is mainly known as a film historian.  He’s even taken direction from Orson Welles, on his unfinished film The Other Side of the Wind, as well as written a book on him.  You’ll also notice his name on the screenplay of cult classic Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. 

  • Book Review: Little Girl Gone

    Book Review: Little Girl Gone
    Shortly after twelve-year-old Madora Welles father walked out into the desert and committed suicide, she began a downhill slide. Drugs, booze, older boys and cutting school led to declining grades that Madora’s mother was powerless to stop. While at a party on the Mexican border, the then seventeen-year-old Madora began suffering a drug overdose and out of the darkness came...

  • Tuesday 21 February 2012

  • Book Review: Fair Game

    Book Review: Fair Game
    Anna Latham, a rare Omega wolf is understandably concerned about Charles Cornick, her mate who has been forced to become an executioner. Once werewolves made the decision to come out of hiding and make their presence known to the general population, the Marrok was forced to implement...

  • Book Review: Enlightened Polymer Clay

    Book Review: Enlightened Polymer Clay
    Gossamer thin leaves, delicate blossoms and chunky pebbles, these and many more designs inspired by the natural world are presented in this collection of interesting, easily made jewelry. While most projects are rendered in polymer clay, a few like Necklace 14 with its interlocking textured...

  • Book Review: The Union Quilters

    Book Review: The Union Quilters
    By 1862, most of the men of Water’s Ford, Pennsylvania have joined the Union army leaving friends, family, wives and children behind. Far from sitting idly, the women are busy supporting the war effort every way they can, whether it’s holding...

  • Book Review: Between Their Worlds

    Book Review: Between Their Worlds
    This aptly named new addition to the Noble Dead series effectively bridges between the saga’s second and third segments while delivering a first rate story. Held captive at the Guild of Sagecraft, Wynn Hygeorht needs access to ancient texts in order to locate two missing....

  • Book Review: All Things Wicked

    Book Review: All Things Wicked
    Life is tough in the New Seattle Underground and Caleb Leigh has done a lot of things he’s not proud of, killing Juliet Carpenter’s sister is just one of them. Juliet vowed revenge for her sister’s death and if that means killing a man she once had...

  • Monday 13 February 2012

  • Book Review: A Silence of Mockingbirds

    If indeed, it “takes a village to raise a child” then it follows that a community can, through a series of mistakes made for a variety of reasons, fail to protect its youngest members with tragic consequences. This is what happened to three-year-old Corvallis, Oregon resident, Karly Sheehan. Shortly after...

  • Book Review: Gemstone Settings

    Book Review: Gemstone Settings
    If you are ready to take your metal smithing and gem setting to the next level, check out the latest release by Young, author of The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques. This comprehensive volume walks readers through developing design ideas, establishing a...

  • Book Review: Under a Vampire Moon

    Book Review: Under a Vampire Moon
    Her soon to be womanizing ex-husband has dragged Carolyn Connor through hell; her shattered, disillusioned heart now well protected against any temptation to fall in love again. Although she does not really feel up to it, Carolyn agrees to go on...

  • Book Review: Wanted: Undead or Alive

    Book Review: Wanted: Undead or Alive
    Ironically, Phineas McKinney, known as the Love Doctor amongst the fanged community, has enabled several of his warrior buddies to win the girl of their dreams while he sits on the sidelines single and lonely. Brynley Jones, a werewolf princess has made no bones about her feelings regarding vampires...

  • Tuesday 07 February 2012

  • Book Review: Conversations with Opa

    Book Review: Conversations with Opa
    Albert, a thoughtful, well educated eighty-year-old grandfather shares his considerable insightful knowledge with Quintana, his inquisitive granddaughter. These constructed conversations plumb the width of humanity’s knowledge from the Big Bang to...

  • Book Review: 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True

    Book Review: 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True
    This absolute “must read” will, sadly be missed by those who would most benefit from a healthy dose of skepticism as Harrison examines a broad range of topics that a surprising number of people believe in. Bible codes, the predictions of Nostradamus and angels to visitations by...

  • Book Review: Almost Everything

    Book Review: Almost Everything
    Growing up is difficult enough but for sixteen year old Anastaija Parker, being half witch, half vampire brings more then her share of problems. Especially as Ana is a banished vampire princess attempting to distance herself from musician and former love interest Nikolai, who just happens to be a vampire slayer...

  • Monday 06 February 2012

  • Rivers of London – Book Review

    Rivers of London – Book Review
    Fantasy fiction with a difference.  No swords and sorcery - just a slightly alternative universe.  Peter Grant has just served his probation period in the Metropolitan Police and his sole concern is to avoid being put on the dreaded Case Progression Unit. 

  • Dragonborn – Book Review

    Dragonborn – Book Review
    Sam is just half way through his apprenticeship as a wizard, when his master dies unexpectedly.  Powerful wizards arrive at the cottage and Sam cannot prove that he was an apprentice.  Running away becomes his only option, accompanied by his only friend, a young dragon called Starback. 

  • Flood Justice – Book Review

    Flood Justice – Book Review
    An unusual mix of graphic novel with text based story that has all the humor and unusual qualities that are common to Mogzilla books. 

  • The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group – Book Review

    The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group – Book Review
    Tobias Vandevelde goes to sleep in his own bed only to wake up in hospital being told that he was found unconscious in a zoo pen among dingoes.  Just what has happened to him?  Tobias doesn't know - he cannot remember anything.  His prank loving friends are equally surprised. 

  • Inheritance – Book Review

    Inheritance – Book Review
    At last, the final volume in the saga of Eragon, bringing the war against Galboratrix to an end.  There are plenty of battles and fighting as the alliance nears their prey - what does surprise me is that Galboratrix does fight back as much as he could. There are few surprises as the story nears its climax. 

  • Beowuff and the Horrid Hen – Book Review

    Beowuff and the Horrid Hen – Book Review
    A very different slant on the Beowulf saga!  Viking dog Beowuff prefers a quiet life, avoiding heroics wherever possible.  Unfortunately, trouble seems to be attracted to him. 

  • Nazis on the Run – Book Review

    Nazis on the Run – Book Review
    How did so many prominent Nazis manage to escape capture at the end of the Second World War?  Where did they go to? Why was South America so accommodating to them?

  • Mercy – Book Review

    Mercy – Book Review
    Having read this book, it is easy to see why the author has been described as Denmark's king of crime fiction.  It is not easy reading, you need concentration and patience but it is worth it. 

  • The Teutonic Knights – Book Review

    The Teutonic Knights – Book Review
    Most people have heard of the Knights of St John and the Templars - far fewer are aware of the existence of the Teutonic Knights.  Their battles were far less glamorous and less well known.  Their activities were concentrated in the Baltic rather than the Middle East; and have received little attention.

  • How to Paint Flowers in Acrylics – Book Review

    How to Paint Flowers in Acrylics – Book Review
    The bright, durable pigments present in acrylic paints have become the one of the most flexible and versatile types of paint available to the modern artist.  It can be used like oils, water colours or even impasto. This makes it particularly ideal when painting flowers, creating an almost three dimensional quality. 

  • The Hand that Trembles – Book Review

    The Hand that Trembles – Book Review
    When Sven-Arne Persson suddenly walks out of a business meeting and disappears, he leaves behind many unanswered questions.  Many years later, an old friend is convinced he has seen Persson in Bangalore, India.  Is there any truth in the sighting? 

  • Saturday 04 February 2012

  • The Pocket Guide to Royal Scandals – Book Review

    The Pocket Guide to Royal Scandals – Book Review
    Definitely entertaining - this is a side of royal history that most monarchs would prefer to forget! Modern disasters such as the Charles and Diana saga or the many sayings of the Duke of Hazard(better known as Prince Philip) are backed up by lots of historical examples from across the world.

