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Book Review: Enlightened Polymer Clay

By Sandy Amazeen Feb 21, 2012, 8:03 GMT

Book Review: Enlightened Polymer Clay

Explore the lyrical world of polymer clay. With its delicate, organic aura, polymer clay is the perfect expressive material for any jewelry design. Designer Rie Nagumo offers innovative ideas for making 29 unique and artistic jewelry pieces, including, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, broaches, belts, and earrings. In Enlightened Polymer Clay, you\'ll also find clear instructions on creating metal-clay chain links as well as ring forms, which enable you to incorporate ...more

Gossamer thin leaves, delicate blossoms and chunky pebbles, these and many more designs inspired by the natural world are presented in this collection of interesting, easily made jewelry. While most projects are rendered in polymer clay, a few like Necklace 14 with its interlocking textured rings, make use of PMC3 or precious metal clay. There is a necklace, earring and pendant set that cleverly mimics porcupine quills or sea urchin spines. One of the cute, highly textured chokers looks as though it were created from little patties of gropple which, for those of you who donít live in northern climes, is a form of snow that looks like little styrofoam pellets.

In an unusual departure from the typical craft book layout, this features full color photos of each project all together at the front with the page number where the directions are located. This allows users to flip through the designs, quickly locate what they want and get busy creating. While there is a nod to the basics, most of the text covers project instructions rather then orienting beginners to all the tools and techniques so it is best to have prior experience with polymer clay and general jewelry construction. If your idea of polymer clay is clunky, chunky lifeless pieces then be prepared for a surprise as most of these designs are quirky, light and just plain fun.

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