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Book Review: Conversations with Opa

By Sandy Amazeen Feb 7, 2012, 7:54 GMT

Book Review: Conversations with Opa

"Where did everything come from, Opa? I mean the stars, the planets, and life on earth. What are the origins of the universe?"So begins this charming cross-generational dialogue featuring Quintana, a curious young girl, and Albert, her octogenarian godfather. She calls him "Opa" ("Grandfather"), and despite their age difference, she considers him to be her best friend. From age ten to fifteen, Quintana often visits her Opa in the comfortable, ...more

Albert, a thoughtful, well educated eighty-year-old grandfather shares his considerable insightful knowledge with Quintana, his inquisitive granddaughter. These constructed conversations plumb the width of humanity’s knowledge from the Big Bang to evolution, creationism to the necessity of birth control and so much more. Kansil explores the fundamental differences between science and religion in a safe, approachable context, allowing readers to examine two approaches to life’s most pressing questions. For parents looking for a way to encourage their children to consider the world around them and open meaningful dialog, this is an excellent place to start. For those well on the road of life’s travels, this provides plenty to ponder as the author contemplates such questions as “Why are we here?” and “What happens when we die?”

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