  • The Haunting of Charity Delafield – Book Review

    A delightful, entertaining story about a girl who has grown up in a house isolated from all other children. She lives an extremely restricted life, forbidden from exploring the house, speaking to strangers or even going beyond the tall iron gates at the entrance.

  • Wednesday 25 January 2012

  • Book Review: The Bungalow

    Book Review: The Bungalow
    Best friends Anne Calloway and Kitty Morgan went to nursing school together despite the misgivings of their families and as World War II escalates, wondered how best to put their new skills to work. Growing up in a well-to-do, society conscience family, Anne was expected to marry the...

  • Book Review: A Lethal Inheritance

    Book Review: A Lethal Inheritance
    When the administrator of yet another high school informed Victoria Costello that her seventeen year old son Alex was not to come back, followed by Alex running her car into a fence for no apparent reason, she had little choice but face facts. Especially as those facts included a diagnosis of paranoid...

  • Book Review: Julia's Child

    Book Review: Julias Child
    Julia Bailey bet a goodly portion of the family nest egg on the success of Julia’s Child, her start-up company that offered organic, wholesomely, prepared food for toddlers. Using recipes developed for her own two toddlers and marketed with catchy names like Gentle Lentil and Its Not Easy Being...

  • Tuesday 24 January 2012

  • Ray Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrapbook – Book Review

    Ray Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrapbook – Book Review
    Ray Harryhausen is a master of special effects and a pioneer of stop motion animation. His work is legendary, involving films like Clash of the Titans, Gullivers Travels and One Million Years BC.  This book contains details of many of the artifacts created for films over the past forty or so years. 

  • Tuesday 17 January 2012

  • Book Review: The Rook

    Book Review: The Rook
    Waking up in a London park drenched by a downpour and the ground littered with bodies all of whom are wearing latex gloves, an amnesiac woman discovers two letters in her coat pocket along with an epi-pen. One of the strange letters explains how the body she currently inhabits was once owned by...

  • Book Review: Deadly Powers

    Book Review: Deadly Powers
    Lions, tigers and bears oh my, plus giant snakes, birds, reptiles and creatures of our imaginations have all played a major role in human evolution as demonstrated by this fascinating book that examines the role predators have played in shaping large portions of our psyches. Trout draws readers into...

  • Book Review: Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess

    Book Review: Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess
    The incredibly handsome but not-too-bright Devereux Lyminster who goes by the name of Blotto and his bright, beautiful sister Lady Honoria Lyminster, better known as Twinks have been conscripted by their mother the Dowager Duchess of Tawcester to attend a weekend...

  • Book Review: Raven Cursed

    Book Review: Raven Cursed
    As head of security for an upcoming summit between the Master of the City and a master vampire seeking permission to establish his own territory, skinwalker Jane Yellowrock has left the crowded streets of New Orleans for the “quiet” countryside of Asheville, North Carolina. Shortly after her arrival, werewolves attacked a...

  • Book Review: The Mortal Bone

    Book Review: The Mortal Bone
    Fans of the Hunter Kiss series will enjoy the additional background information about the bonds between Maxine Kiss and the living tattoos she affectionately refers to as “the boys”. Peeling off her skin at sunset, the five little demons are actually the feared...

  • Tuesday 10 January 2012

  • Book Review: Left Hand Magic

    Book Review: Left Hand Magic
    Looking for affordable housing drove metal sculptor Tate Eresby to seek an apartment in Golgotham, a segment of the Big Apple occupied by Kymerans, a magic wielding race as well as all manner of other non-human species. After a newspaper spread drew attention to Golgotham, trendy thrill seekers began...

  • Book Review: Dragonswood

    Book Review: Dragonswood
    The inhabitants of Wilde Island are in an uproar after the death of King Pendragon, especially as Arden, the eldest prince and heir to the throne is off on a Crusade. Ruling in the Prince’s absence, Lord Sackmoore has imposed higher taxes on the populace and unleashed Lady Adela, the royal witch hunter to seek...

  • Tuesday 03 January 2012

  • Book Review: Dust of the Damned

    Book Review: Dust of the Damned
    In order to win the historic battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln engaged the services of the Hell’s Angels, a European gang of werewolves that were supposed to return home after the dirty work had been done. Instead, they scattered throughout the American southwest wreaking havoc on...

  • Book Review: The Girl With the Crooked Nose

    Book Review: The Girl With the Crooked Nose
    Newly released in paperback, this compelling though not strictly factual account of Frank Bender’s forensic reconstruction work jumps between his early days learning the craft and his involvement in a mass murder investigation in Mexico. A successful advertising photographer, Frank stumbled onto...

  • Book Review: Fangbone: Third Grade Barbarian

    Book Review: Fangbone: Third Grade Barbarian
    The only one willing to leave an upcoming battle and hide the Big Toe of Drool, an evil sorcerer attempting to kill all the clans, is young Fangbone. Although he’s just a boy, Fangbone insists he is a warrior and ready for the challenge of keeping the Big Toe safe in a...

  • Thursday 22 December 2011

  • Book Review: The Big Book of Drawing

    Book Review: The Big Book of Drawing
    This stunning book is nothing less then a comprehensive drawing course that will appeal to beginner and expert alike as it explores all aspects of the subject. The first eight chapters introduce prospective artists to thinking about shapes, how to...

  • Tuesday 20 December 2011

  • Book Review: Planesrunner

    Book Review: Planesrunner

    McDonald’s exciting new young adult series sets off on a merry chase when fourteen year old Everett Singh’s divorced dad was snatched, bicycle and all off a busy London street while on the way to a lecture. Everett, who was waiting for his father had the presence of mind to snap a couple...

  • Book Review: The Drop

    Book Review: The Drop
    LAPD detective Harry Bosch is back and working the cold case unit with his partner David Chu. New DNA evidence has surfaced in blood found on the victim of a rape and murder that took place in 1989 which would be great news except for the fact that...

  • Book Review: What Makes Your Brain Happy

    Book Review: What Makes Your Brain Happy
    DiSalvo’s latest, engaging look at the workings of the brain explains how certain behaviors that have evolved to keep us safe can frequently sabotage us. This is because everyone’s brain is wired to quickly recognize patterns, often where none...

  • Book Review: The Immortalists

    Book Review: The Immortalists
    When his daughter Susie was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder known as progeria, brilliant research biologist Dr. Richard Draman strayed from his promising career and devoted himself to finding a cure. Progeria causes its young victims to prematurely age so quickly that most victims don’t...

  • Tuesday 13 December 2011

  • Book Review: Red-Robed Priestess

    Book Review: Red-Robed Priestess
    Cunningham’s fourth title of The Maeve Chronicles brings the series to a satisfying conclusion as Maeve, also known as the Celtic Mary Magdalen, returns to her native homeland in the British Isles. It has been forty years since her firstborn daughter was wrenched...

  • Book Review: Toys for Boys Set

    Book Review: Toys for Boys Set
    This totally revised second edition pays homage to a host of technological wonders, dynamite automobiles and boats, fancy bling and opulent big boy toys the likes of which most of us can scarcely imagine. The first chapter, Miniature Machines dives into a presentation of amazing...

  • Book Review: Ecstasy Untamed

    Book Review: Ecstasy Untamed
    Although Hawke, a Feral Warrior has been freed from the spirit trap that held him captive, the resulting separation from his animal will doom him to a slow death. Hawke’s once solid control is gone and the life-sustaining spirit bond was melting away when...

  • Book Review: Dreaming Awake

    Book Review: Dreaming Awake
    When overly sheltered Theia Alderson first responded to burning young man who fell from the sky onto the lawn one night, she never could have imagined how that would change her well-ordered life. In the halls of her high school, Theia immediately recognizes the new boy, Haden Black as the...

  • Book Review: Dragon Fate

    Book Review: Dragon Fate
    Three dragon siblings separated shortly after their hatching have faced innumerable challenges on their troubled journey to adulthood. With very different temperaments, strengths and weaknesses, AuRon, Wistala and RuGaard fought and lost battles that cost...

  • Monday 12 December 2011

  • Ham, Pickles & Jam – Book Review

    Ham, Pickles & Jam – Book Review
    With more and more people seeking to rediscover the lost skills of cooking, this book is to be recommended.  It shows how to get the best out of your store cupboard, cooking the basic items that don't cost a lot but are filling, nutritious and well-loved such as cheese straws, pastry, gingerbread and homemade yogurt. 

  • Small Green Roofs – Book Review

    Small Green Roofs – Book Review
    With so many environmental problems pressing on the world around us, green roofs are a simple answer to a lot of issues.  They can help prevent water loss, reduce the risk of flooding and reduce heat loss. 

  • Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses – Book Review

    Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses – Book Review
    The Wars of the Roses encompassed many of the most bloody confrontations of the Medieval period such as the Battle of Tewkesbury.  What led to this massive outpouring of conflict?  Edward IV was very much the most effective general of the whole period and died, undefeated in battle. 

  • The History of Britain and Ireland (The Definitive Visual Guide) – Book Review

    The History of Britain and Ireland (The Definitive Visual Guide) – Book Review
    Extremely visual and packed with lots of interesting information; this is a snapshot across over 2,000 years of British and Irish history.  It is full of unexpected snippets of information which are not taught in schools.

  • Armies of Death – Book Review

    Armies of Death – Book Review
    Fighting fantasy gamers will not be disappointed by this offering from Ian Livingstone.  It is a welcome reissue of a book that has been out of publication for too long.  Agglax the Shadow Demon is creating an army of warriors to conquer Allansia. 

  • A Bespoke Murder – Book Review

    A Bespoke Murder – Book Review
    Set in the early years of the First World War, the sinking of the Lusitania has caused anti-German hysteria to reach new levels.  Attacks on people of German ancestry have become common - just because of their background.  Yet Inspector Marmion is convinced that the attack on Jacob Stein's tailoring business has deeper implications. 

  • The Double Edged Sword – Book Review

    The Double Edged Sword – Book Review
    Abandoned on the steps of the Old Bailey as a baby, Finmere Tingewick Smith has had an interesting childhood. 

  • The Sweeney – Book Review

    The Sweeney – Book Review
    Better known as The Sweeney, Scotland Yard's Flying Squad has had a tumultuous history.  Formed after the First World War, it quickly appreciated the value of high speed cars.  Taking on the might of the Racetrack gangs, armed robbers and smash and grab raiders; the Squad had considerable success from the very beginning.

  • Pocket Guide to Pubs and Their Histories – Book Review

    Pocket Guide to Pubs and Their Histories – Book Review
    Aficianados of British pubs and beer culture will undoubtedly enjoy this lively exploration of the history of pubs.

  • The Mapping of Love and Death – Book Review

    The Mapping of Love and Death – Book Review
    American cartographer Michael Clifton has just discovered a rich source of oil and purchased the site.  Hearing that war has been declared, he feels compelled to cross the Atlantic to serve in the British army.  Inevitably, this leads to his death. 

  • Pirate King – Book Review

    Pirate King – Book Review
    Definitely not for the Sherlock Holmes purists!  Sherlock Holmes' wife, Mary Russell, reluctantly finds herself shanghaied into investigating the criminal activities surrounding Randolph Fflytte's film studio.

  • Isandlwana – Book Review

    Isandlwana – Book Review
    In 1879, a cataclysmic event took place.  The mighty British army was destroyed by King Cetshwayo's Zulu warriors.  It was a sobering event for an all-conquering army which, until then, had not faced any major resistance from native people. 

  • Hero of Rome – Book Review

    Hero of Rome – Book Review
    Anticipating an early return to Rome, the plans of Tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens are thrown into confusion when he is ordered to Colonia.  What seems like an easy posting among the veteran legionaries who have taken up residence in a new territory turns into a nightmare when warrior queen Boudicca rises in revolt.

  • Draw Portraits – Book Review

    Draw Portraits – Book Review
    Portraying the human face is difficult for any artist.  Trying to get a lifelike impression, and to capture expressions is not easy. Renate Klein has set out to help artists of any standard improve their portrait technique. 

  • Fashions in Eyeglasses – Book Review

    Fashions in Eyeglasses – Book Review
    People have worn spectacles since the middle ages, and styles have varied considerably.  Variations in use and appearance have been dictated as much by style and social status as by the need to improve eyesight. 

  • Draw Animals – Book Review

    Draw Animals – Book Review
    No two animals even from the same species are identical, their expressions can vary from second to second.  So how do you draw it? Anyone who has ever tried to do this knows just how difficult a task it is.  Anja Dahl has set out to try and help. 

  • Wednesday 07 December 2011

  • Book Review: Cult Eyewear

    Book Review: Cult Eyewear
    As shown by exquisitely worked carved filigree patterned glasses, created in 1663 by Melchior Schelkie, designer eyewear has been around for a very long time. With its forward regarding imitations, a 1933 catalog of frames clearly demonstrates that even then, forgeries and...

  • Book Review: Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers

    Book Review: Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers
    This comprehensive guide to silversmithing introduces jewelry makers to an awesome variety of techniques that will make their work stand out. Whether your interest is wireworking and basic soldering or more challenging work such as casting, texturing...

  • Book Review: City Fashion Berlin

    The City Fashion series focuses their attention on the newly emerged sense of high style that has replaced the ubiquitous T-shirts with an edgy, trendy look that frequently challenges preconceived notions of garment design. The first chapter “Amazing Fashion” clearly captures that feel as...

  • Monday 05 December 2011

  • The Hammer Vault – Book Review

    The Hammer Vault – Book Review
    Filled with behind-the-scenes information, pictures and details, The Hammer Vault by Marcus Hearn is a must own release for any fan of the legendary Hammer Film studio or horror movie junkie.

  • Wednesday 30 November 2011

  • Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens – Book Review

    Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens – Book Review
    Water is becoming a more restricted commodity.  It is not automatically available to everyone at all times of the year - periods of drought are all too common.  As a result, plants have to be chosen much more carefully.

  • From Trash to Treasure Papermaking – Book Review

    From Trash to Treasure Papermaking – Book Review
    Every household generates loads of scrap paper and just throwing it away only adds to landfill problems.  Recycling has become imperative to modern day society.  This book is a treasure trove of ideas as to how to recycle paper and turn it into something special. 

  • Bloodlines – Book Review

    Bloodlines – Book Review
    Keira Jameson knows she is different, possessing a gift passed down through generations of her family.  She hears voices and has strange dreams.  Convinced that there are others like her, she sets out with her best friend Lily to try to find her ancestors. 

  • Scotland Yard’s Ghost Squad – Book Review

    Scotland Yard’s Ghost Squad – Book Review
    At the end of the Second World War, practically everything was rationed.  It was an age of austerity and inevitably - criminal opportunity.  The black market boomed as thieves broke into warehouses, hi-jacked lorries, stole, recycled and forged ration coupons.  The police seemed powerless to stop them. 

  • The Fleece & Fibre Sourcebook – Book Review

    The Fleece & Fibre Sourcebook – Book Review
    How do you identify one wool from another? And what can you do with it? Robson and Ekarius have created a unique photographic encyclopedia of over 200 animals and the fibres they produce.

  • How to Draw and Paint Science Fiction Art – Book Review

    How to Draw and Paint Science Fiction Art – Book Review
    Ever wanted to create your own science fiction landscapes, cityscapes and characters?  Then this is the book for you.  Both inspirational and practical, it is good hands on tool providing lots of ideas, tips and techniques.

  • How to Draw Exotic Flowers - Book Review

    How to Draw Exotic Flowers - Book Review
    A useful introduction to drawing exotic flowers following   step by step instructions.  A wide range of flowers are included such as Orchids, Amaryllis, Passionflower, Oriental Poppies, Hibiscus, Camellia, Peony and Agapanthus. 

  • Country Landscapes in Watercolour – Book Review

    Country Landscapes in Watercolour – Book Review
    Many people would love to paint but find it very hard to draw - which immediately leads to poor results and diminishing confidence.  This book offers a way of overcoming those problems. 

  • He Who Dared and Died – Book Review

    He Who Dared and Died – Book Review
    Since its formation within the dark days of the Second World War, the SAS has become legendary. The successful release of the hostages from a London embassy was televised worldwide.  It is a unit which has been almost constantly involved in every conflict and terrorist situation possible.  But how did it start? 

  • The Killer's Art – Book Review

    The Killers Art – Book Review
    Outwardly very successful, art dealer Egon Wallin seems to have all that he desires.  A successful show with a new artist sets the cash tills rolling.  Next morning, Wallin is found dead, hanging from the top of a very large gate in the port city of Visby.  As Inspector Knutas begins to investigate, Egon's secrets begin to surface. 

  • The Accidental Adventurer – Book Review

    The Accidental Adventurer – Book Review
    Participating in a reality TV show led Ben Fogle into a totally new career. He became an adventurer cum TV presenter attempting incredibly dangerous escapades.  How this came about together with tales of his adventures makes riveting reading.

  • Book Review: The Panama Laugh

    Book Review: The Panama Laugh
    A hard driven pace, laughing zombies, mercenaries, crime lords and an amnesiac, what’s not to like! Six weeks after the zombie apocalypse swept the world, Dante “Frosty” Bogart finds himself naked in the jungle with no memory of how he got there or indeed, anything from the previous five years...

  • Book Review: A Pinch of Love

    Book Review: A Pinch of Love
    Widowed for over a year after her husband met with an accident while on a relief mission to hurricane ravaged New Orleans, Rose Ellen, better known as Zell still struggles with the loss. Her closest companion is a retired greyhound named Ahab. Although she wears Nick’s apron daily, Zell doesn’t...

  • Book Review: Bang! How We Came to Be

    Book Review: Bang! How We Came to Be
    At long last, there is a beautifully illustrated children’s book explaining how the world and everything on it came to be that is based on science instead of religious pabulum. Yet for all the solid science, this easily understood book loses not an iota of wonder as it...

  • Book Review: Death of a Kingfisher

    Book Review: Death of a Kingfisher
    Scotland’s favorite constable, Hamish Macbeth is smitten by the lovely Mary Leinster who is pumping some much-needed revenue into the local village economy by marketing a beautiful piece of woodland property. By changing the name of Buchan’s Wood to “The Fairy Glen” coupled with professionally done...

  • Book Review: Within the Flames

    Dirk & Steele operative Eddie has just begun to regain the hard won control over his pyrokinetic abilities, control that was stripped away during his last assignment. Shaken and barely able to keep his inner fires contained, Eddie is sent to New York in order to locate and protect a gifted young woman who is the target of a...

  • Book Review: Pharmacology

    Book Review: Pharmacology
    Shortly after discovering her father was dying of cancer, Sarah Striker moved forward with her plans to relocate to San Francisco to pursue a career in writing and hopefully, make enough money to send home to help pay for mounting medical bills. Sarah moves into a large house populated by an eclectic bunch of...

  • Friday 18 November 2011

  • Book Review: Supervolcano Eruption

    Book Review: Supervolcano Eruption
    Yellowstone National Park to create an image of what could potentially happen should the caldera that fuels the spectacular sights familiar to tourists around the world, suddenly erupt in what is known as a supervolcano. Looking to escape the misery of his wife leaving him for a younger man and the stress...

  • Book Review: The Third Section

    Book Review: The Third Section
    Third in this outstanding historical fantasy series, the story picks up thirty years after Thirteen Years Later with Aleksei Danilov’s children taking up the story. Dmitry Danilov, a Colonel in the Russian army is busy facing off against both French and British forces but they may prove the least of his problems as a far more sinister foe reappears....

  • Book Review: Fenrir

    Book Review: Fenrir
    Second of the excellent Craw series, Lachlan continues his unusual historical fantasy liberally laced with Nordic myths as Gods, clothed as regular humans walk the earth. Paris is under siege by several different Viking armies and only the delivery of Count Eudes’s sister...

  • 'Dead Letters: The Very Best Grateful Dead Fan Mail' one to give this Holiday season

    Dead Letters: The Very Best Grateful Dead Fan Mail one to give this Holiday season
    A book to own and gift this Christmas season is 'Dead Letters: The Very Best Grateful Dead Fan Mail.'

  • Saturday 12 November 2011

  • Book Review: The Whisperer

    Book Review: The Whisperer
    Officer Mila Vasquez has built a solid reputation for finding lost or abducted children, a reputation that put her on a chilling collision course with several pedophiles, a couple of serial killers and a specter from the past. Mila is called into an extensive investigation following the grisly discovery of six severed left arms...

  • Book Review: Supernatural

    Tying in with the hit CW network show Supernatural, monster hunter Bobby Singer finds himself in deep trouble following an assignment in Ashland, Wisconsin that has made Swiss cheese of his memory…and it’s progressive. Bobby cannot even remember where his car is and has no memory of...

  • Book Review: The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten

    Book Review: The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten
    If you’re in the mood for an amusing read then look no further then Geillor’s delightful parody targeting both the popular Twilight series and Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon. After a sequence of unfortunate and rather questionable events, it was decided Bonnie Grayduck should leave her mother’s home in Santa Cruz, CA to finish high school in quiet Lake Woebegotten, Minnesota where...

  • Book Review: Hell & Gone

    Book Review: Hell & Gone
    Swierczynski follows Fun & Games with more surprising, action packed adventures of ex-policeman Charlie Hardie who has a propensity for getting hip deep into trouble. After all, who else could survive a shootout only to be captured, drugged and hauled off to a secret facility where he is...

  • Book Review: Blacklight

    Book Review: Blacklight
    Other then knowing his birthday, Buck Carlsbad is missing all memories from before the age of six when his parents were murdered. Growing up at the Institution, Buck pulled his first mark from a night orderly and discovered his calling. Not only is Buck capable of ingesting and...

  • Thursday 03 November 2011

  • Book Review: How to Become a Really Good Pain

    Book Review: How to Become a Really Good Pain

    This book is just what anyone interested in becoming a critical thinker needs to set them on the path of understanding the basis of other’s arguments and what questions to ask in order to spot faulty reasons for the things they believe. Begin by answering five key questions...

  • Book Review: Say You'll Be Mine

    All her life, California winery owner Isabel Gallego’s has done what was expected of her. Now well into her forties, Isabel is determined not to become George Bailey of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, always putting the needs or expectations of others first. Instead, she has decided to sell Gallengos Wines and begin a new life far from...

  • Book Review: Fate's Edge

    Just when Audrey Callahan gets a legitimate job offer doing something she enjoys, her conman father makes an unwelcome appearance in her home, disrupting all her plans of leading what passes for a normal life in the Edge. Once again, Audrey’s drug addicted older brother is in need of rehab and despite an ugly family history...

  • Book Review: The Bride Wore Black Leather

    Book Review: The Bride Wore Black Leather

    In the heart of London lurks the Nightside, a place where it is always dark, gods walk the street and the impossible happens on a routine basis. Years ago, John Taylor found himself in that strange part of town then managed to build a business for finding things and a reputation for trouble. Now, as the newly appointed Walker...

  • Book Review: Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me

    Book Review: Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me

    Called a memoir of sorts because he might have embellished or misremembered past events, Cron presents a warm, personal account of growing up with an alcoholic father who maintained a secret life working for the CIA. When Cron was a very young boy the family hobnobbed with...

  • Book Review: Down These Strange Streets

    Book Review: Down These Strange Streets

    Urban fantasy fans are sure to enjoy this latest compilation of sixteen short stories by several leading authors of the genre. Most, like Charlaine Harris’s “Death by Dahlia” pick up threads from ongoing series so it is helpful to have some familiarity with their previous work. “The Bleeding Shadow” by Joe Lansdale is a satisfying, stand alone little horror story about a struggling blues musician who signed away...

  • Book Review: The Restoration Game

    Book Review: The Restoration Game

    Red headed Lucy Stone, a game designer with her own startup company is hired by a clandestine organization to develop a fantasy video game based upon the Krassnia culture and history. The only problem is, the Russian country of Krassnia doesn’t exist anymore and Lucy’s mom..

  • Book Review: Sexiest Vampire Alive

    Book Review: Sexiest Vampire Alive
    After a video went viral, the vampire population has been forced to do damage control. In order to get an agreement with the US government declare the video a hoax, Gregori Holstein must wine and dine the President’s daughters including reclusive Abigail Tucker. As a young vampire Gregori, frequently taunted by remarks like a “bottle-fed baby” because he has only partaken of...

  • Book Review: Fury

    Book Review: Fury
    In the little town of Ascension, Maine two high school students discover decisions have serious consequences. Football player Chase Singer and popular Emily Winters, Em for short, are about to run afoul of the Furies, three beautiful vengeful wraiths who like nothing better then making people pay...

  • Monday 24 October 2011

  • Book Review: Winging It

    Book Review: Winging It
    Being a teenager is never easy but it’s especially difficult for Zoë Sorensson as she anxiously awaits coming into her full powers as the new Pyr Wyvern while keeping her identity as a dragon shape shifter a secret from her best friend Meagan. To top that off, Zoë’s parents have just separated, possibly for good...

  • Book Review: Mafia: the Glamour of Crime

    Book Review: Mafia: the Glamour of Crime
    The glitter, glamour and harsh violence of the real Mafia life is expertly blended with Hollywood’s many renditions in this outstanding collection of photographs augmented by interesting commentary. From the clever, bullet hole riddled cover to the play on words as illustrated by...

  • Book Review: Fox & Phoenix

    Book Review: Fox & Phoenix
    Spirit animal companions, ghost dragons, magic and a kingdom in crisis make for a fun young adult action adventure read. Kai Zou was a street rat with his own gang of kids eking out a living in Long City before he began working as an apprentice at his mother’s tutoring shop. Now, missing the camaraderie of...

  • Book Review: Horse Sayings

    Book Review: Horse Sayings

    Horses are special as anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to spend time around them can attest to and that is the basis of this charming collection of equine art and old witticisms. The eight chapters encompass everything from the bond riders share with their mounts to...

  • Book Review: Down to the Bone

    Book Review: Down to the Bone
    Robson wraps up her highly inventive, often convoluted Quantum Gravity series with this complex tale that brings all the different elements of the story together in a satisfactory conclusion. The boundaries between worlds have grown so perilously thin that it is possible to end up in...

  • Book Review: The Bite Before Christmas

    Book Review: The Bite Before Christmas
    Just in time for holiday reading, these novellas from Lynsay Sands and Jeaniene Frost, two top paranormal romance authors, are sure to please fans of the Argeneau and Night Huntress series. From Sands comes “The Gift,” a sweet tale that brings together Katricia Argeneau, an ancient vampire beauty who has taken to..

  • Book Review: The Tears of the Sun

    There have been several strong books in this series and unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. Instead of a strong plot driving Stirling’s post-change world forward, book eight of the Novel of Change series is more like a short story collection that...

  • Monday 10 October 2011

  • Book Review: The Well -Spoken Woman

    Book Review: The Well -Spoken Woman
    As founder and president of Positive Communications, Jahnke has worked with women from around the globe teaching effective methods of being heard in a predominately male oriented corporate world where women are all too frequently viewed as less effective communicators...

  • Book Review: Street Food

    Book Review: Street Food
    From an assortment of beverages to a collection of fried, steamed or baked goodies and sweet treats, this celebration of street food spans the globe while providing interesting background information about the food’s region of origin and fascinating local traditions. The dizzying array of distinctive...

  • Book Review: Goodie One Shoes

    Book Review: Goodie One Shoes
    One doesn’t have to be shoe obsessed to enjoy this undemanding mystery set in a trendy Manhattan shoe store. Following the breakup of her marriage after discovering husband Larry in bed with another woman, Emily Levine decided to make a new start by doing what she loved and sell shoes. Although they are not yet divorced...

  • Book Review: Shelter Puppies

    Book Review: Shelter Puppies
    For anyone who has ever brought home a new puppy, safely wrapped inside their shirt or jacket, this collection of heartwarming, heart-rending photos will bring back fond memories. Kloth, a lifelong dog lover, author and photographer has done a wonderful job of capturing the beguiling...

  • Book Review: Red Phoenix

    First published in 2007, Chan’s recently re-released second book of the Dark Heaven’s series picks up the story of doomed lovers Emma Donahoe, a gifted nanny and John Chen who is actually the powerful Dark Lord of the North. Thanks to John’s decision to remain on...

  • Thursday 22 September 2011

  • Book Review: Blood Harvest

    Book Review: Blood Harvest
    For the most part, the small seaside town of Black Stone Bay has moved on from the horrific events that took place Halloween night five years ago thanks to ancient vampire Jason Soulis. Jason enjoys wiling away eternity by setting up little “experiments” designed to create new varieties of...

  • Book Review: Dead Mann Walking

    Book Review: Dead Mann Walking
    Wrongly convicted and subsequently executed for his wife’s murder, Hessius Mann was brought back to “life” after further evidence came to light, overturning the verdict. Thanks to researchers at ChemBet, a radical invigoration procedure or RIP made it possible to bring back the dead, only problem is, not everyone wants...

  • Book Review: All Yours

    When Ines realized the intimate part of her marriage had evaporated she suspected her husband Ernesto was cheating, a suspicion confirmed when she found a smeared lipstick heart on love note tucked into his briefcase. Following her husband one fateful evening, Ines witnessed a confrontation between Ernesto and his...

  • Book Review: Dark Predator

    Book Review: Dark Predator
    Within moments of his lifemate’s death, Zacarias’s father turned vampire thus forcing the eldest of five brothers to kill him. At that moment, Zacarias De La Cruz realized there was something broken about him but continued to hang on until each of his younger brothers were safely settled with a...

  • Book Review: Frail

    Book Review: Frail
    Zombies had been around for ages but in limited, easily controlled numbers, then gradually more and more dead were crawling out of their graves as zombies. As zombie numbers increased, communities began installing fences, warning systems and safe houses to protect their...

  • Book Review: Children of Paranoia

    Book Review: Children of Paranoia
    Joe, a twenty-five year old soldier serving on the front lines of a covert war that stretches beyond memory, has always thought of himself as moral man fighting on the side of all that is good and righteous. He follows the rules which means no killing of children under the age of eighteen or...

  • Wednesday 14 September 2011

  • Book Review: Mercury Rises

    Book Review: Mercury Rises
    Picking up the story immediately after Mercury Falls, this funny, unconventional fantasy finds Christine Temetri, an unemployed reporter trotting off with a relief organization bound for Africa. Still recovering from...

  • Book Review: White Tiger

    Originally released in 2006, this unusual blend of Chinese deities, the Tao, martial arts and romance is set in modern day Hong Kong where Australian born Emma takes a job as a live-in nanny for Simone, a sweet tempered four-year-old girl. With Leo, a huge body guard/driver and mysterious people coming and going at all hours...

  • Book Review: Last Breath

    Book Review: Last Breath
    Book eleven of the popular Morganville Vampire series won’t disappoint as it opens with Eve working on wedding plans to her vampire lover, Michael. Morganville residents, vampire and human alike are less then thrilled at this improbable marriage and despite numerous warnings...

  • Book Review: Culinaria Germany

    Book Review: Culinaria Germany
    Take an armchair tour of the sights, history and tastes, especially tastes of Germany through the lushly illustrated pages of this comprehensive gastronomic celebration. With more then 1,400 photos, the authors do an outstanding job of documenting the fare and food culture of Germany’s sixteen states, frequently following...

  • Book Review: Fabulous Finds

    Book Review: Fabulous Finds
    Expert art, furniture and furnishings appraiser Lee Drexler shares her often-amusing experiences and discoveries made over the last thirty-five years in this entertaining, educational book. Drexler still gets a thrill when she uncovers a rare treasure for her clients as illustrated in...

  • Book Review: Sins of the Angels

    Book Review: Sins of the Angels
    With the city coping with a serial killer who, after carving his victims open leaves them carefully posed, the last thing homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis wants to do is train a rookie partner. Especially Jacob Trent who appears to have little grasp of proper police procedures, oozes attitude and worse, Jarvis swears she has seen...

  • Book Review: The Burning

    Book Review: The Burning
    Detective Constable Maeve Kerrington keenly feels the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle discrimination that comes with being a female officer of Irish descent in the London office. As a serial killer stalks the night, murdering and burning women in a gruesome crime spree...

  • Monday 12 September 2011

  • Review: Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? What it Means to be Black Now by Touré

    Review: Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? What it Means to be Black Now by Touré
    Disclaimers are dubious ways to begin book reviews, but I think I should make a few things clear at the outset. I am a rather prolific Twitterer. In fact I was invited to share my thoughts on this book through that social media platform.

  • Tuesday 06 September 2011

  • Book Review: Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts

    Book Review: Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts
    Coming from a family of gifted brainiacs and oddballs, Keats Sedlak considers herself the only sane member of the family but considering she has stayed with the same steady boyfriend from the time she was fifteen years old, that assertion might be...

  • Book Review: Leonard Maltin's 2012 Movie Guide

    Book Review: Leonard Maltins 2012 Movie Guide
    From Aaron Loves Angela to Zu Warriors, this comprehensive movie guide is everything moviegoers and DVD junkies have come to expect from world famous critic, Leonard Maltin. Each entry includes the release date, availability, ratings from 4-star to BOMB...

  • Book Review: Isle of Night

    Book Review: Isle of Night
    Growing up in an abusive home and with only faint memories of her mother, Annelise Drew was counting on her brains for a way out and with early graduation from high school, she thought getting into college a semester early would be it. A minor technicality compounded by...

  • Book Review: Summer Storm

    Known as the four-leaf clover, high school aged best friends Annie, Steffi, Roger and Justin grew up together and felt like they knew everything there was to know about each other. Annie’s cousin Gina and her uncle had just moved in with...

  • Tuesday 30 August 2011

  • Book Review: Drink Deep

    Book Review: Drink Deep
    It’s been two months since that fateful night when Ethan, head of Chicago’s Cadogan House, took a stake to the heart. Like all the members of Cadogan House, Sentinel Merit is still struggling to come to terms with his loss though because of their on/off romantic entanglements she is haunted by...

  • Book Review: Wolf at the Door

    Book Review: Wolf at the Door
    Taking place just after Undead and Undermined, Davidson’s newest title combines the Wyndham Werewolves and Undead series. Rachel an accountant, a Wyndham werewolf and cousin to Michael the Pack leader is sent to Minnesota to stay abreast of...

  • Book Review: Seasoned

    Book Review: Seasoned
    Mix a pitcher of pina coladas, find a comfortable shady hammock and ride along on tropical cruises around the Mediterranean and Caribbean aboard a luxury yacht. Victoria shares her adventures and misadventures working as chef on the charter yacht captained by...

  • Book Review: One Salt Sea

    Book Review: One Salt Sea
    As the new Countess of Goldengreen, October Daye better known as Toby just got roped into taking on the responsibility of training Quentin as a squire. With Toby’s tendency to get into trouble with assorted powerful members of the fae community, she is justifiably concerned about...

  • Book Review: Downpour

    Book Review: Downpour
    After small town private investigator Harper Blaine died for two minutes, her life was irrevocably changed because that experience gave her the ability to be a Greywalker capable of moving between realms. Unfortunately, Harper has died more then once and the last time it happened, her powers were...

  • Book Review: The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Three

    Book Review: The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Three
    Filled with zombies, werewolves and assorted end of the world scenarios, Nightshade’s Volume Three horror collection features everything readers would expect along with some interesting surprises and twists. With “The Revel” and “City of the Dog,” John Lagan wrote what might be considered the two best...

  • Tuesday 23 August 2011

  • Book Review: Repeat It Today With Tears

    Book Review: Repeat It Today With Tears
    First published in the UK, this disturbing novel plumbs the depths of obsession and taboo. All her life, sixteen-year-old Susanna yearned for the father she’d never known. Her distant, abrupt mother has no time or interest in such nonsense so Susanna knew little about her father beyond a treasured...

  • Book Review: A Single Shot

    Book Review: A Single Shot
    John Moon has had a difficult life starting from when his father lost the family farm to bank foreclosure leaving him with a pitiful couple of acres to scratch out a living on. His wife, tired of him being unable to hold a job for longer then a couple months at a time, packed up with...

  • Book Review: Ready Player One

    The date is 2044 and the majority of earth’s citizens live in poverty with hunger gnawing at their bellies and no prospects for a brighter future. 1980’s obsessed game designer James Halliday provided an outlet through his interactive game, OASIS. People worldwide work, play and live within OASIS which has evolved through...

  • Book Review: Ghost Story

    After taking a bullet to the chest and left dead in Lake Michigan, fans of the Dresden Files could be excused for assuming that wizard Harry Dresden’s many adventures are over and they would be wrong. Harry is picked up by a version of an afterlife police force who inform him...

  • Book Review: Beneath Blossom Rain

    Book Review: Beneath Blossom Rain
    For those unfamiliar with the Snowman Trek, it is a grueling two hundred sixteen mile hike over eleven Himalayan passes in the remote country of Bhutan. In 2007, Kevin Grange found himself confronting some serious life issues and felt a group trek through...

  • Book Review: Blood Ties

    Sunny McDonald fervently wishes for a normal life doing all the typical things an average teenager does. Too bad she won’t get that wish because as a fairy princess who happens to be the girlfriend of Magnus, the Blood Coven vampire leader...

  • Book Review: Undead and Undermined

    Book Review: Undead and Undermined
    Sadly, book ten of the Undead series might be more accurately titled Undead and Unremarkable as Betsy, Queen of the vampires continues blundering through time. Once again, Betsy awakes as a corpse, this time naked with a toe-tag and only...

  • Book Review: One Grave at a Time

    Cat and Bones want nothing more then to enjoy some quiet together time but thanks in part to her unusual attraction for ghosts, that simply isn’t in the cards for them. Fabian, a ghost has requested Cat’s assistance in destroying the ghost of witch...

  • Monday 15 August 2011

  • Book Review: Atlas of the Great Plains

    Book Review: Atlas of the Great Plains
    Lacking the drama of coastlines and magnificence of mountain ranges, the Great Plains rarely get the attention they deserve considering the amount of land encompassed within its loosely defined borders. Stretching from Texas into Canada, the Great Plains has a rich...

  • Book Review: The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

    Book Review: The Sookie Stackhouse Companion
    Can’t get enough of Sookie Stackhouse, then grab a copy of this comprehensive guide filled with a complete rundown on her many adventures and so much more. The book opens with "Small-Town Wedding," a new novella about the upcoming marriage between...

  • Book Review: Delayed Justice

    Book Review: Delayed Justice
    Every police department across the country has a collection of cold cases, some ice cold but thanks to advances in the forensic sciences and the sheer dogged determination of dedicated investigators, more then a few of these cases are resolved, providing families with much needed...

  • Book Review: Water to Burn

    Book Review: Water to Burn
    As head of the San Francisco branch of an agency so secret few organizations know of its existence, Nola O’Grady monitors outbreaks of Chaos and generally keeps tabs on the weird. Nola has been assigned a “bodyguard” who is none other then her boyfriend Ari Nathan, an Israeli Interpol agent intent upon...

  • Book Review: Someone Else's Twin

    Book Review: Someone Elses Twin
    Delia and Begona are identical twins born January 18, 1973 in Spain’s Canary Islands and due to a tragic mistake by hospital staff, Delia was switched with an unrelated baby. The families involved never knew of the error until years later when two cases of mistaken identity led to...

  • Book Review: Spellbound

    When Savannah, a witch investigating a series of murders made the fervent offer to trade her powers to have the outcome of her investigation turn out differently at the end of Waking the Witch, she could hardly guess the outcome of that wish. Savannah didn’t realize she lost...

  • Book Review: Joyful Cooking

    Book Review: Joyful Cooking

    After suffering debilitating pain from a mysterious illness, Feldman began doing serious research that led her to discovering a different approach to food and cooking which allowed her to begin living pain free. Basing much of her approach on the results of a hair analysis to determine...

  • Saturday 06 August 2011

  • Book Review: Ten Years on the Rock Pile

    Book Review: Ten Years on the Rock Pile
    For those of us who grew up in northern New England, it is common knowledge that Mt. Washington’s 6,288-foot summit is home to the worst ground level winds ever recorded on the planet. With maximum recorded wind speeds of 231 miles per hour, it follows that...

  • Book Review: Lure of the Wicked

    After Naomi West’s latest assignment for the Holy Order, her loyalty has come under scrutiny despite all her previous hard work and impressive record. As a result, Naomi’s latest assignment isn’t out on the streets where she is most comfortable, instead she is ensconced within...

  • Book Review: The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities

    Book Review: The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities
    Although Thackery Lambshead frequently insisted he was not a collector, today he would certainly though perhaps wrongly, be classified as a hoarder. No matter the size, if an item caught his fancy then it found a place in the cabinet. The drawings, writings and photographs...

  • Book Review: Wicked Autumn

    Book Review: Wicked Autumn
    On the surface, the backcountry English town of Nether Monkslip appears quiet and unremarkable, not the sort of place for a diabolically sinister murder. Head of the Women’s Institute of Nether Monkslip, Wanda Batton-Smythe is a force to be reckoned with. Unhappy in her marriage...

  • Book Review: Tassy Morgan's Bluff

    Book Review: Tassy Morgans Bluff
    After the dissolution of a disastrous marriage, painter Tassy Morgan sought refuge in the little seaside town of San Andreas, California. Tassy could not possibly have imagined the uproar her humble old beach house was going to stir up as it became the focus of...

  • Wednesday 03 August 2011

  • The 2nd Norfolk Regiment from Le Paradis to Kohima – Book Review

    The 2nd Norfolk Regiment from Le Paradis to Kohima – Book Review
    This is the story of just one regiment during the Second World War - the 2nd Norfolk.  It makes fascinating reading telling of the life of new recruits living in the Brittania Barracks, Norwich in the run up to war. 

  • Neversuch House – Book Review

    Neversuch House – Book Review
    Neversuch House is unusual. It is where the Haliburt family and their servants have lived for generations - and hardly anyone has ever left it.  The house and grounds supply everything anyone needs, apart from occasional deliveries from the world outside.

  • Flowers in Watercolour – Book Review

    Flowers in Watercolour – Book Review
    This is definitely a really good introduction to painting flowers.  Trying to get the right shades, and impression of a flower can be hard but with Wendy Tait's instructions you can really achieve this. 

  • Coastal Landscapes in Watercolour – Book Review

    Coastal Landscapes in Watercolour – Book Review
    A good beginners guide to the subject, enabling total beginners to create a satisfying picture. The tracings allow accurate drawings to be created which are then filled in with watercolor paint according to the step by step instructions. 

  • The Shaman’s Secret – Book Review

    The Shaman’s Secret – Book Review
    Another in the Kit Salter children's adventure series.  Having been poisoned by her enemies, the Baker Brothers, Kit has been trapped in a coma.  Her friends are determined to save her.  Hearing of a mysterious inventor whose cures involve electric shocks, they set sail for America.

  • Now You See Me – Book Review

    Now You See Me – Book Review
    Lacey Flint is a detective constable in the Metropolitan Police who has been more involved with theft and rape cases than homicides.  After visiting a witness on a tough South London estate, she is horrified to find a woman by her car who has been fatally stabbed.

  • Saturday 30 July 2011

  • Book Review: Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

    Book Review: Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day
    This delightfully demented collection of stories is rather like taking a walk through the looking glass, you just never know where you’ll end up. Whether it’s an octopus living in a big city apartment building or a man who goes on an adventure with a mountain taking a walk beneath the sea, you can expect...

  • Book Review: Vision Impossible

    Book Review: Vision Impossible
    Book nine of the Psychic Eye Mystery series delivers a smooth, fast-paced read full of double agents and surprises. When the one and only prototype of a specially equipped U.S. military drone goes missing, psychic Abby Cooper’s abilities are demanded by top ranking government officials to...

  • Book Review: Eclipse Four

    Book Review: Eclipse Four
    This fourth anthology loosely based on some facet of time or space features several enjoyable surprises as illustrated by the first story about an interesting bet in “Slow as a Bullet” by Andy Duncan. Damien Broderick’s “The Beancounter’s Cat” is a fascinating tale including a...

  • Book Review: Grave Dance

    Book Review: Grave Dance
    After the Blood Moon at the end of Grave Witch, Alex Craft took some much needed downtime and is ready to get back to work but quickly learns to be careful what you ask for as she suddenly has a very full dance card. In what is proving to be her most difficult case yet, Alex must discover who is responsible for...

  • Book Review: The Clockwork Rocket

    Book Review: The Clockwork Rocket
    Egan takes the typical sci-fi space epic in a new direction with a universe in which normal laws of physics as we understand them simply don’t apply. Light doesn’t travel at a constant speed, instead, its velocity is dependant on its wavelength and it generates energy. In a fair approximation of spontantious...

  • Book Review: The Fire King

    Book Review: The Fire King

    Soria, a member of the clandestine organization Dirk & Steel was still coming to terms with losing her dominant arm a year ago and the dissolving of her relationship with Roland, the organization’s main contact when summoned back to headquarters. With the unique ability to understand any language, Soria is sent to...

  • Thursday 28 July 2011

  • Mozart’s Last Aria – Book Review

    Mozart’s Last Aria – Book Review
    Was Mozart poisoned?  He certainly died very suddenly at the height of his fame.  There are rumors of infidelity, bankruptcy and murder.  His sister, Nannerl, is not convinced - until she starts to look more closely at what her brother has left behind.

  • Vietnam Infantry Tactics - Book Review

    Vietnam Infantry Tactics - Book Review
    Vietnam is one of those wars which was highly important at the time, but has suffered from a poor image and lack of interest ever since.  Yet as this book shows, there is much to be learned from that war.  Rottman writes from experience.  He served in Vietnam as a member of the Special Forces. 

  • Death in August – Book Review

    Death in August – Book Review
    It's August 1963. Inspector Bordelli suffering from the searing heat of Florence and wishing he too could flee the city for the coast. Despite the heat, crime is minimal.  Then a wealthy widow is found dead apparently from an asthma attack.

  • Thursday 14 July 2011

  • Book Review: The Consuming Instinct

    Book Review: The Consuming Instinct
    According to the book jacket, this book demonstrates how most acts of consumption can be mapped onto the four Darwinian drives of survival, reproduction, kin selection and reciprocal altruism. What the jacket does not say is just how entertaining, enlightening and informative this book is as Saad reveals the reasons behind...

  • Book Review: Designer Apartments

    Book Review: Designer Apartments
    Whether you are an interior decorator, architect, a student of design or just looking for inspiration before doing some renovation, there is something for everyone in this comprehensive collection of beautifully photographed apartments. The book is divided into several chapters including New Buildings, Renovations, Lofts...

  • Book Review: Feast

    Book Review: Feast
    In a genre crowded with tired paranormal creatures, Destefano takes traits from vampires, fae and werewolves to create a race known as the Darklings who feed on human dreams, sometimes to the point of killing the dreamer. After discovering her husband carrying on an affair with her best friend...

  • Book Review: The Books of Elsewhere, Vol. 2: Spellbound

    This enchanting story picks up shortly after the conclusion of The Shadows in which young Olive and her mathematician parents moved into a spooky old house that the neighbors considered haunted and maybe cursed. It’s no wonder the house got a bad reputation as it appeared that all who lived there were certifiably crazy...

  • Book Review: The Left Hand of God

    Book Review: The Left Hand of God
    As an orphan, Thomas Cale finds himself in the care of the Redeemers, a dark religious group who value strict penitence reinforced by torturous punishments but aren’t above indulging in pedophilia. The Redeemers are not taking in unwanted children out of kindness but with the not so hidden agenda of...

  • Thursday 07 July 2011

  • Book Review: Hilter in the Crosshairs

    Book Review: Hilter in the Crosshairs
    Ira Teen Palm was just an average Joe with strong musical talent when he marched off to war against the Germans but bolstered by his love for sweetheart Helen and a deep-seated faith in God, became so much more. Rising to the rank of second lieutenant, Palm took part in a previously unknown...

  • Book Review: Shock Value

    Book Review: Shock Value
    Most horror movie aficionados can rattle off the names of the top directors of the genre but know little about the early days of this relative upstart of the movie industry. This fascinating book explains how the likes of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Roman Polanski and a host of others succeeded in...

  • Book Review: The Wreckage

    Book Review: The Wreckage
    This taut, fast-paced financial thriller set in London and Iraq ties together a host of well-developed characters, each with a believable personal history. Iraqi-American Luca Tarracini has been investigating a string of bank bombings working on the premise that they were not acts of terrorism but rather cover-ups for...

  • Book Review: Shadowflame

    Book Review: Shadowflame
    As a new vampire Miranda has a lot to adjust to, not just a changed existence but also as the new Queen of the South married to David Solomon, Prime of the South there are layers of politics she doesn’t begin to understand. Although Miranda realizes...

  • Tuesday 28 June 2011

  • Book Review: Dead Iron

    Monk combines a gritty western with gear-driven Steampunk, shapeshifters and magic for her latest series starring Cedar Hunt, a man cursed with lycanthropy by a Pawnee god. Carrying a load of guilt for the death of his brother Will, Cedar is a hunter and his latest quest is a small boy kidnapped from his bed in...

  • Book Review: My Life As a White Trash Zombie

    Book Review: My Life As a White Trash Zombie
    When Angel Crawford awoke in the hospital emergency room, she was confused by her wound-free appearance as she continued to remember flashes of a horrible car accident complete with shattering glass and blood, a lot of blood. Not surprisingly, Angel’s blood tests came back positive for...

  • Book Review: Home Improvement Undead Edition

    Book Review: Home Improvement Undead Edition
    Most everyone knows how frustrating and nerve racking a home or office renovation can be, but what happens when you throw in a touch of the paranormal into that already stressful endeavor? That is the question editors Harris and Kelner presented to some of best selling authors in the paranormal genre and the result is this fun...

  • Book Review: A Shot in the Dark

    Book Review: A Shot in the Dark
    Jesse James Dawson is more then a mild mannered husband and the father of a lovely little girl, he is a champion who fights for those humans stupid enough to bargain with demons. Jesse places his life on the line every time he faces off against a demon for a human’s soul. It’s difficult work that takes a...

  • Book Review: English Ruins

    Book Review: English Ruins
    England’s long history has resulted in a fascinating array of abandoned structures dotting the countryside and now, thanks to the expertise of photographer Paul Barker and historian Jeremy Musson, these buildings are accessible to the armchair traveler. A color-coded map next to the index allows readers to immediately...

  • Book Review: Flying Blind

    Book Review: Flying Blind
    This offshoot of Cooke’s paranormal romance series Dragonfire will appeal to tweens and teens as fifteen-year-old Zoë Sorensson desperately hopes to grow into her powers as the Pyr Wyvern and hopefully get a set of boobs as well. Despite showing great promise as an infant...

  • Book Review: For Heaven's Eyes Only

    Book Review: For Heavens Eyes Only
    Green makes liberal use of James Bond references in his fifth book of the Secret Histories series that finds Eddie Drood and his witchy lover Molly Metcalf pitted against a deadly foe bent upon taking over all humanity. After one of their own members killed the Drood clan Matriarch...

  • Book Review: Dancing With Bears

    Book Review: Dancing With Bears
    Darger and Surplus are dyed in the wool conmen looking out for themselves and turning a profit whenever, wherever possible which is why they finagled their way into a caravan bound for the Duke of Muscovy in Russia. Sir Blackthorpe Ravenscarin de Plus Prescieux, better known as...

  • Tuesday 21 June 2011

  • Book Review: Tracking the Man-Beasts

    Book Review: Tracking the Man-Beasts

    From Yeti to Sasquatch, vampires to chupacabras, assorted man-beasts have seemingly been around since mankind began telling scary stories around the campfire but what kind of solid evidence is available to document their existence? In addition, given the lack of scientifically valid evidence can the existence of...

  • Book Review: A Stranger Like You

    Book Review: A Stranger Like You
    Although marketed as a thriller, this compelling, unvarnished portrayal of Hollywood is actually a deep, thoughtful study as it delves deep into the psychology of the main characters. After would-be screenwriter Hugh Waters latest work is rejected by Hollywood producer Hedda Chase, he leaves his New Jersey home with...

  • Book Review: Real Vampires Don't Wear a Size Six

    Book Review: Real Vampires Dont Wear a Size Six
    Glory St. Claire is finding her life as a vampire no walk in the park. Ever since her longtime boyfriend and creator Jeremy Blade found out Glory made love to shifter and former bodyguard Rafael Valdez, their on/off relationship has hit an all time low. The fact that Glory was possessed by a demon...

  • Book Review: The Ridge

    Koryta’s latest offering serves up an interesting supernatural thriller that invites readers to suspend belief and simply enjoy an entertaining read. Along Kentucky’s landlocked Blade Ridge, a lighthouse is the last thing folks expect to find yet to the chagrin of neighbors...

  • Book Review: Missing Persons

    Book Review: Missing Persons
    If opposites attract then high school sweethearts, Kate Conway and her husband Frank prove that after fifteen years of marriage, that attraction can wear thin. Absorbed in her job as a freelance television producer specializing in true crime stories, Kate is a master at manipulating...


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